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SouthNarc’s Favorite GUN DISARM | Craig Douglas of ShivWorks

SouthNarc’s Favorite GUN DISARM | Craig Douglas of ShivWorks

all right hey folks this video is sponsored by sportsmen guide so we give them a good shout out we show you their cool guy website which is got ammunition it's got blasters it's got hunting accessories gear military surplus all that jazz which is all super cool so go ahead and check them out and use my code for a discount let's roll the video here we go all right hey folks I'm joined by Craig Douglas of Shiv works known as South narc before back in the day back in the day he's also a ranger back in the day so Ranger 30-some years ago a long time ago yeah I don't care how long ago I see you you wore the scroll that's true I did that's all I did most of your career that was in law enforcement it was 21 years in law enforcement most of that time spent as a narcotics agent of squad comp with both simultaneously I'm a lifelong martial artist it's sort of teaching under the ShipWorks brand in 2003 so this is my 16th year of teaching under the brand my seventh year of teaching full time and I teach in 40 states and 11 countries outside of the US and I'm mainly known for niche problems like a grapple range gun fight what is it that what does that look like in a car on knife work solo structural movement which you in are collaborating yeah sir we are and anything that's outside of normal realm of problem-solving I think John and I are both interested in curious about in this I think what drew each other to my folks know Craig is gonna show us kind of a go to gun disarm and I'm gonna be a good bad guy which means I'm gonna take on kind of the mindset of them bad guys aren't gonna be holding off at distance it's an extension of their power if you don't believe me watch video surveillance but it'll be something like this right here yeah that's a good dog that's a good gun to sort or that's a good gun hold for me to train a realistic gun disarmed quite often this guy is expressive with this epistle he hasn't shot me yet so he wants something this is not a murder he wants something he wants me or something from me so if I'm not gonna comply which compliance may be the way to go and I decide to go for this gun the first part is the most important part and that's the don't get shot part so here's what we're gonna do we're to get our hands close to the gun and the best way to do that is to talk there so I need to feign supplication and make sure that he feels it this has to be authentic if I'm looking at John like I'm getting ready to pounce here just like so that's not gonna be a disarm that he buys he's not gonna buy my supplication so I have to make it authentic and I have to make it work do tell me what you want me to do I said wallet okay okay okay okay okay just tell me how to do it me I don't we're doing wrong it's shot reace now it's a leak I have to make him believe this so what I'm doing is I'm getting my hands close to the gun I'm doing that in a way that doesn't threaten him makes him believe that I'm doing what he wants me to do and I'm getting him talking because here's what I want to do I want to make the move that don't get shot move when John's talking so they don't get shot move I'm gonna move the gun as I wist my body there's no rules for doing that there's no always to one side always one with one particular hand I want to twist much more so as I move this pistol so I may hold the gun and twist I may push the gun and twist with either hand it doesn't matter once I do this okay so this is how this is what this looks like if I'm actually doing this the don't get shot and hanging a tumbler to do I said wallet yeah left hand right yeah what are you stole yeah okay so I'm off muzzle right I'm off muzzle not by much but I'm off Muslim to knock off Muslim enough to not get shot now I'm gonna get this gun out of his hand the way I'm gonna do this is I'm gonna move this gun away from his palm as I use the bony edge of my wrist to create a fulcrum and I'm going to cut this right through it very simple once again I will move and I will cut this right through stop it go ahead taking it away I said money tell me what you want my change I want my stupid you know that she's stupid I am that's why I'm getting wrong give me okay and I will kick this and take that so the verbal agility component that's incredibly important to be able to create the gap in his thinking for me to be able to make this move so it's pretty simple I want to move the gun not get shot okay and then we're good for this lever sure why do I teach this well it's about the only way to get the gun out of his hand that works that I found can hit any environment from open to closed so we've probably all seen gun disarms that require these big movements and that's awesome and that works okay but that may not work in truly confined space right now I'm an open space but what if my back was against the wall or I was in a corner god forbid I was in a car there's no place to go there's no room to move I can't make these big loopy movements with my arms so what I'm doing is I'm keeping everything really close and pinning my elbows in I'm gonna move the gun away from this Paul and I'm using the sharp just like you would use for a key lock or an Achilles tendon crush or even a good neck you know neck crank all right I'm gonna use this cut bone as we call it on the inside of my wrist so I'm gonna use that to cut through and that doesn't take a whole lot no don't let go I'm not you not like up don't take a whole lot of movement to get that out of John's hands so so frustrating I really didn't so that's that's my go-to gündüz for me that's awesome really appreciate guys if you check below in the description I'm gonna plug Craig Douglas his stuff so that you can try to get in one of his classes they fill up pretty quick but he's got all kinds of cool stuff out there as well of a knife that I really want to check out in the future as well but anyway I will have him back on we've got a time in January we're gonna do we're gonna do a bunch of knife stuff and roll out some good quality content for you guys we have booked interestingly enough we booked collaborative time for neither you're teaching and I'm not teaching and we're not getting paid but we're spending time together and I just think it's incredibly important that people who are in the business that teach for a living do this frequently okay and John and I have decided to spend some time together and see what we come up with and I think we'll come up with a lot of good collaborative future content it's gonna crush men it is a little yeah awesome thank you sir guys train hard train smart we'll see you next time sneak attack and that is the video thanks so much for tuning and everyone remember to subscribe comment like all that stuff is fantastic Thank You sportsmen guide for sponsoring this video and everyone out there train hard trained smart and we'll see you next time

Reader Comments

  1. Kool …I’m definitely going out tonight to find some motherfucker to rob me.
    He’s going to regret it ! I’m Going to…………to……. play with him ..and the gun? 🤔 wait ! Let me watch this video again.( to be continued )👀

  2. One thing I never see covered in these videos using blue guns or dummy guns is making sure the firearm is out of battery immediately when coming in contact with it. Anytime you ever make contact with the slide of a handgun, a simple push backwards will make goddamn sure it will not fire even if the subject has his finger on the trigger and is attempting to pull it during the altercation. It is one thing to disarm somebody with a fake gun, something completely different when you are talking about a hot weapon in the hands of someone willing to pull the trigger in your face

  3. Holy shit! Watching how fast he went from talking to having that gun away from neck just had a big smile on my face.

  4. Battle buddy I do enjoy watching him put some pain on you, like we enjoy watching barracks wrAstling. Oh that was good times. I appreciate the lesson.

  5. With all do respect. There is NO SUCH THING as a one hand gun disarm. The gunman is going to be fighting you for the gun. You have to grab the gun arm with BOTH hands and hold on for dear life. Then you can fight for your life. (see David James of the Vee Jitsu Rue system on youtube)

  6. Maybe someone else has said this, in certain situations could you disarm and rack the slide(assuming the bad guy either has 1; a round in the chamber or 2; he isnt really willing to risk a murder charge just wants materials so the firearm isnt loaded) and engage or would that take away from defending oneself(stand your ground, i live in a stand your ground no duty to retreat state) if you have control of the "firearm"?

  7. You and Craig together is amazing. I love this content. Real life, full strength/speed demos with two guys that know how to/have killed other humans. Thank you!

  8. Damn I went to your store to get that shirt but you don't have it in that color combination!!… Make it happen! lol

  9. May I make a suggestion? Try this in a shadow box. Watching the movements in shadow will help train you to see when an assailant is making the kind of moves that begin the affair. Might be able to keep the "Do not get shot rule." a new move/approach.

  10. Going to be waiting list and I'm sure it's way out of my price range like all these type classes. But still good stuff guy's.

  11. I love the way John gets frustrated and verbally “expresses” the moment the tide starts turning! Haha

  12. Just don't forget… 9mm fired close… You loose your hearing and maybe vision… When grabbing the gun, pull slide slightly back. To get it out of battery…

  13. I like the energy and the commitment to helping people! However I feel I must make a simple point- guy jabs gun in your neck/face/gut/kidneys. So here you are with two truths. 1) if he wanted you shot, you would already be shot. 2) you do not want to be shot. Why test how fast you can twist your torso and grab the gun and use your sharp bones to disarm vs. His itchy trigger finger? Don't get murdered because a dude on YouTube showed you that it is "possible" .

  14. Good moves! Grabbing the gun around the slide will usually jam it if the bad guy does happen to pull the trigger. The thumb is the weak link in grasping an object, and working against it will almost always remove an object from the hand.
    I also recommend Victor Marx's videos on gun disarmament. Nobody does it better, or faster.

  15. This what pisses me off bout this fuckin disarm weapon videos, the assailant doesnt put his fucking 1st finger on the trigger. WHAT THE FUCK!!! No Gangster or Murder or Rapist or any other killer isnt gonna hold ALL 5 fingers on the fucking HANDLE!! Fucking A

  16. This is the only close encounter teacher I take serious on YouTube (I do not claim to know all of them). That gun retention was great and this is too. He looks slow and is fast and has the timing. And not in a Bruce Lee way we can never reach but like it makes sense to learn that too.

  17. good stuff ty, i love that moment when you're kinda serious, but you keep it in check and we're all cool.

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