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Sitka’s Early Season Bowhunting System

Sitka’s Early Season Bowhunting System

hey guys Guy Eastman here from Eastman’s
hunting journal today we’re gonna talk about early season layering system now
this is probably one of the finest layering systems I’ve seen for early
season hunting anywhere on the market we’ve got four layers here we’re going
to talk about using three of these layers for an early season system for
deer elk and antelope in August and September timeframe so let’s get right
into this system and we’ll start talking about each one of these pieces
individually and how they work together to put together a top quality layering
system that eliminates bulk but also doesn’t sacrifice and usability and
weight in your backpack so let’s get right at it talk about the first layer
which is the core lightweight hoody this is a next to skin layer it’s a
lightweight hoody a lot of technology built into this this is a synthetic
fabric it’s a quarter zip hoodie with a one chest pocket this is a next to skin
layer breathes real well great in a breeze like we have today here in
Wyoming for an antelope hunt or even a mule deer hunt it’s got a hood on it but
one thing about this also is it’s got a face mask built in but you don’t have to
use the face mask you can put it behind your head and don’t you don’t even
notice it’s there so it’s really nice to have this layer on as your base layer
it’s always nice to have that hoody option to throw that hoodie up if it’s a
little cold or even better closing the distance on a bowl or a buck
and you want to throw that hoodie up and that face mask hide your face real
easily without putting on face paint or anything that’s gonna take very much
time literally just a few seconds you can totally conceal your head and face
so this is a great base layer against the skin light weight probably for
August timeframe maybe the first week or two of September then you might get into
a little bit cooler temperatures and you might want to substitute that out for
the apex hoodie this hoodie is a little little little thicker it’s got a little
more a little more beef to it it has some panels that are hybrid merino wool
and the sleeves are a synthetic so it’s it’s a lot of Technology built into this
again it’s a little further down zip it’s more like a half zip again it has
the chest pocket one of the cool things about this product right here is that it
has a kangaroo pocket on the belly of the of the garment and inside the
kangaroo pocket has two mesh pockets so you can keep your calls in there maybe a
diaphragm call maybe a cow call you know a snack or rangefinder or something in
that pocket as well so it’s it you have the ability to carry a little more
hunting gear it’s got removable elbow pads so if
you’re crawling or stalking you can have those the protection for your elbows if
you’re in prickly pears sharp rocks or whatever or you’re laying down doing a
lot of glassing on your elbows these do come out so you can take them out if you
don’t want them same situation is the core lightweight hoody you got that hood
you can pop up to disclose your your head real easily and again a facemask in
there to close your face so you can really hide your head and face real
quick in just a matter of seconds so this is just a little bit heavier duty
hoody a little bit better for some little bit cooler temperatures might you
might encounter maybe after the 10th of September when you start getting some
frost on the ground in the mornings but that doesn’t say you can’t put this one
over the core lightweight hoody as well I mean you got hoody on top of hoody but
I don’t see any problem with with more hoods
so this is definitely a layer I carry after the 10th of September to use when
the nights get just are the mornings and evenings get just a little bit cooler
new for 2019 this is the Kelvin active hoody it’s a very technical piece
purposely designed in typical Sitka fashion it’s a very very technical piece
with a lot of bells and whistles a lot of Technology built into this design
although it may look a little out of the ordinary this is a hoody piece
it’s the Kelvin line so it’s built for a little bit more insulation it’s a great
second layer to wear over the apex hoody or the core lightweight hoody it’s a
short sleeve hoody but it’s almost kind of a hybrid between
a jacket and a vest and so it’s kind of in the middle it’s
built for mostly bowhunters with these short sleeves that end right here you’re
not gonna have you know string slap it’s eliminating that bulk on your forearm
for for archery hunting I know it looks a little out of the ordinary when you
look at it at first but once you put it over the top of some of these layers you
don’t really even notice it that this has short sleeves you just benefit from
the function you don’t need a lot of insulation on your forearms unless it’s
really really cold so it’s built to keep that core of your body warm the Alpha
direct Polartec insulation in this garment is specifically designed to
eliminate bulk in the system it’s lightweight and it’s engineered to bring
the moisture from your body through the Polartec insulation and out to the outer
shell the outside shell of the garment where the ends the moisture can be
evaporated off so it’s a very very technical insulating piece which is a
little bit heavier insulation than the other three pieces in the system this
would definitely be your insulating layer some of the technical aspects of
this it is a hoody so it has a hood there’s a drawstring on the hoods can
tighten that up around your hat or your head if you’re getting some wind
conditions it’s about a half zip just like the other products we looked at the
other base layers so it zips down about to the bottom of your sternum so you can
open it up pretty wide to get some good ventilation after after you’re doing
some hiking or you can bring it up zip it up tight on your neck it does not
have a facemask built into it but the core lightweight and the apex both do so
you shouldn’t be worried about that one thing about the pocket here instead
of a kangaroo pocket it has the quarterback sleeve just like when the
quarterbacks in football have that sleeve when it’s cold they put their
hands in to warm them up before the play this has the pass-through pocket here
that you can put both hands in and and keep them warm easily without needing
gloves both of them zip up so you can put some items in here probably one want
to put too much because fall out if you pushed your hands in possibly but it
just for a few small items that would work it’s got the chest pocket not as
big of chest pocket the other hoodies did but a a nice chest
pocket that will handle easily handle a cell phone or a couple elk calls or even
a rangefinder or something of that sort it’s a hybrid between a vest and a
jacket and I think it’s going to be a very useful product in the field a very
very good addition to what we already talked about when we’re talking about a
three layer system you’ve got your base layer this is an option for a little
warmer second layer and then on the mountain vest this is just a really
solid product I mean it’s not waterproof but it’s water resistance it has some
coating on it that will keep a little bit of moisture off you if you get a
little sprinkle or a little storm definitely not something you would rely
on in a torrential downpour but it’s an extra layer to put over the top of the
hoodie just for those mornings where it gets a little crisp and it’s a little
frosty or you get a little snow snow squall you can put this on and it come
packs down very very small in your pack you don’t even notice it’s there so it’s
just a little extra insurance to keep a little bit of wind and moisture off you
it’s got a wind stopper membrane in it we got a pocket on each side so you
carry a little extra gear so just a little bit of extra insurance kind of a
outer layer so this is a very good lighting quick fast go fast light with
system in my opinion one of the finest or if not the finest layering system
early season layering system on the money market today using three out of
these four can get you anywhere you need to go in August and September and not
take up a lot of bulk in your backpack so in typical Sitka fashion this is
very well designed the highest quality products you can get anywhere on the
market and I think these are a very very good option for almost anybody who’s
heading into the high country to hunt elk deer and antelope in August and
September timeframe so make sure if you have any comments or questions leave
them below I’ll be I’ll be sure to answer what I can as far as the
questions and get back with you as soon as possible remember to subscribe to our
YouTube channel and so you can get notices on videos like
this on other equipment and gear that’s coming out in the near future hope you
enjoyed the the review here and make sure you get out there and get some
huntin done this September October

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  1. You guys forgot the dew point rain gear in case it rains.
    Sitka gear way over priced (I know because I was suckered into buying things from them), there are companies that make mountaineering clothes that are cheaper and just as good if not better.
    What I cracks me up about this ultralight clothing systems these companies come out with. 1) you have to wear everything and then crawl into your sleeping bag to stay warm and 2) most people that use it if if they just lost some weight they could save quite a bit of money by just buying generic clothing.
    That Kelvin active hoody with polartech Costs $269 US, you can get polartech fleece with the same insulation properties (in non camo so you can wear in year-round) from other manufacturers for close to $50.

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