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Sleeping On Boats

Sleeping On Boats

East Tennessee is in the crosshairs of the drug traffic there's probably been more than 15 ton of drugs passed I forty here since we've started this interview everyone that that works here is overwhelmed and our jails are just running over don't have enough bunks for them and they're sleeping on what we call boats which you lift them up off the concrete these people are on the streets they have nowhere else to come but to jail and coming to jail is not the answer for mental illness and drug addictions jail is not the answer increased jail sentences hasn't been working it's we've got more people in prison than any other country in the world don't we and so now that we have the recovery court going if they acknowledge having a drug problem then potentially they could be put in the recovery court – it's very strict this is hard on these people they're having to call in daily and go to their meetings almost daily this will not be more effective than some form of punishment here is master control 170 is the max that we can house by the time the weekend comes and goes we are pushing 200 people 98 percent drug-related and the reason I do this job because I had a brother and uncle that was killed by a drunk driver I've seen my mom for two years kiss a cold picture frame of my brother drugs has a reaching effect on every home and every life you just think it's not going to happen to you and then it does when my son was 18 year old he left home and about a year later when he was 19 we started noticing a change in his behavior change of friends and habits and that's when we knew something was wrong and then I got a call one night that he got arrested for shoplifting that's when we really knew he had a problem and then he told me that was his problem that he was addicted to opiates it's made me realize that treatment programs and educational programs is probably more important than arresting people when I seen Gabi in jail unfortunately I don't even think she weighed 100 pounds from her drug of choice here's what was said about you good attitude positive attitude she's doing really good okay so we're proud of you thank you you've already lost your children you have no job you don't know where you're gonna sleep we've got to look we've got to change something Gabby because I really want to see you make 30 years old so after speaking with her about that and explaining what recovery Court was and you know it's gonna be into a lot of requirements but it can be a life-changing event for her she thought about it got a lawyer came back to court and said that that is something she wanted to do I have the first job I've had in seven years um you know working on get my license back past 20 drug tests and yeah I'm just really appreciative of everything it's been a really big help to me so I guess that kind of helps that I'm gonna go to drug courts and I don't see a lot of applause we do it seemed like all the time so let's go hurry one two I missed you good day I expected some failure it's we've been taught that it'll be relapses in almost every case but don't give up Ernie began a 30-day Joe sanction with us it was brought to our attention that he was not remaining clean and sober and refraining from any alcohol or substances he's taking responsibility for his actions and that's what this program is all about you know you feel compassion because you're looking at a lot of people at the worst point in their life if you could cure their drug addiction then you would take care of ninety eight percent ninety eight percent of the people is in jail right now between mental illness and drug and addiction we've got an epidemic you

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