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Spc. Taylor Wheeler profile – 1139th Military Police and KCKSPD

– I’m Taylor Wheeler,
I’m a specialist with the Missouri National Guard
1139th Military Police Company. I’m also a police officer with the Kansas City Kansas Police department. I always knew eventually
I was just gonna be putting on the uniform. I have uncles and grandparents
and both my parents were in the military as well. So it was not an if I am going to join, it was more of a when I was
gonna join the military. I remember meeting with my
dad after September 11th and seeing the look in
his face and him wanting to still be in the military. I made the promise at
seven I was gonna enlist. Told him I would fight for
both of us at that point. It was March of 2002, he
ended up passing away. He had been suffering
from and battling cancer for a couple years at that point. And even though he passed, I ended up still fulfilling
that promise when I was 18. My mom and I sat down and talked and that’s when I decided to
call a National Guard recruiter that I had known since
I was in middle school. It made me mature a lot. I was mature, but I wasn’t that mature. Now I’m to the point that
I know what’s at stake and I know what I need to do
and what I’m working towards. It’s essentially because
of the National Guard and the people I’ve
met that helped mold me into actually becoming an adult. It’s definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made for sure. It’s essentially another
family that you meet here. I have a lot of friends that I’ve met in the National Guard that I
wouldn’t have met had it not been for the National Guard. I’ve always wanted to be
in the public safety sector in one way or another. I just always wanted to do something that would help the greater
good and help everybody else. My mom was already a cop,
so I grew up around it. And so I decided once I turned 21 that I was going to get
into a Police Academy and become a cop. When I’m on shift at work at KCK, serious situations could be at any turn. You can’t always fear that though, because if you go into every
situation thinking that that person is gonna end up hurting you or hurting somebody else, you’re going to get warn out very quickly. A lot of people dwell on
loss and a lot of people dwell on losing people. One thing I’ve always
focused on is the fact that those people wouldn’t
want you to dwell. I carry on the legacy of the
officers that have been killed. And the same with the people
I’ve lost in the military, make sure that their leadership
and how they would help anybody and everybody make
sure that’s carried on as well. A lot of people have asked
me why I want to be a cop in this day and age. What’s going on with police
doesn’t discourage me from wanting to be a cop. It actually makes me
want to be a cop more. Makes me want to go out
there and actually make a difference and help people.

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