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Soldier returns home, surprises five kids at Badger High School

Soldier returns home, surprises five kids at Badger High School

MY FRIENDS LIKE.. JULIANNA… THATS YOUR DAD.. AND THEN I RAN OUT. I WAS GOING TO FALL. Military Surprise. Hugs and tears as a local airman returns home and into the arms of his family. Sergeant Brandon Miller just returned from the Middle East. And today he got a chance to say hello to his loved ones for the first time in months. 27 First News Reporter Amanda Smith was there for the emotional homecoming. [D4]20181105 SOLDIER SURPRISE27-PK The entire school district packed the gym at Badger High School this morning. And then the guest of honor came in.. Staff Sergeant Brandon Miller, who suprised all five of his children today, with the help of school leaders. SSgt Brandon Miller: “THE IDEA WAS SPAWNED BY THE OLDEST DAUGHTER, WHO WAS ADAMANT ABOUT BEING SURPRISED.” And even though it meant an extra day apart… Julliana says the surprise was worth it. Julianna Miller: “I SAW THESE YOUTUBE VIDEOS WHERE PEOPLE WERE SURPRISED WHEN THEY CAME HOME FROM DEPLOYMENT AND I THOUGHT THIS WAS SO COOL, I WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. SO I KEPT ON SAYING I WANT TO BE SURPRISED, I DONT WANT TO KNOW ANYTHING.” All of the kids were surprised. Ben Miller: “I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS HIM. UNTIL MY TEACHER SAID IT WAS HIM AND I JUST RAN TO HIM.” Gabriella Miller: “I KNEW IT WHO IT WAS. I WAS JUST SHOCKED, AND STOOD STILL.” The family says they’re glad they can catch up on lost time. Jacob Miller: “IT’S EASIER AND BETTER BECAUSE NOW WE CAN FACE TO FACE.” And there’s news to catch up on.. oldest son Jonathan, who works for the school district… bought his own house while dad was away. Jonathan Miller: “I’M NOT GOING TO BOTHER HIM TOO MUCH, LET HIM HANG OUT WITH MOM THE MOST PROBABLY.” Mom Christina has today and tomorrow off from the school cafeteria to celebrate as well. Christina Miller: “IT MEANT A LOT THAT THEY WERE SO WILLING TO GO ALONG WITH OUR PLAN.” At Badger High School, Amanda Smith 27 first news

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  1. I was there and I was in the bleachers crying for gabby she is one of my closes friends gabby and Julie does Girl Scouts with me ❤️❤️ love you guys have fun with you dad

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