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SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR 3 – Sniper games (warriors games 2017) Part 1 [720p HD PC ] – No Commentary

SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR 3 – Sniper games (warriors games 2017) Part 1 [720p HD PC ] – No Commentary

[Music] this is how you greet your superior officer soldier I knew you come I figured I might as well spend the last day in the country my little brother are you nervous now someone has to win this war I bet my boots I can hit all five with five bullets attempting our fist fights part of your training program now you should have seen the other guy yeah I heard you sent into the hospital so what did he do kiddo whatever if it’s about a girl she better be worth it just remember you’re worrying mom with that stuff you need to be the man of the house when I’m gonna be in Afghanistan I can already smell the dinner from here don’t get me wrong the army feeds us alright but damn I’ve miss moms good old chicken wings remember how we played hide and seek here hard to forget you’re really bad at it I remember once a week Rob come on Rob okay brother see what you got [Music] eg ancient Finnish boys John really shut up you still use it to beat yourself up all deployed paying yourself on a bit tarnish from the very poetic rock at least I have a sense of right and wrong off the system scream brother some guys can slam for no reason some guys it’s time for no reason is it better and lonely not to believe in anything you’re the perfect soldier town naive Gullah brainwash chain of command following orders yes jokes hey you believe in the system when it suits you big church wedding Marine honor guard Mila took your name that was all her ever you played along like a good little soldier how would you know you weren’t even there but thanks for the lovely gift only you didn’t never see the fucking car she’s wrong for you Robert said the man whose longest relationship last but six months and it’s bitter and lonely being such a self-righteous prick final approach God ready try not to kill each other out there I don’t want to break the news to mama north don’t go rogue don’t be a robot I’m serious he scares the shit out of me you scared the shit out of everybody now she raised such bad ass for your son well not hard to figure with you not to start by a weapon yeah they’ll stick around okay [Music] this is it the russian-ukrainian border not sure what I was expecting comm check Frank can you hear me over I’m queer listen up Marines James I need you to infiltrate that abandoned military complex and destroy its bioweapons dogfood stay frosty over it now over and out after you rob you can have a better view from up there Roger that what’s that no fucking idea test site maybe alright let’s have a look fuck can’t see shit we’re too far we need to find a better spot what about over there cliffs on the right side of that dome you see that yeah she is not sure about the angle though let’s go and check it out careful the rocks might be slippery after you always first hey you’re the one holding the need to cross see that piece of cake good job right on the other side come on come on time to short supply fucking ghost town over there too quiet for your taste in our line of work quiet never means safe dead move on shit we’re not going to jump over this one I remember the times would it be your first idea yes what now let me have a look around see that scorch tree like a lightning strike let’s add with a well-placed shot well-placed shot so you want me to do it damn nice you’re going first yes sergeant north sir careful yeah I know chill feels solid still be careful oh shut up here that yeah [Music] quick behind that rock I have a bad feeling about this that feeling how moles I told you I had a bad feeling believe me now you’re right this time looks like they’re busy chewing down something no need to kill them until you really have to let’s go through the bushes okay go stay well they can attack us don’t think so then focused on the carrier right [Music] all right we’re safe follow me a thousand foot prints they look fresh whoever left those can’t be far away at all you’re the tracker in this family what can you tell military boots two men must be soldiers army our scenario Scouts and the judging by their pattern they’re organized by their depth so they were carrying some heavy shit you mean weapons that’s a safe bet it should be ready for the worst I guess it’s time for us to get to work stay frosty get carried away I have eyes on the test site – mercenaries in there we’re going to take them by surprise I’ll take that fucker at the edge and you focus on the one by the fire let’s go thank you for the one here that was easy there’ll be more of them alert yeah look at that what a wreck here take it here it’s the drone time for the Recon you know how to use this beauty don’t you I’m pretty sure I’ll figure it out first you need to tag all the enemy at the first one [Music] target sighted great target to first right they’re all taxed bring the drone back this is the perfect position for support yeah I know it remember John quiet we need to take them one by one before they realize we’re here let’s concentrate oh boy first target up on the roof 270 meters [Music] [Music] now confirmed Hangul okay 180 meters away [Music] stop moving tango Down Jogi burns third target patrol 160 meters away near the stream meets the opportunity [Music] [Music] steady steady starting out [Music] shoot [Music] [Music] target down we firm [Music] Berry is target 200 meters weight of the 6-2 target located I need you to concentrate you’re only getting in a single shot off so make it count [Music] – pills cupboard good shot let’s rope down [Music] [Music] job a mere follow me brother so where’s your wife these days Iraq Turkey Mila she’s in the Congo doing a piece about this local war monger and I heard about it Special Forces is discussing bombing that motherfucker worried ah she stuffed his nails she only looks fragile a vehicle incoming I see the driver inside leave it to me wait he might know something I’m on the spot yes I’ve got the card one false move in your – how many of you oh right good job do you like any other it reminds me of my days in the Navy stay focused Rob alright alright coming in copy this place used to serve as a biological weapons testing you have to blow the whole show Roger got it intruder detected fucking cameras now they know we’re here the points right it’s quite all right let’s do some good after you [Music] come on watch me brother yeah yeah show me what you got good job brother anytime yeah what about you John wasn’t there anyone in Afghanistan what about her Leah wonder named Lydia so why didn’t you two leave it okay then forget I asked use the CCTV we’re going to beat them at their own game now tag all the enemy is here all mark let’s go [Music] right at the entrance to the landfill our target must be somewhere nearby John let’s move clear let’s go alright let’s plant the charges here you do remember how to do that brother covering the door hurry up John come on John the choppers here what the fuck your weapons drop them you know mr. north I believe the best of us are also lucky one too [Music] until next time mister don’t kill him [Music]

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