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Sportsman Reiview HQ by The Glockbrothers

Sportsman Reiview HQ by The Glockbrothers

block brothers here this weekend it's another one it's another one big Lou and another one scooter I doing a review this week on the sports guy h q magazine it game at came today it came today they came along became two years ago maybe maybe yeah maybe not that one there sportsman tonight not only do they have a website on the world wide web that we sometimes surf yet sometimes browse sometimes peruse but we noticed most a few items we wanted to recommend some good Dale some funny stuff hiking I don't know if you can tell too well there but I got some ghillie suits notice that nice shot guns they're for the snipers yeah you know cuz then a real sniper rifle when you're out when you want to reach out several hundred yards you don't want to use a shotgun so that's how they do it we got whoa look at that it's a mystery listen I / sleeping bag simply in your sleep it'll all along and boom you're up with your ar-15 and you're putting down eggs yeah that's something that's something every tactic cool guys gotta have more ass we got another ghillie suit there with the shotgun course it doesn't come does it come in black intact cool black only comes in green yeah just sorry plain old boring at olive drab holy old draft we all dread no text cool black you check this out 1010 use check tank top oh yeah you look at them look at who's wearing those yes believe me where was wearing those as an added rekt she it's probably some sweaty old bald guy is some sweaty old bald guys been wearing those now you get away oh hey check this out if this is actually a pretty good deal actually could do six right US military never been used new issue no issue brown shirt six for twenty dollars now the shipping is going to kill you on that deal which is the problem with sportsman's guide you can do the buyers club you get free shipping but you got to order a crapload of stuff in order to make it worthwhile so if you find you know several get deals an ammo you buy a whole bunch of things at once you're in but if you buy a few things here there ain't worth here's a good thing this is a you can get a really hairy voodoo tactical we've heard good things mixed reviews mixed reviews on this we may have to buy some of it give us give us a cut if you got due to technical very you know a friend who has give us a concept and he bought x and x merchandise there was no good i know like with Condor some people say hey the jackets the jackets are great so you know maybe they have a few good items maybe they have a lot of bad items i don't know let's find out why don't we all share with each other let's get out a dozen what does us in underwear you know wait a minute that's those aren't used that's that's new Oh new issue yes you're not going to have any brown stains in those babies we don't have to worry about the brown streaks yeah those are good whoo would be bad that would be bad when what no Brown Street sorry in that of course when you put them in there so you don't wander what but but he's in there you didn't want anybody else's boys in there where your boys are gonna be you gotta gather to have you boys got to have a house yeah the words of michael richards is Kramer my house I cheap ass out of Swiss me a preface math that motley guys you know yeah there you go look at that Swiss you bring you cover your ugly face up nobody has to see you on occasion I do wear that out not to scare children I I were to you know im a goofy looking fella but a sportsman guide I look forward to more reviews of different magazines and products for some of that they used to have the Polish ammunition the 762 went by 25 47 cents around good deal that's pretty cheap folks so anyway look around for those cool tacticool Hills some us like the sleeping bag come on shadow don't get comments as sub us ah and have a good one then we'll look forward to seeing you next Saturday next Saturday

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