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*Massive ACTUAL earrape warning* SUBSCRIBE TO NACA FIRE AND SECURITY *Slav music* EARRAPE WARNING : 3 2 1 Moscow, Moscow
Throw the glasses at the wall
Russia is a beautiful country HAHAHAHAHA Tovarishch the Gopnik Engine incoming *Beat drops harder than when you drop your vodka* Sleeping at work You can’t do that *Truly Slav hardbass* Pull ohh blyat’ Rabbit ohh blyat’ Tripped on a nail Even though this tank has incredible maneuverability Surpasses the hardest of obstacles It can even swim underwater But also it can… *Slav music again* HEY HEY HEY HEY CYKA BLYAT THAT’S LOUD This song is getting old M O S C O W M O S C O W what could be better than this? Just slavs being gopniks Smile Sweet Sister Sadistic Surprise Service C Y K A B L Y A T *More slav hardbass* CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE OPA! PIZDEC! r/normaldayinrussia *Tank casually tokyo drifting* Ok bye now *Moskau remix* OH HO HO HO HO H E Y AH HA HA HA HA H̴̢̢̹͖͇̺̻̣̺͓̻͚̐͌̔̿̕ ̸͖̪̣̜̲̈́́Ě̷̢̬̫̩̻̘̺̟̫̳̯̫̝̗́͌̈́͜ ̵͇̩͈̿͛̔̑̾͝Y̸͉̰̲̝͉̟̲̟̠͙̥̟̘͕̟̓̓̌̆͋̓͐̏̎̔̈͠ Ok now it isn’t annoying anymore *Blyat to the future intensifies* *Ded*

Reader Comments

  1. Me, a law abiding german: (wants to put on the safety belt)

    My Russian grandpa, which I’m visiting: what are you doing? No one here ever puts on their safety belts!

    Me, the entire ride: (bounces through the car like a bouncy ball in space)

  2. Thanks for the warning at the start I was watching this at night and my mom was awake I wouldn't have been on my phone so thanks

  3. Massive ear rape warning
    Me:*increases volume to the max*
    Also me:*places ear near the 50 ampliers I have*
    Meme:*LOUD BLARING MUSIC in a enclosed room*

  4. 4:15 что творится в танке
    Мех.-вод.:Командир где это мы?
    Зарижающий:Да-да командир где это мы?
    Командир:Радист где это?Мы что в Афганистане?
    Радист:Нет товарищ командир, мы в России.
    Командир:Мех.-вод. давай по новой!
    Мех.-вод.:Так точно!
    Танк даёт уежает.

  5. Это видео описывает – то , как иностранцы учатся русскому мату

  6. :America”phhww tanks can’t drift!”

    :Russia”take look out out window at borris you capitalist”

    4:05:America ”ok soo?..”

    4:11:Russia “Сука плед!”

    America leaves chat room

  7. 🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️😂🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️🅱️














  8. Teacher: We're going to Moscow

    The whole class: Yes!

    Me: ПрИвЕт!!!! РУССКИЙ (voice crack) Moscow based boosted playes

  9. Why do you have a german song in the backround they are not saying moscow like its not that hard to tell they even say deuchland is die skönest land witch means deuchland is the best country stop being retarded pls

  10. Здесь собраны топовые мемчики, лайк сразу)))
    Я нашим русским вообще не удивлена хд
    Всё веселье чаще всего происходит в армии хд
    Кстати, песня которая чаще всего играет здесь от немецких исполнителей , песня называется Moskou

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