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South Korean military recovers debris from North Korean missile

South Korean military recovers debris from North Korean missile

The South Korean Navy has recovered debris
from the North Korean missile that was launched on Sunday.
The recovered parts are suspected to be from the missile engine nozzle, while the rocket
as a whole was first televised in the North on Thursday showing the missile taking off
from the regime’s main launch site. And in reaction to the latest North Korean
provocation, a rare Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting was held between South Korea, the
U.S. and Japan on Thursday. Lee Ji-won has more.
Debris from the North Korean missile was recovered and unveiled at the Pyeongtaek Port on Thursday.
Four pieces were found on the ocean floor about 100 kilometers from Ochung-do Island
in the West Sea. A cylindrical piece, with a diameter of about
2-meters and suspected to a joint for a rocket propellant, was seriously damaged with rust
and paint coming apart in various sections. Two other pieces are believed to be from the
missile’s engine nozzle… while the fourth piece, to be the outer layer of the nozzle.
The navy has been working around the clock since Tuesday to recover the items using salvage
ships and unmanned… remotely-operated vehicles. Other pieces from the first and second stages
of the long-range missile were recovered on Monday,… as well as fragments of the payload
fairing that were picked up on the launch day.
They will now be sent to the Agency for Defense Development for analysis.
The recovery of the pieces comes as the North’s state-run Korean Central Television released
video footage of Sunday’s launch, showing the missile at various angles as it took off
from the Dongchang-ri launch site Meanwhile, a rare Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting
was held among the highest ranking military officials from South Korea, the U.S. and Japan,
via video conference. The three have once again confirmed that North
Korea has violated UN Security Council resolutions. The three allies have vowed to cooperate in
sharing information on North Korea real time. They also discussed the possibility of the
U.S. deploying more military support to South Korea. Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.

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