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Shotgun Sniper – TTS Initial Mythbuster Testing – White Noise – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – R6

Shotgun Sniper – TTS Initial Mythbuster Testing – White Noise – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – R6

Hey Guys. Welcome to the coreRoss channel. Today we are talking about the very first defender who can shoot through the windows on Plane in Rainbow Six Siege. This is all done with his brand new shotgun, the double barrel shotgun that fires slugs. But normally in Rainbow Six Siege the shotguns fire a spray of pellets whereas in this one the shotgun actually fires slugs. And it is basically a lot like Glaz’s sniper rifle. So this shotgun is called the BOSG. 12.2, and it’s pretty amazing. First of all it’s damage stat is just through the roof. So the in game damage stat is one hundred and twenty five damage. If we compare that to another shotgun, say Frost’s shotgun for instance the damage output is about thirty two. If we then go and compare it to Glaz’s sniper rifle, one of the most powerful guns in the game, it is eighty five. So this shotgun is insane! You can see from these initial tests that the sniper round and the shotgun round appear to be the same caliber. And overall, at first I thought it was just a straight copy, I though basically these shotguns are just Glaz’s sniper rifle. They seem to have very good penetration and be able to go through lots of surfaces and they keep on going. Seriously an impressive shotgun. Now Glaz can open up floor panels with three shots. Guess what? Vigil can come along and do exactly the same. He can fire three of those shotgun rounds into a floor panel and it will be destroyed. So, again, working very, very similar to Glaz’s sniper rifle. However while testing it I did find out some interesting things that are definitely different, and as I investigated more and more we will see how this plays out. For instance here we go, we’re actually shooting at the windows and making holes in the windows that can be shot through. You can see that the round doesn’t actually hit the wall on the other side. Which is curious. Even at shorter ranges the slug doesn’t seem to hit the surface on the other side which is very odd. If you have a look at Glaz’s sniper rifle here you can see those rounds are clearly going right through. So there is definitely a difference, it isn’t a carbon copy of Glaz’s sniper rifle, which I initially thought it was. And if we look at extreme range with the shotgun, and we fire at some windows. We take a couple of shots here from basically as far away as we can and I’m going to go back and redo this with Glaz as well. But if we just jump inside now and take a look at these windows you can see that the rounds did not penetrate. They hit the glass and they stopped. This is, really odd actually, because there is no way any defender is going to be this far away with this shotgun. So it’s kind of interesting that they have modeled in the reduction in penetration at that range. If we do the same with Glaz at the same range, then we run inside yet again, we can see that these penetrated no problem. Went right through the glass and went and hit the wall behind us as well. So really good penetration from Glaz’s sniper rifle. This shotgun is, sweet, and so far with these initial tests it’s pretty incredible, so for instance, on Plane you can go and as Vigil you can put a bunch of holes in the windows for your defenders to use. So they can actually spawn camp people outside from relative protection. Because you can get some really good angles through those windows. So after these initial tests, it’s really interesting to see how Vigil has some interesting aspects to him. And being the first defender that could actually make holes in the plane windows is definitely impressive. And the ability to basically make a bunch of holes for his teammates to shoot out and do some spawn camping I think, if you were going to take advantage of. But on other maps it would be interesting to see if there’s any way of using this shotgun to your advantage. But anyway guys, thank you very much for watching. And I’ll catch you next time.

Reader Comments

  1. If dokaebi hacks a cam and an attacker gets on a cam if a defender is on the same cam will it give the attacker or defender control or just let them both control it.

  2. I think the reason the range is decreased is because the attacker has that shotgun as well and they don’t want two operators camping 100 meters from the plane

  3. There is just one thing I can do on plane now while attacking, hide for the first minute, then get fucked trying to do shit in the 3 mintes after it becomes a 1vs5

  4. Now watch these stupid ass kids start crying about how his shotgun is op and Ubisoft is gonna nerf his shotgun and its not gonna be penetratable to the plane windows again

  5. Everyone's aware that shotguns that have the 32 or so damage is for each pellet from, I think, 10-15m. It's the max for each pellet. They fire 12g. Do the math. He has range and can shoot through windows on plane. Not too much to "wow" about. Until you pare it with rook or someone with an acog, but that's minor

  6. hey Ross, does Vigil's gadget hide him from Glaz's scope? Hoping to see this in the eventual white noise mythbusters episode.

  7. The reason the shot disappears is because it stops spawnpeakers. How Op would it be if a defender could shoot out of the plane’s window without being shot back at.

  8. Does ubisoft not have play testers? Cause seems like every DLC operator gets nerfed within the first couple weeks. Just looking at this shotgun can tell its going to get nerfed.

  9. Hey uh guys did they bring back glaz being able to shoot through windows again and I just didn’t know because I died from that and I have video proof
    On Xbox one

  10. Note on shotgun damage: the base "damage" for regular shot shotguns usually is between about 20 and 40, while the BOSG deals 125. However, the damage is per projectile. For example, an assault rifle might have a damage of 40, but a single body shot from that rifle will not be as detrimental to the opposing player's health than if a shotgun was fired at them from close range, even if the shotgun had the same damage. The misconception is that shotguns just have an inverse relationship of damage and range, when actually, they fire several "bullets" (though more like pellets) that all deal the same damage, but they spread, so the range doesn't determine damage as much as the probability of being hit by however many "pellets" are in a shell. The amount of "pellets" is determined by the type of ammunition. A 12 gauge shell, for example, has 12 shot. Note that as the amount decreases, the shot size increases (like bigger bullets, really.) However, in Rainbow Six Siege, all shotguns but the BOSG are 12 gauges. This would make it seem like all shotguns are overpowered. Well, kind of, but only in a very short range where they don't spread much. Only players within a few meters will instantly die because many pellets hit them. From range, it's possible that only 1 or even none of the pellets hit, making it almost ineffective. Note that R6 has unrealistically high spread for most of the shotguns, though it's probably just game balancing.

    But a slug is exactly what it sounds like; it's one bigger round, much more similar to a bullet than a shotgun shell in the way it works. It's the closest thing you get if you combine a rifle with a grenade launcher, except the grenade doesn't explode (unless you get creative) and the sniper rifle has a pretty thick barrel. Slugs are big and wide, and not surprisingly do a lot of damage. What I'm hoping for is that R6 leaves a good few holes in the walls behind the shotgun's victim, because that wouldn't be too far-fetched…. Ok maybe exaggerating a little, but you get my point. Expect the thing to poach elephants left and right.

    However, there's a great way to counter it. There's this operator called Tachanka (you guessed it, the lord and savior) and he has the most powerful turret, probably a .50 caliber with explosive rounds from what I've heard, though nobody can be quite sure about this unpredictable juggernaut. No man can stop him. Expect to see Blackbeard drop his Saran Wrap shield and bend over for Tachanka's love upon the recognizing of the infamous war cry "TURRET, MOUNTED!, AND LOADED!"

    Just a little did-you-know for yalls

  11. shotguns in this game are kinda stupid usually a shotgun can have accurate range without a choke for 40m
    and does alot more damage than they do ingame

  12. ░░░░░░▄▄▄░░▄██▄░░░
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    ▀█▌░░░▄░▀█▀░▀ ░░
    copy and paste this

  13. The reason why it can’t penetrate the windows from far away outside is so that dokkaebi can’t shoot back but vigil can, giving him the advantage of him being the only person able to shoot the the glass if they don’t have a glaz on their team

  14. Would it br possible to break the window open with both of the operators that have the bosG. Brake as shooting the complete frame ass if it was a soft wall

  15. All you seem to have figured out was that rounds fired from two different guns have two different characteristics..long story short, Vigil can make holes for defenders to spawn peek.

  16. The double barreled shot gun does make holes in the windows on plane, but the slugs do not kill/maybe not even damage to the other side, I tried it in a casual game on the tts and hit an idle attacker on the otherside and it did not kill

  17. This shotgun is asking for a two week, max, nerf. Might not even take that long to take this thing down…
    And when the hell is UbiTard goimg to buff the damn SAW for Capitao?! That is ridiculous they made it a nerf gun…just ridiculous.

  18. +Coreross What if dokkaebi hacks valk cams,but at that moment valk removes them and replaces them? What will happen?

  19. Glaz’s OTS-03 can shoot threw the glass if you didn’t know so he isn’t the first operator that could shoot threw it…

  20. They have nerfed the shotgun and now it can go through windows, and has the longest and most effective range of any weapon in the game, and the highest dps

  21. They need to make shotguns way tighter spread. In real life I can kill something with buckshot up to 100 yrds. I don't expect that but it would be nice at 50.

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