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SNUGPAK Ionosphere – TALL MAN Tent Review !

SNUGPAK Ionosphere – TALL MAN Tent Review !

pack the four corners out you've got to appreciate Paul's one with the green on goes on the bottom of the tenth and this is the min the main Paul arch when you go and then you just thread it through these little sleeves hummina and you got a couple of eyelets de l'eau here we got that and you just put her in the eyelet there's another one over here do the same again don't be infinite the eyelets the outdoor over the same lines with the pool and then there's two velcro customers which go on the poor line up see the public until crews do the same this side same again from down here the short touch check it out that's in a zip along the bottom and one vertical one and then the door as a toggle tie as well so I'll go in now tend to going feet first that's only when you're in it let you realize how big it is that gives you an idea of the space inside there's my feet touching the bottom of the 10 mil and what a normally do is put my backpack here put a fleece on top of it or whatever and that's my pillow so nothing is outside there's enough space between the inner and the outer line here where you put your boots and your pots and pans and bits of stuff around the solid inside now because it's all mesh the inside is just a very fine like mosquito mesh it's not it's certainly not a winter tent glowing anything compared to this for a space although my other sort of the leading brands the tiny that they're really small and you know you've got to put your pack outside if you tall if you can fin you can't layer for lengthen it I can live full length in this and as you see it on your cheeks just a couple of minutes to pull up dead easy so you can do stealth camp and easily or not stick it up somewhere it's low-profile it's green it blends in the only annoying thing about this tent apart from the zips which snag on every tent when you close this door at night this toggles it's a tire thing back if you tal hit lines pitifully it will not knows mr. Tator hell underneath all the night you know so it's very tempting to chop this off for haven't done it yet so I think really what you need to do snow pockets just move this up about about six inches and then it won't touch my nose it's a minor design flaw in my apparent but everything else is a tip top and because this inner is off your face you don't get too claustrophobic you know some of these babies in these like God xover bugs that are awfully claustrophobic and but this is just uh it's a perfect you know a perfect blend between a 10 and a movie there's no porch on it so you have to like you know you do you cook in here if it's raining you kinda you have to wear but stops ruining really but when I did when I did the course to course dam there was some serious weather and the lakes really the real downpour and this bathtub design really worked Custis it was a feel that was sopping wet I mean it was almost flooded really but it didn't come over and it was perfectly waterproof the top perfectly waterproof it was really put of the test you know so with the outer removed if it's a nice night and there's no threat of any written like some paint might be alright actually you can just use this to keep the bugs off you sleeping this which is fab you know but can you see now we have a feeder just at the bottom there I've got I've got all this space will be a look book my head you see that there look all that space I'm just a poor Wayfaring Stranger traveling through ain't no sickness total dangers in there brother to which I go

Reader Comments

  1. I love how utterly disinterested your dog is 😀
    I just bought one of these and feel a lot more comfortable with the decision

  2. Do you use it on storm or strong wind ? I am considering buying this tent for storm condition and rainy weather.

  3. What kind of setup do you recommend for a 3 inch thick inflatable. I get the feeling these kids of bivy tents are not good for luxury inflatables.

  4. Tie Back the outside toggle point to the toggle point for the door roll up area with some minor bungee style cord and it will keep the toggle off your nose. Watch you're own video and suddenly this will be obvious solution for you.

  5. I live right on the catterick stage of the c2c mate, walk on it everyday, I'm ,6'3 and a bit. I'll go check them out

  6. Areet marra, can this be put up outer first or outer and inner already fitted? Just thinking about putting it up in the rain.

  7. Thanks for the vid. I get this concept but for that 1.5kg weight, I would want more. I have a (notionally) 2P naturehike that weighs the same and costs less and you can sit up in it and do stuff. It's shorter but you could sleep on a diagonal. This thing would cope better in wind I reckon but there are other more stable designs with similar weight, 2 side doors and room to actually cook etc on either side. I'd want one of these down around 750g in 20D etc to be worth sacrificing the room. I do like the minimalism and weather ability.

  8. did you play basket ball ?:) ha ha you would have not fit into my vintage 1971 chevelle and it easily fit 6" 2" people 🙂 good review mate:) love your dog ! cheers from Alaska 🙂

  9. Oh my god. So freaking helpful. Thank you!!! I'm 6'6" 275 and have a dog. This is perfect. Been wanting a bug net style tent that's light and doesn't rely on trekking poles. Outstanding. Seriously, thank you.

  10. Lol pitching that in the rain must be sould destroying. Watching the inside of your tent get wet before it's even up would kill me.

  11. seems the entrance at the head of the tent is a bit of a fuss compared to a side entrance. great vid!!

  12. Firstly congratulations on competing your hike and raising such a fantastic amount of money for your chosen charity. They must be incredibly proud.
    I too purchased the same tent, for the same reason last year, but due to an unexpected hip injury, I haven’t as yet taken this on, but planning on doing this mid next year.
    Do you have any advice on doing this with a dog? Were there any restrictions on the route?
    Did you have any plans on the journey or daily mileage before you set off, or did you just plan to wild camp as when you found a suitable place?
    Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated!!!

  13. It's a great tent. I wonder if Snugpak could could design them with 3 different sizes for the taller campers. I bought this tent a couple of years ago, it's one inch short of 11ft in length and that's the inner, it's weight is a tad over 2kgs, but it's not exactly light or heavy for a two man tent. It's the biggest two man tent I could find and I get all my kit in there with me. Good Luck. ATB Reeco

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