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Sniper Pug

Sniper Pug

Alright soldiers, listen up. We’ve got a dirty bomb. And the bastard is
planning to use it. Our job is to get down there and make sure
never get the chance. We can’t run the risk of spooking them. So, we go in hard, fast and quietly. There is no room for mistakes. But if something goes wrong, we’ve got Sergeant Pugsley. Now I know what you’re thinking. He’s a maverick, maybe even a little old. But he’s the best damn sniper there is. Any questions? Errr, yeah… That’s a dog. That’s not a question private. That’s a dog? Much better. Let’s move out! NO! GUYS! Hmm, four letters. Sommet you say to express
pain. Warh! Nah, it starts with an A. Argh! (Guns firing) Er, Sir! Can we talk about Sergeant Pugsley
for a minute please. That damn maverick. Yeah, sure. I’m not really comfortable with
him being apart of the team. What? Y’know on account of the fact that he is a
d-Aaa! Quiet! How did you find out? It’s kind of obvious… Damn it! Look the others don’t need to know… About his drinking problem. What? I don’t care if he’s a drinker. The question is how did he get in the army in the first place?! Oh! You want to bring back Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?! If the question is “Are you a dog?” then YES! You won’t be so quick to judge when Sergeant
Pugsley is saving you from an AMBUSH! (Fighting) He doesn’t even have thumbs! LEAVE YOUR PREJUDICES AT HOME SOLDIER!! (In a high pitched voice) IT’S AN AMBUSH!! (Guns firing) (Pug) (Guns firing) Dammit Pugsley! Why didn’t you warn us?! BECAUSE HE CAN’T TALK! (Pug) (Guns firing) OF COURSE! That damn maverick has a plan! That son of a bitch has balls! No he doesn’t! HE DOESN’T HAVE BALLS! Ooooh! Is that a problem?! I mean, they were cut off!! (In a high pitched voice) Oooh! Is that a
problem?! NOT NOW PRIVATE NO PRIVATES!! Dammit Pugsley where is our cover fire! SIR, THERE IS NO COVER FIRE BECAUSE DOGS CAN’T FIRE GUNS! I MEAN WHAT’S NEXT A HAMSTER IN A PLANE?! Don’t be ridiculous! (In mourning) Captain Squeakers. (Guns clock) Alright, I admit it… Sergeant Pugsley… Is a dog. Yeah. (In a high pitched voice) WHAT?! He may well be a dog… And an alcoholic. He also poops outdoors, but by God! He’s the best damn soldier i’ve ever had the
privilege of w- You just couldn’t afford a dog sitter, could
you? They’re really expensive… (Guns firing) He is a maverick! Who’s a good boy?! It’s you! Meow. Argh You couldn’t save us all Pugsley. (Don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment and share)

Reader Comments

  1. guy: he has no balls
    girl:OH is that a problem?
    guy: no they got cut of
    other guy:*high voice OH is that a problem?

  2. Given Sgt Pugsley's heroic military record, he must surely be a Captain by now. The army needs more soldiers just like Sgt Pugsley (aka "Puggers")

  3. Me: hmmmmm, wonder what interesting videos are in my recommendations. Maybe some more Jeff Favigiano?

    YT Recommendations: here, enjoy a dog that is a sniper. Pug specifically.

    Me: Hmmm, COOL!

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