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SKAMs Iman «Sana» Meskini gets interviewed about her new military life | SVT/NRK/Skavlan

SKAMs Iman «Sana» Meskini gets interviewed about her new military life | SVT/NRK/Skavlan

Welcome, Iman Meskini! Thank you! In order for us … In order for us to get you here in the show today … … We had to apply to the Norwegian Armed Forces … … To grant you a leave … To come here. And as far as I know, you arrived straight from there, and you woke up in … … what’s the name, the hut? In the barrack. This morning, and you were close to not making it here? Yes. We get up at five every morning … And then … We thought everything was going to be easy because it’s our last weeks as recruits … So to be honest, we thought we were going to be able to just chill … So people were just relaxing a little in the weekend. But at the same time we need to have the rooms in order. … the rooms need to be tidy all the time. … and they weren’t this weekend. Which led to our officers getting complaints. And then … We had to do an intense workout session this morning. … with lots of push-ups. The session was longer than we’ve ever had, I think! As punishment? Uh … As a lesson, yes. Yes! So my plan was to have time to shower and stuff like that before I came … But I just … I’ve showered now, though! You’ve entered into this completely voluntarily. Yes! Why? It’s because I like challenges. You learn a lot of things in the Armed Forces … … in a short amount of time … … Which you never would’ve learnt in the civilian life. When playing «Sana» … And a lot of people think «Sana» when they see you … … Even in a uniform, we think «Sana» when we see you … In the role as «Sana», you’ve received a lot of praise … … both in Norway and Sweden, for … … focusing on young muslims. You’ve helped visualize what it’s like to be a young muslim … … in Norway. In 2017. Was that your plan? Uh … Yes. It was. What were your thoughts? Well, it’s a big part of why I took the role. Because … I think it’s absolutely fantastic that a character like this is on TV. And … I’m so happy that I’m the one who got the opportunity to play that role. You’ve helped visualize what happens when someone has to live in between two different cultures. And … You’ve been wearing a hijab throughout the series. You also wear a hijab in real life. And you call it a conversation starter. What do you mean by that? You could compare it to wearing this uniform. Because … What we learn in the Armed Forces is that you don’t wear a uniform … You carry it. Because you have the Norwegian flag on here … And you’ve got the king’s emblem on. And you’re supposed to wear it with pride. And it shows that you’re proud to be … … defending your country. And those are somewhat my thoughts on the hijab as well. It’s something I carry. And … Even if … … a lot of people choose to define this as a opressing garnment … That’s not what it is for me. And I carry it with pride. And that’s why I wear it. And those are conversations you want to have, not ones you would like to avoid? I … I think those who have spoken … … Those who have spoken to me about Islam … … know that that’s like a button. You put in a quarter, and it’s on? Yup, and I’ll just … Begin. So that’s always something I’ll be happy to discuss. For you, is this first and foremost a cultural garnment, or a religious one? To me, it’s a religious one. I’m very … I’m very particular about separating culture and religion. Because they are two separate issues. But a lot of people get those two mixed up these days. But I’m very much driven by the facts and what Islam says. And not what … What Arabs say. So for me, it’s a religious garnment. It’s been frequently discussed … Why is this so provoking to so many people. Because different items of clothing are provocative – for some the uniform can also be provocative … Yes. And a part of what’s being said is that there are some who … … don’t carry it voluntarily. Mhm. What they’re forced to it. But as I understand it, that’s not the case for you? That’s not been the case for meg. But I also won’t deny that … … there could be situations where people are forced into it. But … What I’m fighting for is that … For those who want to … It should be allowed. Yes. What … You’re born in Norway but was raised partially in Syria. Yes. My mother is Norwegian. My father is from Tunisia. But … I don’t speak Tunisian. I speak Syrian. Dialect, that is. They’re both Arabic languages. They’re a little different from each other. Because … When I was one year old, we moved to Syria. Because they thought it was a nice country. And it was, in those days. But I don’t remember much. When do you find it demanding to be a muslim in Norway? I used to be very involved in society. And I used to read lots of news and … I was always interested in joining discussions. But then it ended up being too much … Negativity. Against Islam and muslims. So then … And Islam is very personal to me. So then … … when there’s so much negativity … … against Islam … Then I can’t help but taking it a bit personal. Then the only option was to stop being so involved in society. So I started to … Well, I haven’t been politically … … active or anything like that. So… I don’t read a lot of news. And I try to limit my input from the media. You yourself are often portrayed in the media. And if you don’t read a lot of newspapers, I can tell you that, quite often, there are pictures of you all over the place. I think … When I’m with you here now, I think that you’re quite similar to «Sana» … … apart from the uniform. But you’re also completely different. Because you are – not quite as strict? No. It doesn’t feel like you have a strict side, do you have a secret, strict side … … that you finally can show with this part? Yes, it certainly surfaced! But … I’m not really very strict. And I normally don’t wear as much black … Ah, because your character does that all the time? Yes, all the time. So that meant I had to buy a lot of black hijabs. … Because I had to bring them myself. But these days, I’ve ended up in a lot of black. Because «Sana» was supposed to wear black. And you got all the clothes from the TV set? All the hijabs, you have them? Yes, I’ve got the hijabs, they’re mine. Yes. So now I’ve got quite a lot, actually. Yes. It … The show is now finished … You’ve all gone your separate ways … The other girls, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, if there are any … There are five girls who are the main characters in the show, and they … … are now, several of them, trying to make careers out of acting. Trying to pursue careers in acting. Except for you, who’s sitting here in a uniform. Yes. How often do you guys get in touch? We’ve got this chat. Where … An online chat were you just … On Facebook. On Messenger. Yes. So there’s … … Stuff happening there now and then. Yes. Bring us into this chat – what happens there? Well, what happens there … It’s not … … like I can share everything with you! So this is a private chat where you are yourselves and not in character? No, we’re not our characters in there. So everyone’s in there, and we’ve got quite a few screenshots of … You see, we’ve got a pretty cool fanbase. Who … You can say that. And there’s a lot of them, as well! So there’s a lot of … … especially in Instagram, there’s a lot of creative accounts. For instance, there’s an account called «skambrows». That … … for some reason finds it very funny to find pictures of all the characters and just remove our eyebrows. And it’s actually quite big! So we’ll be posting screenshots of stuff like that. We’re keeping an eye on everything. … And we share it between us. Iman, thank you so much for being here tonight!

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  1. Очень странно , что они до сих пор не поняли , что нужны русские субтитры 😀

  2. I don't understand how she can be religious and at the same time join the military. It doesn't even matter which religion she has. Most religions, such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism, forbid killing. Maybe it's because I'm an atheist and therefore despise killing even more than religious people because there's no god which will forgive my mistakes?

  3. She's so pretty, she has a gorgeous face, nice eyes, and you can actually SEE that she is a nice sould, someone I could talk to if I met her on the street ! Her smile is so damn infectious, she's keeping it real, and she's portrayed an amazing character in SKAM. I'm not a Muslim, I'm not even Norwegian (I'm French), and yet I feel like she's done a tremendous job portraying a true character with its flaws and its good sides. Thank you so much Iman, you're terrific ! <3

  4. 😐Why just now i am discovering this?! Okey, besides the fact we have the same name, i never felt this much related to someone , thank you dear Sana for your inspiring strength ❤️

  5. I'm so happy. Because of Sana, a lot of people out there had opened their mind about muslims. She also gives me a personal strength to always proud to wearing my hijab (and I'm even living in country that have muslim majority).

  6. I love the way she said for me it's a religion matter I like to separate cultural matters from religious one, she's so good at expressing herself , go girl

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