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Space Warriors: Moon Base Warfare Plans UNCLASSIFIED

Space Warriors: Moon Base Warfare Plans UNCLASSIFIED

– You wanna know what’s really going on in these classified space programs. Well, let me tell you something. In this video, I’m going to share with you legitimate, sourced
documents that show evidence that the United States
Army, back in the 1960s, was planning for space
warriors to be on the moon in a moon base, and I
have the weapon plans that they discussed. A Spin Stabilized Micro Gun, Unclassified. The Army was also planning for a Spin/Fin Stabilized
Gun, a Sausage Gun, using a sabot round. Another planned military space weapon for hand combat on the
moon was Sausage Gun #2. This one used gas or propellant to shoot the sabot round. I understand this sounds
like science fiction, and I kind of don’t believe it myself, but this document comes from Headquarters U.S. Army Weapons Command
in Rock Island, Illinois, and it was actually
classified in June 1965. Is this material fascinating or what? If you’re interested in
enjoying more facts beyond what’s already been explained, then please do click subscribe
and then share this video. The document goes on to
explain the rationale behind creating this kind of
weapons’ mindset for space. Although the primary
purpose of man in space, or the moon, or other
planets, will not be to fight, he requires the capability
to defend himself, if necessary. There may be other countries desirous of preventing U.S. access to
the moon and other planets. If space is truly for peace,
we must be strong there, just as on Earth. Because of the new
environment and conditions facing man in space, we cannot
wait until the 11th hour to crash a weapons program
through with any hope of success for we may even now be standing on the edge of the
battleground of Armageddon. Whoa. Hey. This is some pretty serious information coming out of the Army. Now I would ask you
this, are you intrigued? I’m intrigued, because
we are hearing a lot of information, in present
day, all about space. Various countries that are space-faring are talking developing
military space programs. Most recently, France. Maybe you would agree with me that I think it’s only reasonable and rational to think that if the Army was making these plans way back in the 1960s, before
the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which prohibited weapons of
mass destruction in space, they’ve gotta be working
on these kinds of plans 40 or 50 years later, right? The document begins talking
about the difficulties of bringing conventional
weapons into space because of the vacuum, as well as the extreme
temperatures that are on the moon. The goal in this document is to apply ground-based weapon thinking
to a lunar atmosphere. The concern on the lunar surface is that the high vacuum environment may cause metals to weld together. The extreme temperatures
on the moon may cause problems with muzzle velocity. The Army puts out here that
the low gravity of the moon means that any weapons
system devised has to be recoilless. And they also conclude that
a directed energy weapon, such as a laser, may be the answer. The Army staff that wrote
this particular document said that they discussed
these matters with personnel of the U.S. Air Force
Materials Laboratory, the U.S. Air Force Avionics Laboratory, the U.S. Army Material Command, and the Extraterrestrial Research Agency of the Office of the Chief of Engineers. I think they meant,
anything off-planet would be extraterrestrial. I do not
think they were talking about space aliens, but then again, you never know. You have these extreme
temperatures on the moon. Negative 250 degrees Fahrenheit to plus 250 degrees Fahrenheit. They just tell us that
the surface of the moon is a poor conductor of heat, so a little shade during
the day, and Earth late during the night, plus a
reversible light and black umbrella around the space
warriors space suit, would be sufficient to keep
lunar surface temperatures within the limits of negative
65 degrees Fahrenheit to about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The next point is,
conventional weapons that are modified obviously in some
way, would be possible, because the space warriors
wouldn’t have to worry so much about the fusion
of two metals due to the vacuum of space. The reason why is because
there are coatings that were available back in 1965 when
this document was written, that can considerably reduce
or eliminate this effect of metals fusing together. The Army did not consider
that to be a serious problem. What about this idea of
recoilless weapons because of the moon’s gravity? Well, the Army explains that
although the moon does have a low gravitational effect
(it’s 1/6 that of Earth), the weapons system used does
not need to be recoilless. It should, however, have
more than 1/6 the tolerable recoil momentum acceptable on earth. Now, at the time this
document was created, it said: “The laser for practical
application as a weapon, is 20 years away.” Look, 20 years away from a
laser, and that was back in 1965. So that would put it at 1985,
if their timeline is accurate, for space warriors to have
access to handheld lasers that work on the moon. And then they get into the
shape of an object that’s coming out of one of
these particular weapons. Gosh only knows who in
the heck they would be shooting at, right? Well the shape of any of
these objects does not affect its range or velocity on the moon. The shape does have its effect on penetration of a spacesuit. A high sectional density of
the round may be desirable for maximum penetration
and it might be sufficient to penetrate a spacesuit
since the suit would then be suddenly dangerous. Sure, you compromise the
adversary’s environment. However, a low level
penetrator round can easily be defeated, and vehicles of some form will probably soon appear
after the first landings. It seems only logical, then,
that the first defensive personnel weapon carried
to the moon, should have a capability of penetrating, at the minimum, thin-skinned vehicles. The first weapon on the
moon should also have the highest penetrating capability that the state of the art can provide. Impacting and penetrating
a pressurized vessel on the moon may be tantamount
to defeating it. We’re starting to get
into strategy here, now. It would seem desirable,
if not required, that the weapon also had a
capability in an environment, such as earth, [Inaudible]
That which would be found in a space station, or
inside a lunar base. Check out this particular
weapon in this document. The Army was talking
about a spring propelled spherical projectile. Method of propulsion
was a compressed spring. It could should 20 to 50
rounds, and the weapon weight itself was three to six pounds. Space warriors may also
have been outfitted with a gas operated needle gun. The plans for the gas operated needle gun had it weighing in at two
pounds, it had 25 rounds, and it was about 12 to 16
inches, and it would shoot out those little needles
at about 1,000 to 1,500 feet per second on the lunar surface. Now, get a load of this. You’re going to have
space warriors with these kind of planned weapons up
there on the moon, right? An entirely separate project,
but completely related to the idea of space warriors
with weapons on the moon, is the United States Army’s,
once again, document, that details out a military
moon base that was going to be fully crewed by the mid 1960s. And if you need some evidence
for that, I would just cite United States Army Project Horizon. Whoa. Hey. Is that too much gosh
darn information for ya? Cause I need to get into
the moon base issue. But before we do that,
let’s do a coffee break. Stick with me, here we go. (upbeat music) Sip. This coffee break interlude
is brought to you by “Air and Space Trivia”. Which United States
space missions were saved by duct tape? Ha! Duct tape? The answers are: A. Apollo 13, B. Apollo 17, C. All of the above, and D. None of the above. Give up? More coffee! The answer is C. All of the above. After an onboard explosion
reduced most of the power to the spacecraft, the
Apollo 13 astronauts had to move from the command
module to the lunar module, to conserve power for
their return to Earth. On Apollo 17, astronaut Gene
Cernan grazed the fender of the lunar rover with a
hammer and the fender fell off. Without a fender, the abrasive
dust thrown up from the moon’s surface could damage
the rotor’s hinges and joints, and even coat the astronauts’
spacesuits with dangerous heat-absorbing particles. Using four laminated maps
and a roll of duct tape, Cernan managed to create
a makeshift fender and essentially saved the mission. And on Apollo 13, toxic carbon
dioxide started building up in the cabin when the
astronauts switched to the lunar lander. But, those geniuses ended
up using duct tape, a whole bunch of it, along with some
plastic bags, plastic-coated cue cards (why did they have
cue cards, huh?), and hoses from the lunar space suits. Sip. And that’s some fun space
trivia for ya during this little interlude of a coffee break. Way T.M.I. if we didn’t do
this, but now that you’re recharged, let’s jump into the
idea of a military moon base. The Army first proposed the
creation of a lunar outpost, a military moon base, in 1959. This particular document
was unclassified in 1961. Previously secret, they tell
us that “the lunar outpost is required to develop and
protect potential United States interests on the moon; to
develop techniques in moon-based surveillance of the earth
and space, in communications relay, and in operations on
the surface of the moon; to serve as a base for exploration
of the moon, for further exploration into space and
for military operations on the moon if required;
and to support scientific investigations on the moon.” I mean we kind of have to
add that in there, right? Initially, the Project
Horizon plans for a moon base were really oriented toward
supporting about 10 to 20 personnel, just for starters. The base would be pretty
much self-sufficient, as much as possible. One factor that the Army
includes is that the defense of the base against attack
needed to be included in the sighting of wherever in the heck this thing was going to be put. Research and weapons effects,
mapping, and extraction of oxygen, water, and other
useful materials, from the natural environment of the
lunar surface, will be required. The outpost itself could
be one particular outpost, or a combination of them.
Holes or caves could be covered and sealed with
pressure bags by using solar or nuclear power. Oxygen and water may be extracted from the natural environment. I don’t know about you, but
to me, this is beginning to sound more and more like science rather than science
fiction, and here’s why. If, in 1959, the Army can
say that this is actually a realistic objective, to
have this military moon base, they’re telling us the first
U.S. manned lunar landing could be accomplished by 1965. Thus, it appears that the
establishment of an outpost on the moon is a capability
which can be accomplished. Now, we’re told that the
first manned lunar landing occurred in 1969. Whoa, that was about,
what, a half a century ago? Do you think that it’s quite
possible, in the same way as space warriors, and space force, and space combat weapons, do
you think it’s possible that maybe there could be something
up there right now that’s classified, that we
haven’t been told about? Why would we use the time,
effort, resources and energy of United States Army engineers
to come up with construction schedules if we had no
interest, ever, ever in the future, ever again, of
building a moon base. China’s been telling us that
they’re going to build one, and that’s current. Do you think military
planners are thinking about a moon base again? The Army came up and
developed trajectory data to figure out how to have
escape missions from the Earth, using various different rocket stages, to get the payload of the raw
materials for this moon base, and place up there by 1966! All right, now what kinds of
planning did the Army engage in, to get the actual
personnel on the moon? Who was going to be selected? Well, we don’t have names,
thank goodness, but we do have a preliminary personnel schedule. Now look, you can see the
different titles right there on your screen, and you
can also see that there are years listed: 1965, 1966, and 1967. This was a phase schedule
of delivering personnel. Now see, how does this
grab ya? If you enjoy this kind of thing, you’re going
to absolutely love this next video playlist right here,
where we unpack and deep dive the history of the military
space force, and we’re just getting warmed up. Click it. (Techno music) Is it crazy to start thinking this way? Duct tape. (Duct tape ripping)

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