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SHTF Mobile Winter Survival – Part 6 – Military Balaclavas & Headgear Reviews

SHTF Mobile Winter Survival – Part 6 – Military Balaclavas & Headgear Reviews

hey guys I'm back with another video for you this is gonna be in regards to winter headgear I'm gonna be covering some balaclavas some hats I wear some goggles you know and Gator stuff like you'll see I'm gonna go down the line here but I wanted to point on ahead of time that a lot of this is layering based just like any other winter setup also that a lot of it's based on preference you know you gotta get what works for you and your environment where you going how cold it is what the windows body-block but to get started yeah I'm going to start with the it's a common ballclub you see online it is the italian alpine balaclava and it's made out of cotton it's got some reinforcement on the ears here it's got the you know the neck is relatively long door you could still tuck any jacket it's not the longest and then the big feature is right here it's got the zipper and there is a piece of nylon fabric here that you can it's supposed to be behind the zipper so you know when you're not using it but when you when you want to use it obviously just tuck it up and then you got the mass to use like this I I wouldn't really recommend this mask just you know if you're in a really harsh winters environment but the only thing I could say did that it would be used for is to wear underneath something like a different ball club or a hat or if you wanted to use this mask when you know when you're sleeping and seeing very attending or something you know when you're camping just for like something light to wear to bed it's pretty much I assumed to block when and probably not very high winds I mean it is a very light a brick so you know for the long haul I really guess I really wouldn't recommend these these are you can get like 10 of them for 15 bucks online there's a lot of different bulk sellers of these of those specific baklavas the next one the cover is gonna be we'll do these here do the belgians these are these are pretty sweet this first layer is I believe 60% cotton and 40% wool and it's got a Dicky on the front and the back and it's relatively comfortable it's it doesn't like eat your skin because it is a blend the next layer to this is obviously also you know belgin these are on about 15 bucks 10 15 bucks apiece by the way this outside layer is open-faced ball klava and it's solid wool and the Dickies a little bit bigger on this for the for the buy especially for guys in the wolf know the whole form while wet feature really good setup on this is you know I would recommend it it's not it for for your cold or even intermediate cold environment this is a pretty good setup I really liked the outside one is open-faced I mean you could pull this down it's a stretchable enough material to do so but that is the belgians for you guys okay on to the next I'm gonna hop into polypropylene for a second here this is a layer 1 polypropylene Gator gaiters are nice guys because well it's a neck gaiter they have like Footwear gaiters to cover that in a different episode of something the neck gaiter is pretty much a scarf you wear and the cool thing about it is it's such as this polypropylene is so stretchy that you can pull this up and it doubles up as a face covering so you can pair it with pretty much anything you can wear over regular balaclava or under one but the cool thing that I find awesome is you can wear it with an open face bottle followed because personally me you know when growing up in North Dakota here when I was out when I was younger and sledding or just being outside in general it only takes an hour less on a closed face mask if you're breathing out of it it's gonna frost up and then it might even melt so then you're working with like a a wet face mask and so I'd usually pull it down when I wasn't using it but if I was like going right into the the wind or the snow then you can always pull something up over you know anyway it's a figure throw that in there the next thing that I got here are the German winter hats now these are pretty readily available seven eight bucks apiece ones olive drab and ones you know flecktarn obviously or go over the features on these I'll just put it on right early you know it just goes over like that you can velcro this on the bottom and wear it like that or you can wear it up like that it does have a bill on here to block the Sun and on the inside of it and you can see there's like a flap here and it's got like I don't know what fabric it is it's pretty pretty soft but it and then also on this front part here but I usually don't use that one because it it it gets in my eyes but as you can see it gives you some extra ear protection you can pull this down over top you know just an idea of like doubling up put that on there and you got a reasonable set up you know another thing I wanted to go in I might as well since I got this party like this I got I got some goggles here I picked these up from a thrift store for like 3 bucks but I protection is definitely a plus you know when when you're out and especially you know windy conditions it's amazing how cold this area of your face can get and if you're gonna be out for the long haul I'd recommend goggles definitely if you can carry him so they're not you know not like heavy or big or anything but all right since we're on polypropylene still I'll take this off ok polypropylene is super stretchy this is the layer one I would say I wanted to show you the thickness here that's that's like us hemming or a seam line or whatever but the actual material here is probably about eighth probably more so like 1/32 of an inch when you get into layer 2 polypropylene and this is like a lot of reference to X wax generation 1 & 2 they use this stuff well layer 1 and layer 2 or polypropylene this is a layer 2 it's probably more towards probably more towards 1/4 inch or 1/16 or 1/8 I'm sorry you know this is more like a 16 this stuff is a lot more foamy as you can see you know just by the way it bends and stuff versus this you know it's kind of more cottony cottony but yeah this is a Rothko here and I got this for like 15 bucks I like it because it's covers a lot of face you know it's got the big old Dickie in there and tuck that like that great you go now this stuff is super warm I really like this this is balaclava it's not as versatile as you know your standard balaclava because a lot of people will you know put their head through here make it a gator or a scarf or they'll fold it up into a hat this is pretty much designed to be more like this you know like this or that probably more so like this though on to the next or while we're on polypropylene they have done away with it they use something some synthetic blend like Polartec or something these days they got away from it apparently because because it's it's it's a synthetic like a plastic and it melts and I don't know how why they were worried about you know that happening like a soldiers kind of fire or something but you know if he's in maybe he could just roll in snow okay I don't know I maybe I'm going way out there right now but and the other factor of it was was that soldiers start stinking it like it trapped smell now a lot of that has to do with you know personal you know personal hygiene a personal preference for whatever the health of cases but you know as long as you don't stink you should be fine and polypropylene another thing about it is what do you wash it I don't know how dryer safe it is I know that the the layer one underwear like the legs and the tops but you know the pants long underwear they would stretch out quite a bit and I know that they can shrink like I've heard a different story but I you know I think as long to keep it dryer safe and not in the dryer you'll be just fine um the next one I wanted to cover is you know I should be covering this but I seen a lot of airmen at the air base here and my not have these back in the mid-90s now these are awesome I really like these and I looked all over the internet and I cannot find them anywhere they got this like unibrow padding thing here this little bill the their nits it's a walnut on the outside and on the inside it's a cotton it and this thing is so damn warm it's like the best so this is my ultimate outer layer right now I mean I could put like those ball clouds underneath this kind of but this is my own layer super warm I have no idea who makes it I've seen many of the Airman's have this hat you would think that have been issued but I haven't been able to find any information on it another one I like to cover I wish I could be covering now but I don't have it is I take olive drab ugly mask its got like a fur on the inside of it it's u.s. it is US military issued but I you know maybe I'll cover it in the future let's get hold of one I don't have one right now in the last item that I'll be covering here today is just your standard GI hat this is your BDU hat and it doesn't even fit my head but I'll try anyways it does have these flaps you know just like the German one worst case scenario you know help you out and I'm sure you know whatever better than nothing right but yeah that that wraps it all up I hope the review is helpful to you if you are going do it on the path military surplus for head gear stay warm and if you if you liked please like and subscribe I do got more ready review videos like Ally's I'm actually gonna do some right after this one so thanks for watching and take care you

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  1. i don't like wearing cotton because it's not windproof, i'd rather wear polyester balaclavas, jackets and gloves for when it gets extremely cold, plus if society collapses you'd want tp head north anyway if you're prepared enough for the cold.

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