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Sophie's Shopping Mall Challenge – Military Style

Sophie's Shopping Mall Challenge – Military Style

hey everybody so today my first video is going to be about fashion inspiration and what I like to wear one way that I like to get fashion tips it's probably quite the obvious one but Instagram I spend a lot of time scrolling through Instagram looking at my favorite fashion blogs and what is in what school and where I can get the latest trends from the other way that I like to get inspiration is going to the shop and buying a good old magazine old-fashioned it may be but it is jammed packed with the latest fashions the trends was in what's not who are best that is ultimately the best way to look for fashion inspiration which leads me to my first ever Sophie says shopping more challenge the look I'm going to try and recreate is a military saw I found important magazine wish me luck firstly i went to mango they did have some military like codes but felt like the golden yellow detailing was a bit brass band like and not something i'd be comfortable wearing out next it was on to Topshop as a normally pretty on trend these red trousers were great and would really make the outfit stand out but they didn't have my size and there's always time for a bit of shoe shopping it was then onto river island but nothing was jumping out at me it seems like Zara can always save the day they had several styles I loved and I thought the golden button and swallow effect on the jackets I saw four very military and not as greatness at once i saw a mango this would be a perfect day or night outfit and the short navy dress off that would go great too I managed to find pretty much identical outfits the ones that I found in the magazine and turn them into cute going our outfits at a reasonable cost so here's my take on the military salt outfit jacket 7999 dress 2999 and the boots 3999 if you like what you see and you want to see more then please make sure you press subscribe

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  1. Great video. I would be interested to know about your job and the clothes you wear for that. I always struggle to come up with some outfits for work that aren't just black trousers and a shirt.

  2. Your latest YouTube Sophie was great your #shoppingmallchallenge was successful & I really like what you came up with in the end was very impressive

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