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Skippers Military Supply unboxing

Skippers Military Supply unboxing

hey guys it's me doubts one here with airsoft I you're watching yourself to really be jejeje BPM hey guys it's me dealt one here with airsoft talk and excuse me after you don't camera real quick today I've unboxing from skippers military surplus i bought this sorry for the wind chimes in the background I have to do this quickly because I'm running out of time because I have to do something real quick i bought this and i had a teeny problem with skippers the shipping with 55 bucks on this which is absolutely ridiculous because for one there in the states to the thing weighs like let probably four pounds tops and is you know you could have fit it into a smaller box than this so you know whatever i guess i complain or I like you too a little bit but there was some complications oh here we go new never been used floral PKM vest I'm going to put this on and make a little bit video my garage is a bit of a mess because it's been flooding for the past two weeks so excuse the mess so here it is this is the Russian PK invest and so tad uncomfortable i may have it on wrong I just do it on real quick i bought this before all the battlefield 3 who bought a PKM because they're like oh I want a pkp because it's on battlefield um no I wanted a PKM since I started basically playing airsoft I've always wanted a PKM because it's just a badass machine gun and plus the actual airsoft variant is going to be done properly so i have to Real Steel PKM pouches I got a little thing on the back put in and I'm going to Bob trying to find a set of floral on my sides because I'm fat it's hard to find Russian sizes there that pen + Russian sizes are weird but I like this because these are properly placed and I can go prone and this isn't going to be in the way so I like say so i paid a hundred if its price on russian stuff is always steep for whatever the reason but you know i'm not going to complain oh man these are nice pouches but it was a 140 bucks for the vest and 17 for shipping so i paid roughly about 170 s oh no 157 and 76 cents so I appreciate skippers for importing this stuff again at any time you look for Russian surplus stuff it's really expensive or it's just hard to get just like their scopes so I'm really excited i got this cuz i can now use it for like other stuff like my saw I guess I could see if I could cram a sauna in here let it be more afraid of the something breaking because it's plastic but you know PKM vest I'm happy so life is good and thanks for watching

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  1. They closed skippers like 2 days after I bought a VSR-93 uniform off them. I still got it even though I was the last purchase on that site.

  2. Yeah but chicoms are like the bottom of the barrel gearwise though I agree they get the job done. Plus you need a bit more than a chicom if you want to do a Russian/Soviet military impression.

  3. Also, Russian sizes are very easy to find for "bigger comrades", if you inbox me with your waist and height I could definitely track one down for you.

  4. we both know you havent wanted one since you started playing airsoft…………you have wanted one since you were born

  5. Try to find it cuz im fat haha i litterally just peed a little bit, but i know how i feels im fat too haha

  6. That said that is a bit overpriced though, since russian vests are about 50-100e here, but the availibility is bad even here. So in america that must be a fair price.

    Ps. PKM is one of my fav guns too. My reason for wanting is that our army uses it too, and it's one of the few russian weapons used nowadays. And it's absolutely gorgeous for a 7.62 rifle caliber machine gun, only the Mg3 can compare.

  7. you can buy a genuine vietcong/NVA vest in the UK for about £5 and buy a PKM pouch for another £5,
    but that vest is pure awesome!

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