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SMALL BUSINESS TIP: How To Have A No Cost Store Front

SMALL BUSINESS TIP:  How To Have A No Cost Store Front

hi everyone it's me Nikki here I hope you all are doing great I am so happy to be here to share with you some valuable information well I hope it's valuable to you if you are a person who is just starting up your business where you have merchandise or product or you make things and you're starting up a business with something you make like jewelry whatever your business is whether it's something that is made by you or something that is a product that you have a wholesaler seller through or whatever the case may be I want to share with you an opportunity to have a kind of semi storefront for basically no cost and so a lot of times when you go to the mall you see the kiosk the little stands that are in the center of the mall when you're walking down the mall you kind of have that Center shopping and you can kind of shop for various things jewelry cell phones people are selling all kinds of things well it's quite expensive to rent those kiosks I mean very expensive and you really have to kind of have a good bit of money to invest to go out there and so I want to share with you a way that you can do that on a smaller scale but still have your business out on a storefront typically and it's by using the military base stores and if you're not familiar with the military we have on most of our bases each stores little shopping centers and to call exchanges and it depends on what branch of the military it is it could be Air Forces they call it base exchange army Post Exchange Navy naval exchange that kind of thing but basically it's all ran through a fees and it's a mini shopping mall or shopping center for military families military members retirees and things like that and they have everything from housewares to jewelry to you know all kinds of products it's just a mini shopping mall and they also have kiosks in the center of the mall just like the malls but on a smaller scale where businesses can come sell their items but the beautiful thing about it is they do not have to rent the kiosk basically what it is is you simply go out there they let you use the kiosk at no cost they have a whole set up there and you pay them a percentage of your sales so you don't pay any unless you actually make the sale and in the beautiful thing about that is you can look at your product make sure that your pricing is appropriate to accommodate number one to fee the percentage you have to pay them along with taxes and things like that now the thing about it is I think they have a percentage of between it depends on the store it all the exchanges are different so it can be somewhere from 22% to 14% and it's really not that bad when you look at it and you have the ability to adjust your pricing and things like that to accommodate that also so when you look at it you're not having to pay anything upfront you're able to have traffic flow through and depending on where you're located if you have a military installation near you it's so simple you do not have to be connected to the military to sell out there that's the wonderful thing about it they give you a pass to come out there and sell now the process for this is very simple you simply contact the exchange in the location where you want to sell and when you call out there and you basically if you just google military or just create these exchange in whatever city it is so if he's exchange San Antonio Texas or whatever the case may be you should be able to find the number and then you call it there and you ask to speak to whoever manages the kiosk at the store and you set up an appointment with them to come out and talk with them and they can tell you all about it and they're very time and they're wanting people to come out so you know they're very receptive to you and then they will let you know all of the policies procedures and all of that kind of stuff in it but it's very simple so you take some of your merchandise out there just to kind of show it to them so they can see kind of what it is you sell and make sure that it's okay to sell it out there and then from that point there's minimal paperwork and you fill out the paperwork and they'll sign the contract with you you look over the contract and then you can begin selling out there they let you utilize the kiosk you know at no cost and the kiosks are actually very nice and here is some footage where I went out to actually show you how it looks and that they're really great for displaying your merchandise it gives you plenty of room they have at my base they have different sizes that you can choose from you can get a larger kiosk if you choose or smaller one and I don't always have to use the same kiosk some days I may have more merchandise and I want that week to use a bigger kiosk I can choose you know the kiosks had lighting to kind of light your merchandise they also have a area in there where it's different like pieces that you can put together to make displays to hang your merchandise and so it's very accommodating and the great thing about it now is they've moved into electronic the to electronically process things so when you go out there you pick your kiosks you set up your kiosk and then you also get signed out on my base you can signed out a little kind of mini iPad thing and that's how you put yourselves in so every time somebody comes by and makes a sale you enter yourself into this little I want to call the iPad for the lack of knowing what the official name is in here and that's how they see yourselves and they take the percentage and they pay you the rest and so it's a real great system now the military has a their own credit card which is called the star card where military members and families kind of their credit cards for the military and so the wonderful thing now is they're starting to allow vendors you know anyone with the kiosk to take payments from those credit cards so you're allowed to you're able to scan those credit cards into this machine so you can get additional sales because a lot of military members use that card a lot now you also the only thing is you have to have a set up for your sales so if it's not a military credit card and you want to take Visa MasterCard anything like that you just need to have your own scanning system and they're very inexpensive you can get them for free I've talked about this before basically you just have a little scanner that you plug into your iPad or your iPhone and you can take credit card payments right then and there or are you going to take cash so you want to be able with your business out there to take all forms of money so you know definitely take cash and then have that little reader so that you can take credit card payments so their machine does not allow you to take Visa and all of that it's just slip simply for the star card but your device would you know be how you scan it you know yourself so it's not anything difficult but the great thing about it is there's no upfront cost you can go out there so if your merchandise sit out there and you have the traffic flowing now it really depends on the base you read some bases are smaller and they don't get as much traffic so your sales are not going to be as high but it's worth it you know it's worth it to go out there and see kind of what what are yourselves going to be also the beautiful thing about is once you sign up and you do your contract with them you can work at basically any exchange throughout the US so and it doesn't matter which branch of the military so say I'm in Charleston and say I want to go to Virginia and work out of there on BX for a week maybe I'm going to visit a friend I'll be up there so why not take my merchandise work out of that BX to see what kind of sales I can get it's a huge BX are huge store I can let my facility know hey I want to work out there can you coordinate that for it and they will coordinate for you to go up there which is awesome because you can work at different locations you know if you're traveling and things like that or if you want to travel you're able to travel because you may live in a city that don't you know where you don't have a military base near you but maybe 50 miles down the road there's one and if you want to pack up and go down there you can do it so that is the great thing about it so I wanted to share this with you because the beautiful thing about it is there's no upfront cost it's a way for you to kind of have a storefront or a way to sell your merchandise and not have to pay anything upfront but be able to have a beautiful beautiful display it be able to have traffic coming through you're in an environment where you're enclosed you're in the store so you're not outside and the heat and things like that and you just sit there and you just have yourselves so if you have any questions about this please let me know because I will answer any questions that you have about this because I really think that this can help you before this can help you if you're a small business and you just don't have those funds to kind of you know go out there and rent one of those kiosk in the mall or wrench stores store space or things like that so definitely ask me any questions in the comments if you want if it's a personal you want to send it by email definitely email me at at home with Nicki calm that's the best email to reach me at I hope you all are doing great I want to encourage you to go to my other channel at home with Nicki and subscribe if you're not there I just posted a video on that channel yesterday so I'll link that below I hope you also go to my facebook page which is um WWF backslash at home with Nicki and like that page because that's where we communicate actively during the week and you can kind of stay up on what's going on in my world and kind of you know on a more regular basis so I hope you all are doing great please don't forget to LIKE and subscribe and this is Nikki saying goodbye

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  1. This is just what I have been looking for! I will definitely use this information for my small business. Nikki, Thanks!

  2. Thank You, never heard of this. My Sis turned me on to you & I have been watching all your videos. You are so generous with your information.

  3. HI Nikki I'm a new subscriber, can you give advice on craft fairs and Tradeshows? Basically how much stock to bring for first time craft fair members….

  4. This is, as usual, so good! Our closest base is 4 hours away. My son has a soap business that has drawn quite the attention. He makes soap for fisherman is a fish mold, dog washing soap in a bone mold and a JAVA soap for gardeners that is mad with recycled cappuccino beans. (It's like the old LAVA bars) Does the base contract you for a certain time commitment or can you rent it by the weekend? (He's 11 and can sell things like you can't believe!) Thanks for all your efforts in putting these videos together. Your pens and stylists look so classy.

    I wish you'd mention the prices of your products. It's okay to cross sell to us. I for one would not be offended! Blessings and hugs! Christine

  5. Nikki, thank you so much for sharing this. I am going to implement this small idea at our church. We have decided to sell a few items and this would be great!

  6. This was some awesome information. I would love to set up small store front on military base. Air Force veteran.

    Thank you!

  7. Great Information! I do handmade products and this is an awesome idea! Also can I do this everyday?

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