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Should I Go to College Before Joining the Military?

Should I Go to College Before Joining the Military?

Should I go to college before joining the
military? Boy, does that question have some pros and
cons. That’s why I’m asking. If you join the military before you go to
college, the GI Bill will pay for four years of college. If you’re going to be a dentist
or doctor, they might even pay the whole way in return from a promise to work for them
for a decade. If I go to college before I join the military,
I could enter as an officer and make more money. If you go to college first and give up your
rights to the GI Bill, you can get loan repayment in their LRP instead. What if I join the military and then drop
out? If you drop out of the military, there’s
no GI Bill. If you went to college first, you resume paying your student loans. Can you go to college while in the military? It is hard, but it is possible. Like a lot
of employers, they have tuition assistance. Can you go to school while in the military? Join the Reserves, and you can go to school
and work the rest of the month. Or join the Air Force; I’ve heard they are more supportive
of getting an education while on active duty. I wouldn’t have much money to pay for school. Tuition assistance pays for the education,
and the military gives you room and board. Do I have any other options? Join the Junior ROTC program in high school.
You might get a scholarship to go to college, but you’ll be expected to join the military
afterward. So I get college paid for before enlisting. True, but you might end up going through ROTC
and not getting a scholarship. I’d still get a taste of the military before
I enlisted. And that might make me think twice about enlisting. A lot of people credit the GI bill with the
growth of a middle class after World War 2, because the guys got educated and then good
paying jobs. And the GI Bill has been a major path for low income kids to get job skills
and an education for decades. Let me try ROTC, before I sign my life away
– or risk it.

Reader Comments

  1. The GI bill will not pay for 4 years. If you are a good student and did jrotc you can make it to ROTC and they will pay for your college for 4 years. And you become a 2lt.

  2. Yep!  GI bill only pay for 3 years.  But of course you can make it last as long as you want for those 14 years.

  3. There's no military requirements after joining Junior ROTC in high school, But if you join ROTC in college you are given the choice of enlisting as an officer(O-1) 2LT during Junior year.

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