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  1. The Beretta 92 has a trigger lock right above the trigger. I know because I have an airgun replica that is modeled after the 92 that has a functional trigger lock.

  2. I enjoy the 96 a1 and the p226 elite. I like the beretta decocker with the safety, because I can chamber a round while on safe, without putting it in single action, but practice. On the other hand the sig trigger feels great and I seem to be more accurate with those sights. 1 ft group from 5 yards ain’t bad. Pretty good.

  3. I’ve watched a lot of these videos and watch him place a weapon next to all those loaded magazines and boxes and bowls of bullets and not one time in several years have I seen a mag jump into a gun all by itself and the gun begin to shoot targets or soda bottles or hickok45 or John on its own. He must have some very well behaved guns!

  4. I have a s&w sd40 and a sig p226 and i dont get slide bite on either of them so its not hard to beleove that an experienced shooter like hickok45 wouldn't have an issue

  5. I don’t understand why someone would pay $900 for a polymer frame pistol like Sig or HK when you can get a polymer frame pistol for $500 or under like Glock or XD, M&P for less it’s a waste of money for me I’m a XD or Glock both are great

  6. I have a sig p226 tac ops and it has become my favorite pistol. It’s a very smooth shooter and accurate as hell.

  7. I have a Sig P220 45ACP and a Beretta 92S 9mm Euro-Mag style and a Heckler & Koch .40 USP and I love them. They really feel great in the hand and is reliable at least for me. My E.D.C. SCCY CPX-2 9mm. I take them to the gun range and enjoy every minute I am there. Just keep them clean & lubed for years of trouble free service. Thanks for the great demo of two legends.

  8. There are things that can be done to significantly lighten the DA trigger pull on the Beretta.

    Your can get a 18 round magazine in the Beretta thay still fits flush

  9. I think I'd be a Sig guy if it didn't cost 1.5 times that of a Beretta. I can't say that money goes to waste, though..

  10. hickhock does a pretty thourough job of going over a pistol.i watch as often as I can..45,xs 357mag,380,22,s&w329pd scandium44mag..carry that quite often..he covers a lot of pro,s and con..tries to look at a gun from both sides of an eval.hav an early p320 45cal.carry..because of the caliber change,but that is bunk..for what the exchange kit c osts you mite just as well buy the whole gun,and not have parts all over the place..the 45 cal.does not change calibers..4-9-19carlb

  11. Berretta 92 = hair trigger…….I'm a WAAAYYY better shot…….it's perfect for people who struggle with Low/left shots. Same with 1911… that hair trigger, no finding "where" the trigger catches…..feather touch, it goes Bang…..just my style. I had to stop lying to myself into believing I "loved Glock or Sig"…….try different pistols, you'd be surprised.

  12. I was looking at buying one of these for my first real pistol, back in 012, and this video helped me decide. Went with the 92A1.

  13. I prefer the 92. The Beretta also has a decocker only coversion kit availible that eliminates the safety feature, but personally it doesn't bother me

  14. 2 very well made, good shooting, reliable handguns! I chose the Sig P226 MK25, but nothing against the Beretta.

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