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Simon Sinek: CHANGE YOUR FUTURE – Life Changing Motivational Speech

Simon Sinek: CHANGE YOUR FUTURE – Life Changing Motivational Speech

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  1. Focus on the bagel (aka the goal) instead of the line (aka the thing between you and the goal)

    Rule 1:
    You can do it your way, you can break the rules, just don't get in the way of others getting what they want.

    Rule 2:
    Sometimes you're the problem.
    Take accountability for your actions. You can take all the credit for your actions, but you must also be responsible for your mistakes.

    Rule 3:
    Take care of each other. Help, and ask for help when you need it.

    Rule 4:
    Listen to others' opinions, learn to speak last.

    Rule 5:
    Accolades, benefits, rewards and respect are meant to for the position you hold. You don't deserve them, you aren't entitled to them. They're for the position you hold.

  2. I hate bagels….. And Mandela was the beginning of the end, of what was, a beautiful country. Not good analogies for me, anyway…. But some good lessons to guide you down the pathway of life….

  3. For free stuff who wouldn't do the same ''go and take it''? It's fairly logic, but if it's by award there will be consequences.

  4. Total agreed especially the 5th one – People treat my fame, my position not my real person. I already experienced this.

  5. Hi Simon Sinek, It's so fortune to me to watch your motivational speech. I definitely follow the 5 essential rules in my entire life time. Thank you very much for uploading this vedio. I got your vedio by watching EvanCarmicheal. Much thank to Evan…

  6. Rule #1 is not a good idea, because you wait in lines like every civilized person in the world would do. Any thing you have to get for free is not free & I don’t like hidden free things.
    I like to pay for everything I get. The remaining Rules are good & wisdom I like thank you

  7. "…until somebody realized that if they simply washed their hands…"
    Sorry, I need to mention that this doctor was Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis (known as the saviour of mothers). He was hungarian and I am hungarian too! The video was perfect by the way…:) loved his speech.

  8. You are one of the best gift from god🙌🏻
    God has blessed you with such an amazing talent ie, motivating people 👏🏻

  9. Cikgu Fahmi are you watching this ? I'm sorry for what's happen T^T I Send a signal to you because ily . I'm falling for you

  10. I’ve got the utmost respect for you, as I’ve listened to everything that you have said . I have one serious issue with you and that is that you can never skip a queue. I don’t care if you feel you can stick your hand in (I would have cut it off). The rule is……… You Don’t Skip The Q in any shape or form.

  11. Maybe the guy didn't value the bagel as much as he disliked the line. Sounds like Simon just came up with any way to make himself sound superior to the friend. The friend could've said about Simon "that's when I learned there's two types of people in this world: those who value time, and those who don't" (besides the fact that Simon skipped the line). A $1 bagel isn't worth waiting in line 15 minutes for, unless you value your time at $4 per hour. I'm sure if it was free gold, the friend would've waited in line.

  12. Because they dont want to wash anymore the ceramic cup, they just want to. After you use the stereofoam they can throw it away!

  13. I don't like the 'bagel' example – he's wrong to break the rules and push through the que – and his analysis, if taken to an extreme, would be disastrous for all…

  14. 1st rule. What if he took the last bagels and stepped on other peoples chance off getting what they wanted 🙂

  15. You are a Awesome speaker also your message speak the truth it makes a lot of sense💜🙏🇺🇸 Thank you

  16. Definitely rude. And to think that it's okay to get what he wants regardless of other people my world completely disgusting

  17. What’s the point of motivational speeches. One year from now if you can recollect a single line accurately from the speech I will be amazed.
    The human brain needs to hear the same thing 700 times for it to actually go in.
    They are a waste of time, sub conscious re programming and phycology can actually help people. If your over 25 you are who you are, the amount of changes that will occur are minimal no matter how hard you what to change. Your conscious mind is only aware of 40 bits of information per second vs the 40 million of the sub conscious, we are a programmed machine, that simply runs the program.
    Look into things that can actually re wire you, inspiration and motivation is gone minutes after the video ends

  18. This is why we Built The Avengers Jeep… 10 years in the making. And why we are constructing the EDM Archive… 35 years in the making. – Avengers Jeep & Adonimus 😉

  19. whoa. theres TONS of value in here!!! WAY better than alot of the gurus out there. Goal is to quit my full time job.

  20. But what if you took the last two bagels and because you jumped in the line the people behind you missed out?????

  21. 5 Rules:
    1. 0:40 – go after what you want
    2. 4:50 – take responsibility for all your actions
    3. 5:41 – take care of each other
    4. 8:47 – listen first, speak last, don't agree or disagree but ask
    5. 11:19 – everyone deserves a styrofoam cup

    For my future reference when I need encouragement 🌸

  22. I notice that motivational speakers and preachers all have cute little stories that they present as actual events that most perfectly prove the point they want to make. Life doesn't work like that.

  23. A sērum made of figs-&-blood plasma within an I.V. bag shall perhaps be the cure for cancer… Figs saved 1 King of Israel in the Big Book, mind you, this King was propheted to die. That is until he ran into the figs …

  24. Just imagine if EVERYBODY just "Went for it" and threw caution to the wind… This is what separates civilization from the animal world of survival and combat. You see, the FOUNDATION of society is built upon RULES AND LAWS. FOLLOW THE RULES .! Simple.

  25. I don't know how they teach it in the US and if they even do but in France as a definition of liberty they literally give Simons 1st lesson
    This is a direct traduction from the french humans and citizens rights declaration made in the 18th century : Liberty is the possibility of willingly acting, in a social or politique frame, in the measure that you don't undermine anyone elses rights and public safety

  26. The rule about speaking last really depends on your role. If you’re the leader, ok, wait till the end. But if you’re just an employee, this can backfire.

  27. Only sheep would allow somebody to grab a bagel out of turn when they are waiting in line for one.  You're lucky I wasn't waiting in line.  You'd need a new first item for your list.

  28. Who does this bloke think he is to give us all such lessons of life? He should be more humble and learn from quite a lot of us and not the other way round…

  29. 🤔 tried most of them outcome was different. But thankful in light of it all to to those who were a part of it

  30. In a nutshell: Be selfish and get what you want. Let others try the same. Anarchy it is.

    Not the way I want to treat others.

  31. We're only curating what we have. Do it to the best of your ability while lifting those around you up.

  32. Lesson number one: So, what do you do if what other people want is all of your productive capacity? Then anything you get is denying them what they want.

  33. stop thinking right? start killing the ritch, or they will kill u, they allready did…….jews … jews owns you!

  34. there's two niggas in this lesson: This one getting my bagel while being all positive and insightful and the other one me kickin his ass like it aint a thang while being insightful and positive xD

  35. Guys Learn how to be a "gangsta" at my video : Make all the money in the worlddd

  36. I liked it till the verrrrryyy end. Why does America look bleak? I disagree with that statement. Other than that, I liked the speech.

  37. As a general rule, if some behaviour is not sustainable if everybody does it, then it's not good behaviour.

  38. Thank you for your blunt honesty. This is fantastic advice for all of us! And hahaha Monty Python is my favorite!

  39. Nobody pays for reality we only pay to escape it.

    The reality is when you admit weakness the vultures will eat you alive. Your loved ones will not come flocking to help. They will treat you like you are losing your mind and your sick.
    Nelson Mandela was a tyrant.
    If you allow those under you to voice their opinions they will soon think they are more important than you and begin to destroy what you built.
    Dominik is a paid speaker saying the wonderful things that keep people buying his tickets.
    Reality is brutal but if he stated the truth nobody would buy his tickets because he would be saying what we all already know.

  40. 1. why would there be a line for free bagels? it would go really fast coz its free and no time at all taken to actually just take one..and no need to cut in line and grab free bagels which is a selfish trait…i agree with nr2 and nr3..nr4 go look at the mess nelson mandela has caused…go look at the stats, growth rate, economic rate etc etc in South Africa after nelson mandela took over. he is not a very good leader and not someone worth mentioning in a motivational speech. Voice your opinion take in others opinion and make a team decision after your team in the conference room has heard your opinion as well. with that said do not make a decision based on someone else's knowledge ..the last one i don't have an opinion on

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