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South Jersey mom reunites with military son for the holidays

South Jersey mom reunites with military son for the holidays

As airport pickups go this one was pretty special. It was a joyful and cheerful holiday reunion between mother and son that happened because someone cared. This means absolutely everything it means everything just to have him home our family is very close so to have him home for christmas is just it’s the world the best gift we could absolutely receive. Nineteen-year-old austin franey of Atco, New Jersey has been training with the u.s. army infantry in Fort Benning, Georgia getting home for Christmas wasn’t in the budget. We tried we tried to sell some things and and raise money and we just did not see it happening at all. The Freni family fell on tough times after Austin’s dad died of cancer two years ago Lori was the sole breadwinner so a friend created a go fund me page to help her pay to bring austin home they raised a little money but not enough until a total stranger stepped in and bought austin a plane ticket I have a brother was in the military and so this you know like i said before this is a little bit personal to me I know what it was like when my brother was come home and my parents didn’t couldn’t afford it and we are truly blessed with with everything that’s been done for us and in the last couple days and we want nothing but to pay it forward it was honestly amazing feeling to know people out there cared and got me here to spend time with my family Austin is scheduled to be deployed early next year so it was really important that the Freni family spend this Christmas together

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