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Snugpak Osprey 12 Sleeping bag compare to Army Issue Arctic Bag

Snugpak Osprey 12 Sleeping bag compare to Army Issue Arctic Bag

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  1. Nice review. You enthusiasm is genuine and shows how into this you really are. 👍👍 from across the pond!

  2. Just ordered a Snugpak Softie 12 Osprey today after being a bit cold in my hammock at -1 degrees in a Snugpak Softie 9 at the weekend ( middle of November) , I hope the step up in insulation does the trick!

  3. Um… it would have been great for you to get inside with all that clothing on… or inside the house with normal clothes… I bet that bag is very small…

  4. Really like the idea of the space blanket stuck inside. An idea just came. I to my head about sticking a space blanket to the inside of my tarp, what do you think ? Or even to underside of hammock ? I know there are issues with vapour barriers etc but to be honest I'm totally new to it all. Maybe a daft idea. Great vid though. I'm just on verge of buying the Arctic bag and bivi soon as paid 🙂

  5. The snugpak bivi looks good. Thou it does not look squaddie proof and looks easy to break and tear.

  6. I will have to check out the Snugpak combo. Most of the bags I own are the heavy down military bags and work great for the Canadian cold weather.

  7. Does the expander panel work with the jungle bag and sleeper extreme? I bought the jungle bag as it was the only one I could find with built in midge net, after getting eaten alive in my bivvi when over in SW Scotland.

  8. How roomy is snugpak v army bag? Only tried 2 snugpaks, sleeper extreme and jungle bags. Both very tight fit. My son couldn't even his all the way up. My jungle bag has the worst zip for snagging on any bag I've ever had. I realise the two I tried are imported, cheaper end of the range. Still love my Arctic bag despite the extra weight and centre zip is way better for hammock. Cheers for the video though, good stuff. Like the elastic mod on the bivvi.

  9. can sit here and listen to you all night so informative and I like a man who knows what he is talking about keep it coming sgt atb iain

  10. good vid man, your a nutter i would love to go out on a trip with you, ive got an ex army compression pack sleeping bag like the first 1 you showd, it is very heavy but bloody lovely 🙂

  11. Nice vid as usual iv been looking for a new bag as im geting abit fed up with waking up at the crack of dawn freezing my butt off was thinking about the army bag but  mite save up over summer and get a nice snugpack.
    thanks for all the vids marc 

  12. I have bought it from amazon. Check here I hesitated buying this sleeping bag due to the price, but my boyfriend insisted on it. We went camping with it this past weekend, and the temperature was around 50 or mid-40's (we were on a beach in southern California), so we didn't exactly test it in extreme temperatures. It was so warm and cozy and definitely kept us warmer than our cheap sleeping bags would have. Actually it was so warm we had to open the sides a little to let air in! Having slept uncomfortably cold nights in a cheap sleeping bag before, this sleeping bag is worth the price for the good night's sleep alone. On our second night camping, it rained pretty hard and we realized our tent was leaking. We patched it with some tape and trash bags, but the inside of the tent was fairly wet. The outer material of the sleeping bag appears to be waterproof, so we were still pretty warm the whole night even though it got a little wet (we brought a spare sleeping bag to pad under the Teton – it was soaked). Now we just need a good tent to go with our awesome sleeping bag! Check here

  13. Hi SGT could you tell me (with a video maybe …if i can req.) how can i made your modification in my DPM Bivy like your? THK u very much and god bless!

  14. I clicked on you from the subscriptions bar and a picture of a semi-naked lady came up! Nevermind,I wanted to ask you what you thought of the Snugpak Hawk for around £80.Is it a decent deal,and would it be adequate for our british winter weather do you reckon? Many thanks Sarge.

  15. Thanks for the review and comparison against the army issue bivvy and snugpak bivvy .Im just in the process of buying my first bivvy so this has really helped.
    Cant wait to get out and do my first wild camp

    Great channel thanks for all the helpful advice

  16. hi been thinking about purchasing the snugpak chrysalis 5 bag which has a similar(-15/-20) temp rating but just slightly heavier and bigger pack. Have you used your bag to any extreme temps yet ? and if so how did it perform?



  17. The secret is to only put it at the bottom half…I bit you sleep on….The top part is left so the moisture can escape..All you need is a tin of contact adhesive The stuff that carpet fitters use..If I had a spare bag I would do a vid on it…I hope you understand the process buddy….Thanks for watching
    God Bless

  18. please tell me how you put the emergency blanket in the bivi. Also, does it stop the goretex working so well with regards to breathability. Look forward to your reply.

  19. They look and feel just like a snugpak but issued …Ill tell you its a lot lighter than my issued one but not as warm but hey the lighter the better in my opinion…You and your vids make my day lad pls keep it up..TMac

  20. I have the 90's and Traded a Brit in Afghanistan for the 2004 version. Super warm and super light. YOU VIDEOS ARE awesome m8 KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

  21. Sarge is that the old Brit Artic bag or the New 2004ish bag that you are comparring


    PS Love the energy mate

  22. love your energy.
    after seeing your video I buy this sleeping bag, you should get money for advertising from company.

  23. Just bought myself a Snugpak softie 12 , brand new for £80. Think I'm going to have to wait a while until I can test it to it's full potential.

  24. sound as mate. ive got the arctic sleeping bag and love it ( except for the size and weight.) I bought it after a got my snug pak softy 6 the harrier and was disappointed that i could not go out in all seasons in it. now i realized i should of just gone for the 12 and be done. loved the vid. got sent over by jedi. subbed

    all the best pal


  25. great stuff mate ,are you gonna make a vid of your going out or just chill out and enjoy the peace good luck either way Tom

  26. Shame about the wind noise Sarge. nice kit. Now all you got to do is get out there and have some fun and some warm nights out in the wilds.

  27. Great review mate and am liking the look of the kit too, but I will stick with my arctic and bivi bag for now, but I do have the jungle for the summer, when it arrives. My trouble is my brain hasn't kept up with my years and my bergen will soon be carried in a wheelbarrow LOL. Best Wishes……..Les.

  28. i got a osprey 12 compression sack for £2 – lol
    now i know what goes in it – its amazing mate – the sack is so small for a sleeping bag.
    i went from 58 pat arctic to 95 pat arctic – i will always lover her lol
    would be good to try one out one day just to see how good they are.
    nice 1 wayne – well done fleebag
    your in the family now bro – WELCOME!!

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