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Soviet Tula SKS Unboxing (Cabela's Canada)

Soviet Tula SKS Unboxing (Cabela's Canada)

hey guys fried rice here and today I have a boxing video of a Soviet Tula SKS this firearm I got from Cabela's for 229 Canadians so that's like four bucks Americans are like that so let's get this thing open and you see it comes in this large box cheese's we have enough Rouge ok so inside that box we have another box it says a safety checked February 19th 2016 obviously that's this year it's his initials oooo – so I'm not sure if this was the second one that was checked that day or a second one that was checked out of the batch that the cabela's got so we have another unboxing okay I'm excited now oh look at this oh good oh oh I'm coming to remove the masterpiece for a second minute aren't back so we got a sling oil stuff I'm not gonna open that there's a little jug of oil – this stripper clips yes Oh like the three cosmoline covered stripper clips and cleaning kit awesome and of course the key for for the lock here we go boom look at this thing the stock looks a little there is some some chips here and there looks like it did see some use which makes it better immediately oh yeah I'm 29 for a Soviet Tula for Tula SKS 1955 it's mark this has been a boxing of eight so get to the SKS from Cabela's da for pretty decent price I'm happy with this look at this the bayonet little piece of history you buy for 250 bucks thank you for watching

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  1. Even though we can get some cool guns here in the states I wish we can get the Russian and the Chinese stuff still but our government is just as messed up as anyone else's funny thing is we trade 99% of our stuff with China but yet we can't have their guns imported can you believe that bullshit?

  2. holy shit that's a big package… not sure how that's suppose to fit in my Canada Post neighborhood parcel box?

  3. I would trade my fertility for the import restrictions to be lifted in the United States.:(
    TFW you’ll never have a sig 7.62 tok:(

  4. Lucky you. I found a Russian sks excellent condition here in the US for 759 a week or 2 ago. Not willing to pay that amount right now. I bought a Yugoslavian back in 05 for 159 and a Chinese in 07 for 175. Bought another Yugo in excellent condition last year for 450. Probably the last SKS I'll ever buy. Great and fun rifle by the way. You're gonna love it!

  5. I just picked up the same rifle at Lever Arms in Vancouver, British Columbia. Mine came with the sling, oiler bottle, cleaning kit, and 2 ammo pouches. unlike yours, I got to choose mine in store and not get what they sent you in the mail.. mine has a laminate stock. so shiny and new its like a glass finish. there is not a flaw, or scratch on the entire rifle. all the serial numbers match. I bought it as refurbished but it has not been refurbished. it is like brand fucking new. museum or collector quality. paid 200 Canadian. I totally lucked out.

  6. Cabela's was selling them for $299.00 most recently, but I think their supply if Laminate SKSs might have dried up. Just ordered mine from Frontier Firearms in Prince Albert, $269.00. Glad I did, seems prices are steadily rising.

  7. Ok, so a bunch of you are saying that you can get these and Canadian Tire!!!!! Which ones. Here in and around Montreal they have no such stuff. My local one has crossman only. Please enlighten me.

  8. I have 54 Tula I bought I the mid 90's for $150. All matching numbers and laminated stock. The box with the slash through it means it's arsenal refurbished I read somewhere. Awesome guns.

  9. A Chinese SKS here in the U.S. will run you about 600-700 dollars without a box OR accesories. Lets hope that changes soon. MAGA.

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