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Smart Watch for $40? The No.1 G6 Smart Watch REVIEW

Smart Watch for $40? The No.1 G6 Smart Watch REVIEW

Hi this is Phil from Make Tech Easier and
welcome to our review of the Number 1 G6 smart watch. Smart watches, smart bands,
exercise helpers of all other kinds of wrist wearable tech is very hot right
now. Most tech manufacturers by this point make at least one smart watch.
There are also various standards to which certain makers adhere; the Apple
watch of course, the Android watch and then there are a variety of OEM or
Original Equipment Manufacturer watches, most of which seem to use the MTK2502
platform, or similar. The G6 is one of these. Now then the point of a Smart Watch
is on some level or other to be a sensor bundle on your wrist, which talks to a
phone or a computer to collect and analyze your data.
The watches collect steps, heart rate and a handful of other metrics. They are
also sometimes a half-decent watch! Sometimes they also act as a remote for
your phone and camera. Now good smart watches are very expensive, over
$100 and sometimes more like 400. But the G6 is very reasonably priced in the
range from about 38 – 40 dollars. At this price it’s easy to assume that the
device will be cheap and not very useful. But let’s find out . . .
What you get. In the Box is the watch, an instruction book and a cable for
charging the watch. The build quality of the watch is pretty good it feels quite
heavy and solid in the hand and the unit supplied to us had a very soft but
durable silicone wristband in a two-tone red and black. The watch is available in
with a range of different bands both silicon and metal. The screen is a
circular color LCD and there are two control buttons on the right hand side.
Before using the unit you need to charge the watch to make sure it has a full
charge. When charged you can press the bottom button on the side to turn the
unit on. Press the button a long time and the watch will vibrate when it turns
on. G6 in use. Cosmetically the watch is
quite stylish and simple. It’s about the same size as a regular watch, which is
good because sometimes budget electronic watches are bit thick and clunky not
very wearable. This is fine. It fits up a sleeve and you don’t keep catching it on
things all the time because the case is smooth. The case is metal with the back
of the watch being a acrylic or glass. We’re guessing this is part of the heart
rate sensor package. The face of the watch is a touch screen and swiping left
or right shows you screens or four icons for the various features, six screens in all.
All the usual settings like language, find your phone (by having it make a
noise), dialler for your phone, SMS messaging,
Bluetooth, camera remote shutter, notifications, alarm, calculator, stopwatch
and calendar. These are all handy things to have on your wrist. You also have the
health functions of pedometer (to count your steps), a heart rate monitor, a sleep
monitor (to check how much you move around) and a sedentary reminder to sound
an alarm if you sit still for a period of time, which you can set to different
times. The heart rate monitor uses a green LED on the back of the watch
pressed against your skin. This allows the heart rate to be sensed through your
skin and relate to the screen. To tell the time on the watch you can either
press the bottom button on the side, or set the flip to wake feature which makes the
watch wake up when you flip your wrist up to read it. A kind of hidden feature
is that you can actually add three custom faces to the watch in the
phones native VXP app format. If you know how you can even
make your own. We haven’t got time to talk about this now so we’ll cover the
making and installing of custom faces in a future video. Conclusion. Considering
the budget price of this device this is a pretty decent SmartWatch. Okay it’s
screen is only 240 x 240, the touch screen can be a little fiddly especially
if you have big hands and it isn’t an all-purpose computer on your wrist like
an Apple watch. However if you want a decent modern watch with smart
connections to your phone and the ability to customize the face then for
the price you literally can’t go wrong. Should you buy it? Well it’s obviously not
a serious computing tool, more of an entertainment, but it is very
entertaining. It’s not expensive so getting it for fun or for kids
is not entirely out of the question. The rating for this item is 8 out of 10. Here
are the pros: it’s inexpensive and yet is good build quality and it tells time
perfectly. The phone link features seems to work quite well and it’s an excellent
camera trigger and phone dial. The heart rate and pedometer features work well
with the phone app, giving you a good basis to measure your weightloss. It’s
very stylish, not big or clunky and looks like a regular watch. You can
install up to 3 custom faces using the external software. And now for the
cons: screen resolution is only 240 x 240, the alerts can be quite annoying
unless a) you like being interrupted all the time, or b) you go to the trouble to
turn them all off. You can only install 3 custom faces and you can only
install the faces using the Android version of the app. The iOS versions of
the app are not as good. Ok that’s it for now. If you enjoyed this video why not
like, subscribe and add your comments below. See you next time!

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  1. I have this watch. Been using it for over a year, just recently I dropped it in water and it doesn't work anymore. Whenever I try to switch it on, it just vibrates and nothing happens. Can you please help me on how to make it work?

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