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Spain: This soldier was voted the HOTTEST man in the universe

Spain: This soldier was voted the HOTTEST man in the universe

He is very handsome, but he is still a soldier. He is one more among us but we have that feeling of wow, we are working with Mr Universe! But, I don’t know, he is just one of us. I am still just one more else for the people who know me and my friends. I am still the same and I will be. Here in my work I am still just one more soldier. I still need to make efforts day by day and keep learning and improving.

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  1. 0:26 "As a soldier it's important to hydrate your skin and look good, that's why I use xx to always keep my skin moist."

    I came from Spain, was soldier in COE (Comp. Operaciones Especiales).
    Russian people are peaceful, very intelligent, not so degenerate sexual like Anglo-Saxons. 
    Europe begins in Finisterre and finish in Vladivostok, says French President general DeGaule.
    And we can forget those degenerates Scandinavians, English, Kurds, Basks or Catalans… ¡primitives!

  3. No, he is not the hottest man in the universe. I seen Northern Middle Eastern men who are far more beautiful than him and Even Italian men are better looking than him. I know there are Spaniard men who are sexy but this one is not sexy or hot.

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