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Skyrim Mods – Weapons #3

Skyrim Mods –  Weapons #3

All good, we’re back for another video from Skyrim this time I will continue the list of weapons no use staying trying to comment on, some mods that have nothing to explain basically they are textures on top of a mold and end there goes of the choice of the person and the type of weapon that she likes to use, and the quality of the weapon and this is what will differentiate and will download or not will use a dagger because he likes a killer or a wizard’s stick Good, I let it pass the textures of katanas now comes the detail for each texture there are 4 types of katanas one two-handed Just get a camera here. and we are going to have the normal katana we will also have now a small dagger in the same texture and lastly we have this which is not great like a katana more also is not small like a dagger, it’s half term Good guys, I’m finishing video here. we took some weapons from the beginning, with time getting better I prioritized weapons exclusive things that really do not exist in skyrim like the scythes, the weapon of Kratos soul eater monster hunter I really like a gun that I do not have and from other places. not just a retexture and ready more new things If you like it, let’s sign up for the channel, until the next

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  1. Belas armas ! Eu vi uma espada 5:59 ai, e pensei, será se tem uma espada que pode se repartir e virar duas adagas ? Seria top demais

  2. saika, eu não sei se vc vai lembrar ainda, mas tem o link dessa musica de fundo ai, mais precisamente essa aqui 1:33? foda de mais

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