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Soviet Veshmeshok Backpack How To Tie

Soviet Veshmeshok Backpack How To Tie

this is the Soviet vest mashach backpack it is USSR surplus the seller claim this is 1979 surplus basically kept ready for World War 3 canvas bag that's all it really is it's got the strap on the bottom it's open top little pouch here with a button and that's really nothing special to it it's kind of interesting when I first got it I had seen them online they knew they tied at the top but it's still kind of blew my mind on how this worked a little plastic nametags actually still in good shape if this is really from 79 here's the back of it some straps on the side I've seen some pictures where they've got oh bed rolls shovels Kalashnikovs you name it they've got him strapped to him as anyone would but how do you make this into a backpack you pull it like this ring is gonna fall off the top and then it's kind of a strange device anyway this is thanks to a survival Russia blue Tube channel that's where I saw this learnt how to tie it as well that's what made me want to get one of these I knew it tie it on the top but until I got it I you're just not prepared so here's how this works you pull this make sure I'm getting a good shot all right this is how it works to tie it you take the loops on the bottom put your hand through pull it over and you have this loop okay you take the top of it this is the front now facing you I'm behind it you'll wad it up at the top and you pull this over then you pull this tight and you have a backpack alright this is how to tie the Vespa shop gather the strap in new loop put your arm through the loop grab the strap pull it back through and form a slipknot put your arm through the Slipknot gather the top of the bag and then pull the top of the bag through the Slipknot and then you can cinch the Slipknot and that's how you tie the besht mashach from there what's cool is there's a neat way that you can get into the vest mashach without having to redo the entire Slipknot so loosen the Slipknot put your arm through hold the gathered top of the bag back out leave the Slipknot tie it around your arm and then you can get whatever you need out of the bag and then gather the top of the bag back together and you can just slide it right over and then the vest mashach is tied again it's that simple you

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  1. What could this strange device be,its got worse that vibrate,and give music,what could this thing be that I've found

  2. Why does someone smart enough to use the internet require a video to tie a Prusik knot; one of the most simple knots in existence?

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