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Sneaking Into A Ukrainian Military Base: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

Sneaking Into A Ukrainian Military Base: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

thrown cigarettes over white wah-bah no way that went mi DeWitt mi so we’re just driving up to a Ukrainian naval command we’re trying to get into the base to meet with the Ukrainian naval officials but some pro-russian people have encircled the base and the naval command inside they’ve told me over the phone that they think that they’re being stormed at the moment so we’re going to try to get in from another entrance so now we’re considering climbing over the wall because the crowds are too big outside both entrances to the Ukrainian naval base and I saw some soldiers sitting up above the wall some Ukrainian soldiers maybe they can help us get over yeah we just came over the wall of the Ukrainian naval base and we’re in this is the gate that we tried to get through from the other side and this is the Ukrainians barricaded inside it so apparently these Russian soldiers they came in overnight and they’re just wandering around the base and doing what they want he says they’re not really bothering anybody but it’s not clear under whose permission they were let in to the Ukrainian naval base they’ve already barricaded up the doors with tables they’ve put these desks everywhere to make it harder for people to move through show these empty slots grinds chimeric eo8 desert oasis diode equation is to pass a unique instawave is Arusha appetize lots of my anime television Arabic atsume expertise Padma initial so many policy on your noses are so nobody Bolshevik ottoman you so the Ukrainian Navy just showed us that they still got their guns because some people were saying that the Russians had taken them last night when the Admiral changed sides but it turns out that they just put them into their locker because they just don’t want you know a little accident to happen what happened yesterday because it was a little bit frustrated because our previous previous admiral just change his position went to the other side yes other side but this morning we change just all officers are collected and just says that we are Balam on Ukraine so you were stayed for for free frame and you’re going to remain loyal to the Ukrainian Navy of course of course so how do you feel about the fact that there are Russian soldiers walking around your base it’s just a real occupation just maybe not fight yet but it’s it’s real occupation what do you think can happen next you’ll be nice if all world united against Russia to force them move all troops from Ukraine especially from Crimea are you see it’s very staged intuition let’s stand here all family are staying everywhere inside Sevastopol and to be very afraid for our families and because we have some informations that they can be under dangerous because of this situation so last night the commander of the Ukrainian Navy went over to the Russian side what he actually did was pledged an oath to the people of Crimea but not to the Ukrainian government so the Ukrainian government has since installed a new commander and we’re at their central command base and they’re just trying to figure out what the situation is because after the commander defected last night the only soldiers roaming around this base with guns are the Russian ones and all of the Ukrainians are unarmed we point out anybody it’s kind of interesting because the Russian soldier here in the Ukrainian soldiers they’re both just having a chat about how much they hate the Cossacks outside it’s really surreal at this naval base because the Russians have come in and they’ve occupied Crimea they’re here with their army but the Russian soldiers and the Ukrainian naval officers they seem to be getting along it’s like the chillest occupation I’ve ever seen is they saying that we are fascists we are here like I don’t know like some animals in the zoo I am a true gem Boadicea Tibetan another sugar camp you just left the base and we’re hearing more bad news for the Ukrainians because it looks like this group of Cossacks that have been outside all day blocking the entrance now want to cut their electricity and do whatever they can to make life even more difficult for all of the guys inside glasha Bleus and you just need to Hey I don’t you – do you have reassign a deist video after Bryce you see a boost ears develop so I’m really quite shaken by what just happened because that crowd of angry people outside of the Ukrainian base just surrounded me ganged up on me took my press card stomped on it on the ground at the what I see scrape it out say tomorrow yet oh boy – she open the Minami as I destroy one of the guys actually grabbed Freddy the cameraman by the neck it was ridiculous we almost weren’t able to get away

Reader Comments

  1. This is a fraternal nation that NATO has invaded to occupy Ukraine was also done in Yugoslavia 1991,USA is biig world terorist No.1

  2. haha im glad this tard got his ass kicked, yankee go home… you country make war every year some where on this planet, get out of russia and ukraine yankee

  3. If that was a crowd of black people who took your card and did that. These comments would. Be filled with racist slurz

  4. LOL. The base commander went over to Russia. He at least knows the sellout Ukies are the real bad guys. This clown reporter gets called out by real Crimea’s and runs away.

  5. Wait so like me get this straight…the “Cossacks” are the ppl outside that naval base who are Crimean/Ukrainian pro Russians who chanting “Russia, Russia, Russia!” right? And those Russian soldiers who are there to “stabilize” everything and who these ppl see as liberators…are the same Russian soldiers that are talking shit about how much they hate the pro Russian protesters aka the “Cossacks”? Lmao correct me if I’m getting that wrong but is that what’s going on?

  6. 4:50 The guy with the tactical gear isn't Russian, he's Ukrainian. He's wearing Ukrainian equipment, he is just a sniper

  7. The whole world isn’t gonna rally behind Ukraine simply because it’s Ukraine🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  8. Russia and Ukraine had a agreement when USSR gave Krimea to Ukraine. In case of a violent overthrow of the Ukrainian goverment , Russia was obliged to protect its naval bases in Krimea! Vice is a US propagandha tool. Vice never mentioned that the U.SofA funded Ukrainian neonazi groups to overthrow the proRussian Ukrainian goverment in an attempt to take Ukraine to NATO… [email protected] US bastards

  9. 5:29 "we're here like…uurmm….some animals in zoo".
    ikr..but at least it's better than like some aliens in universe..😅

  10. This doesn't feel or look like an occupation and these things are talked about in most countries in Europe. There are whole regions who are sick of the central government corruption and power, another example would be in Spain if you know what i am talking about. They had free elections and no gun was fired, ideal outcome

  11. That's how you get you ukrainian idiots you helped the Russians to kill Hitler but you forget that the Stalin monster and he is war criminal not Hitler

  12. They voted to be part of Russia. In 1783, Queen Catherine the great decided to liberate some Turkish ruled kingdoms that were ruled for a number of centuries by the Ottomaan empire. Few American lawmakers with no knowledge of the old world seem to oppose Russians for no reason. The modern day American people / lawmaker is naive, and think just like the native American dead leaders, such as Pocahoncho and Sitting Bull and Pontiac. . Few American lawmakers are upset with Queen Catherine the great as she created a country called Ukraine in 1783 in the villages surrounding Kiev, while putting predominantly Russian speaking Crimea into Russia in 1783. I think she did the right thing by putting Crimea in Russia. A couple of lawmakers in the western hemisphere may try stunts such as by complaining to native American former leader Pontiac about Queen Catherine's correct decision to put predominantly Russian speaking tiny Crimea into Russia in 1783.

  13. Not only pro-Russian people, they are Russians. It is why Russian authorities want to back them up, to protect their fellow countrymen. It's very natural.


  15. My question to Vice is we've seen almost every countries military battle and their problems but you haven't done one for US. Why is it so?

  16. I guess the navy arw pussies no matter what country LOL of course it had to be the navy to just allow enemies to just walk into their home and take over their base

  17. Где Украинские патриоты? Где СОЛДАТЫ Где офицеры???? Они думали за них ДЯДЯ СЭМ будет воевать !!!! Крики С НАМИ АМЕРИКА !!! ??? Где ? кто-нибудь видел???? АМЕРИКУ!!!

  18. Lying Jewish dog, bunch of women prevented you? 80 percent Russian population, where is in your report? Oh and you missed the US navy ships attempting to INVADE Crimea too, they were prevented to do so, REPORT THIS! Very scared from Russian women eh?

  19. I just love how this program automatically moves ahead to the next video and deletes my fucking comment before I can finish the damn thing.

  20. It looks like Vice news, was trying to show a terrible invasion, BUT did they take into account that most of Crimeans are ethnic Russians, and welcomed the Russian soldiers?
    The Ukrainian soldiers in their bases, knew that they were in a foreign territory, and not in their homeland(even if Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine decades ago), so they did not fire. looking back, we see more and more information coming out that western Deep State was provoking the civic troubles in Ukraine.

  21. I do not get this. If any nation invaded the US it would be total war the second they set foot on US soil.

  22. During this video this fucking reporter dozens of time proved that Kremia is RUSSIAN TERITORRY!
    He is total IDIOT who knows NOTHING about history.

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