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SIG Sauer P226 – Shooting This Swiss Masterpiece – Made In West Germany

SIG Sauer P226 – Shooting This Swiss Masterpiece – Made In West Germany

hey good morning guys you know today I'm going to shoot one of the finest handguns ever made any asset is the Sig Sauer p226 this one is chambered in 9 millimeter I'm going to take a look at it and put some rounds to it and you can see why it is one of my absolute favourite pistols ever made I've shot a lot of guns over the last 40 years and I got to tell you this is this is definitely one of the best now this gun is a double action single action which means you can shoot it double action and of course once you do that it goes into single action mode got a very very good single action pool on it and the double action pool on this is very smooth this gun was actually made in 1989 in West Germany see if we can get that to focus here I bought this from a friend in 1992 so I've had it for almost 25 years I've put thousands of rounds through it I've won a lot of shooting competitions with this gun but let's take a quick look at it right here we have a takedown lever we have the decocker and what that does when the gun is caught and you want to put it in safe condition flip that down the gun is now safe and of course you have your slide lock and your magazine release this one does take a 15-round magazine now like most modern guns very easy to take apart magazine out slide lock back chamber empty flip that takedown lever down 90 degrees release the slide take out the guide rod and spring take out the barrel very easy to take apart very easy to clean and very easy to put back together just like so okay so I'm gonna shut up can load this up and do some shooting and I am going to have earplugs in one last thing this gun did come out in the mid-1970s the first gun came out was called the p220 and it was chambered in 45 ACP now even though this gun was made in West Germany it is not a german design it's actually it was actually designed in switzerland and it was produced in West Germany so it could be imported into you into the United States from Germany so anyways I'm gonna shut up and we're gonna do some shooting some bitch I have a bowling pen set up at 50 yards let's see if this old gun can hit it [Applause] yeah we hit it well heck let's try water jug at 50 yards what set him up pretty good oh yeah you know 50 yards was pretty easy let's try one at 100 yards [Applause] [Applause] now that was my first shot if you're looking for a top-of-the-line 9-millimeter pistol really take a look at the sig p226 excellent gun anyways guys appreciate you watching my video and we'll see you next time you

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  1. That is so funny to find this video I literally have a Bass Pro Shop hat I got for Christmas today. And I treated myself to a brand new clearance Sig Sauer P226. Merry Christmas to myself. My daughter lives in Springfield where she goes to college now Missouri State. She brought me that hat back. Give it to me on Christmas Eve. Coincidence.

  2. Hello Mixup98, good shooting. I have a P226 Navy from 2008 (Exeter NH) and it drives tacks. It seems the more rounds I put through it the better it shoots.

  3. My last 2 Sig Sauers P226 .40 S&W that I've purchased from both were Ohio State Police trade in. I'm glad I got the opportunity to purchase these guns for a reasonable price of such great quality 😀😁👍

  4. Can you safey hit the decocking lever as quick as he did with a round in the chamber, or do you have to do it slow so it doesn't fire?

  5. That's inaccurate. SIG is a holding company. This firearm design is clearly a derivative of JP Sauer & Sohns designs from pre-WW2. After WW2, JP Sauer & Sohn couldn't manufacture armaments under the peace treaty, so they sought out SIG to become the new 'owner'. SIG Sauer friearms are German design and manufacture.

  6. i have a 228… and 2 Glocks. Don't get me started – it's good, feels solid, but has more parts then a cuckoo clock and tight tolerances. If i were choosing again I'd get two glocks for the price of the SIG.

  7. Browning imported the first P220's in 77-78-79 prior to Sig getting its import license. These are marked Sig Sauer Systems made in West Germany other side has Browning Arms. They have the European style mag release in the heel of the gun. Nothing against modern Sigs and manufacturing, but imo you can't beat that Swiss German engineering that was more hands on. Every thing is serialized frame, barrel and slide. The 220 in 45 acp put Sig on the map, great guns

  8. nice video, thanks for uploading. I'm about to buy my first gun soon and I also started to strongly consider the P226. one thing I am asking myself when I see shooting like this is if all this stuff is also being picked up and properly disposed after. Otherwise these nice landscapes are not staying as nice.

  9. 50 yards (45.72M) with open sights. Oh, and with a hand gun…Magic hands people. Whatever training has gone on professionally or privately for this man I don't know. Practise makes perfect as we all know. But where does perfect come from…? I believe we are seeing it here. This man needs to be training people. A lot of people. Weapon handling for a start and later, marksmanship. A teacher like this is very, very rare. Just watch, be quiet and learn. These are amazing videos in the art of firearm handling, manipulation and use. I'm trying to replicate his movement with various weapons and it's working very well actually. A lot of people are going to know. Safety. Grace in movement. Weapon control. Target acusition. Accuracy. Repeat accuracy. Target rejection and target choice. Weapon clear. Safety. Repeat process. The way this man handles any firearm is a lesson to all. Firearms come in extraordinary variety. The way he manages each individual design is exactly the same with deep sensitivity to each design difference. Learn his base philosophy and shoot for the stars regardless of the make, model or calibre. Zen and the art of weapon management and we have it right here, shared and proven. These videos are amazing. A lesson for all.If you want to be an expert, watch, learn and repeat the drill…big thumbs up!

  10. Ok. I have this gun. A West German P226. Is it "Swiss" or is it German as it says on the right side of the slide? Mine is German. I classify it as a German pistol, just like my Walthers P99 and P5 as well as my HK USP. But what is the Sig P226 really? US made Sigs are American, right? My Beretta M9 is American too, I guess. Italian-American…. Now I'm confused.

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