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Short hunts + Extremely Rare Spectacular Historical Military Artifact!!!

Short hunts + Extremely Rare Spectacular Historical Military Artifact!!!

okay this week on we dig history my cat is going to come and jump off of the table onto the floor now I'm just kidding for real this week on we dig history she's going to go into the cat box and poop this could get interesting gonna go or what come on we're wasting video space here come on you can do it there's no perfect spot that right there is good all right we'll give her some privacy for a second so anyways this week on we dig history it's going to be a couple of short clips I didn't go out for a full day I had my my club behind on saturday and i did get out once during the week so i got something really good thankfully i was only out for a few hours and i didn't get much of anything you gonna wipe hmm just finished great through stay with good things just see this time so yeah I got one good thing and you know the rest of the time I didn't get much of anything I did get a couple other cool things were special and I went out after my club hunt which was this past holiday that's the Massachusetts treasure hunting Association club hunt it was an open heart lots of rising is lots of fun together a bunch of fellow metal detectorists and a few of us went out after 500 done and we hit a house a couple of houses actually so hope you enjoy he was the first find okay guys i'm at that same house i was at the other night with dirt flickr and he just left and i just got into the copper looks like a large e oh it's a draped bust nice i'm going to take a picture of this for fades away alright hopefully we get a date guys will be back you so this large cent that I just found it's actually pretty significant because it's only one out of two that I found of this particular type date I don't know what's it going to be that I found and they both happen to be in the last couple of months so it's pretty cool and this one's actually a little better than the first one actually it's a lot better than the first one so I'll show you what it is all right so here it is and hopefully you can tell by now I know how great the Lighting's being captured here but it's a 1798 draped bust and in pretty decent shape nice little scratch there in the back by the other than that I mean there's not much corrosion on this coin it's worn but the patina is pretty nice and not much corrosion so that's cool very happy to have that it was only until couple of months ago I hadn't dug a US Mint coin before 1800 and I've dug two of them the first one I had to tumble to get a date off of it as it was completely I had no idea what it was a large sending draped bust this one I knew right away just didn't know the date because it was dark got it home and cleaned it up and bingo another one so very happy to have that as it fades out of focus you alright guys out here with relic ray and a new guy Patrick over there by the tree we'll have to get a nickname for him but anyway rages Doug this was in nineteen forty three years ago we're gonna make yeah it is yeah Halfpenny from England Great Britain England so that's cool and before that we didn't get it on film you dug what we think is a king george it's pretty corroded so hard to tell for sure and we're not even at a 1700 house this is a turn-of-the-century house but this old houses is one an old house across the street there in the back background ixia that's cool anyways we'll be back alright guys i just found a gold plated cufflink that's really shiny pretty cool must be turning the century probably very nice yeah all right he's going to dig another live dig here last one didn't come out too well hopefully this one does no we just do youtube videos yeah it's we dig history silver she know you know oh you'll be on Monday how do we go it's a regular penny memorial okay guys i just wanted to show you guys I find that a friend of mine who is also a member of the club that I belong to Massachusetts treasure hunting association or M tha he found something that is just gonna blow you away he's a new detectorist he's only been detecting for i think around a year and he's been coming to club for you know around a year as well but talk about beginner's luck I mean you got beginner's luck you know okay I found a seated half in my first year of detecting like that's great it's a seat at half you know wonderful but everybody's seen is seated half before it's nothing anybody hasn't seen this guy like something that just makes my jaw drop I can't even believe I saw it you know it was in my hands at the club last meeting and just an incredible fine the rarity of it I found a fine of a lifetime I found a silver cache of 500 coins if you're watching this video you've probably seen it but I consider this to be better than than my find just because of you know the rarity of it it has only been possibly 9 in existence it's rumored anyway I don't know how true that is but it's very very rare anyways and the history of it the significance in the history of it so I hope you guys enjoy this i'm just going to put a picture up unfortunately I didn't get a video of it i could probably because i know i'm friends with him and i I've hunted with him now but just I just wanted to put a picture of this on one of my videos so you guys can see it's amazing so why here it is you

Reader Comments

  1. I would love to see your full collection. Can you film it and post it ? I saw part of it in the background of this video I think. I would love to see it or is that a no no. Thanks

  2. LOL at the cat and WOW at the finds!! Thanks for sharing – love the largie and the belt buckle 🙂

  3. Wow! Gorgeous Draped Bust! I broke into the U.S. 1700's club this year as well. 1797 DB. Yours is in way better condition though. I freaked when I saw that 17. So awesome! Wow to beginners luck!

  4. Unless you know the history of that buckle, it's just another old buckle.  That's history for sure, and perhaps belongs in a museum?  Way to go on your draped bust Shane, not many of us will ever get into the 1700''ve been there, done that.. your cooler than me.

  5. Hey Shane, I'll keep this short and sweet …lol……Don't get me wrong, I understand that Patrick's Mass sword belt buckle is cool and no doubt very rare……but mate, your Auburn Fire Department, A.A. miller Chief Engineer badge is a "unique ", once in a lifetime, one of a kind find and would have to rate up there with one of the most stunning relic finds I have ever seen. There will NEVER be another one found exactly like it. The close personal history and provenance that goes with such a mind blowing find, is something to treasure and pass on down through to the next generation. It's story is classic and timeless.
    Personally, if I had to choose between finding the sword buckle and the Fireman's badge….I know darn well which one I'd choose any day of the week…..and twice on Sunday…lol!

  6. That is an awesome buckle….wow tell your friend congratulations! Nice Draped Bust, you might get some Deller's Darkner at a coin shop and with a toothpick gently work it into the scratch it will help to restore the original patina. I see you have a true detecting cat….knows how to fill in it's hole very well….lol!

  7. Awesome video, big guy! Gonna have to show my father this at some point. Pretty freakin' cool👍(By the way. This is the master of that infamous "hook shot" when we used to play ball back in the day. See if you can figure it out. It should be pretty blatant..) Ha!👊

  8. Great find on that large cent & awesome job Patrick on that super rare buckle. I've got you subbed, sub back when you can, thanks!!!

  9. Shane? Are you sure the foundation of your house will be able to hold up with the weight of all those large cents you dig? Congrats, though. Also, kudos to Patrick for that great belt buckle thing. All around awesome video…as usual.

  10. Your getting better with making videos i got to say. I like how your putting words and how you did some different type editing in this and oh ya the ten minutes of the cat bring piss. That buckle was awesome. Wish there was a coin next to it so you can see how big it is. The Drape Bust was really nice to, glad it was in the 1700s to. Now back down here Im sick of detecting alone all the time lol.

  11. Wow Shane. Incredible! How much do you think the belt buckle would be worth if you had to guess? That crazy that there's only about 9 in existence! Your 1798 large cent is nice too. I was out yesterday and got 5 silver. It was a crazy day for old coin spills. Got 2 mercs, a rosie and wheat in one hole, then a merc & buffalo spill and then a rosie and wheat spill.

  12. Patrick just gave himself his own name by live digging a memorial, "Penny Pincher Pat". That Mass milita sword belt was awesome.

  13. Hey Shane, awesome video and congrats on that large cent. Your right when you say it's well worn but not much corrosion. Nice shape. Not sure if you noticed or not, but the reverse has a real nice die clash from the M in America to the second zero in 100. Notice how it appears to be under the lettering, showing that the clash is indeed underneath the detail. That's a really cool coin bud. Congrats to Patrick for finding that extremely rare buckle as well. HH

  14. As usual great job guys. The Mass militia sword buckle is insane! Big congrats to Patrick! Congrats Shane on your second pre 1800's Draped Bust as well.

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