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Sounds Familiar music store closes its doors

Sounds Familiar music store closes its doors

I started selling music while i was in school of do in 1966 for the record bar chain which at the time was two stores in 1976 record bar had grown to 70 stores and had gotten very corporate very large and I decided I'd try it on my own I checked out four or five towns in the southeast and Columbia South Carolina is where I settled and that was 32 years ago and we're still selling music the year 2000 was the most profitable year that sounds familiar had and it's now 32 year history that was also the year that Napster reared its ugly head on the internet and people get all the music they wanted no charge whatsoever even though it was blatantly illegal to download most of these songs than legal download services including itunes started cropping up and by the year two thousand and two we had one of our least profitable years so it all happened very very quickly I gave three of my grandchildren iPods gift cards for Christmas this year back when sounds familiar started out I could have had them come in giving them a ten dollar gift certificate and let them come in and pick out 15 45s that they wanted but you no longer can come into a music store and buy individual songs you've got to download those online very hard to compete with that will be closing those stores by the end of februari it spin off I've had other jobs but this is a very happy and a passion and it's what's that feeling we were always busy and then within the past two or three years it's really declined with the more lulz and like I say our generation and above as has kept us and my faults on the true music lover has always been one that wants the bragging rights to have the hard copy to go on the shelf and say yes I got that Mother's find a song that's out of print I still have a company called repeat records which produces beach music compilations and is doing very well due to the fact that we sell a good bit of music on iTunes and on Amazon and through our website so for a record company it's been a lot easier to stay around and compete because we can take advantage of the fact that music has gone digital whereas stores like sounds familiar it's impossible to compete anymore

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