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Spelling & Pronunciation – Words with Silent Letters

Spelling & Pronunciation – Words with Silent Letters

Hello. How are you? Excellent Welcome to the lesson of words with silent letters. A silent letter is a letter we Shh.. don’t say. Um… this is one of the reason why spelling I myself hate spelling in English. for this reason and also pronunciation in English is soo difficult a lot of the times in these words you will have letters and most of the times your brain says I have to say all of the letters but Mm Mm Oh no, not these ones these words all contain a secret silent letter broken into down into categories for you so the first one the first three the silent letters are the beginning of the word and then the next four they are in middle of the word once you learn to do this it become’s easier, your pronunciation improves And may be your spelling get better But there’s always that beautiful thing called spell check they will help you they even know this so lets go dive right in here to the first one the first letter is “K” If you look at this word you would spell it kuh-no-wuh however we don’t say kuh-no we reduce this to “no”, not only is the beginning letter ‘K’ silent, but the ‘W’ is also silent. The beit And if you use a debt card to much in that means … you do not have money And have to give people money so its no deebt next one when you doubt something … it’s means … you do not think it’s true or real … so i can say i doubts … your debt card will work got it ..? The next and the last one are beautiful list of silent letters is the letter ‘T’ most popular letters in the English language

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  1. Thank you very much for your help and your advice to help me understanding how to know knowledge about English language and how to make a good pronunciation thank you

  2. Dear nice teaching method i hope you will reach great status in your life make me understand what difference between concreat noun our abstract noun

  3. Hello teacher I live in Viet Nam I don't know about ask choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others . Can you help me ?

  4. Can you tell me honest house something I am really very confused😕❓ please upload video about the pronunciation

  5. Hi Ranny . So really I hearing a bout your lessons it's very nice I like it . And I think your hair it's very long and beautiful ..

  6. Hi Ronnie? I am from Ethiopia, from the country of human being ancestor.
    Your lesson, way of explanation &… is very admirable. Keep it up.
    Thank you!

  7. I will find a way to you now on it would have to leave until after Christmas thanks so much for your help and support you

  8. Hello teacher my name Darshan I am from India medam please make more videos like this spelling and prounation

  9. Love your approach
    Fallen for you LOL
    JUUST Kidding
    I teach as well somewhere along the way i lost my spark.

    Kudos to you.. you are just awesome.
    Keep up the good work.
    They need more like you
    Less like me.

  10. Hi teacher… Am Mary and am from Ghana…I study English in not that much perfect though but thanks to your lessons am improving..👍👌…

  11. Mam medical fild related any hard word something psychology ,Bright , wrong ,Write any big word Pronounce and Phonic plz mam Science fild hard word pronounce plz mam help me grammar practice vocabulary ,Vowel,Word and Consonant word Recognise and identify who tell the Vowels and Consonant guest Plz ask men and Next Videos uploaded Solutions plz mam and thanks mam your teaching Is very good and mam thanks you help me.

  12. I felt very difficult when I speak E . Maybe my grammar not good , and i dont know how the way improve my grammar . Sorry If I write wrong , so I hope you can help me. Thanks.

  13. Hi Ronnie how are you if you please coud you give alist of all regular verbs in english and Thank you for helping

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