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Shopping at the markets in Alcúdia, Spain

Shopping at the markets in Alcúdia, Spain

Alley starters breakfast and here we are at the markets in Judea we're just actually gonna do some shopping today Ali said that this one's a lot bigger so well show you I wanna buy stuff already oh oh well just Irish terriers and this is from Spain so it's like two words in stone I don't know if she'd want to pinpoint who's the blue on this Oh these was looking for these look at us with our fancy payer setup I thought that though we're packets of lime juice and I got excited now there's like those are wipes how good is it like the best I've ever had I'm not naked that's three but I made it a goal to wear all my bikinis I brought and today is the day that I were the fourth one that I brought um also the other day when Ali and they were in port to play Anza and we were looking for the cabs when we found the taxi right we're walking next this little up well oh oh abuelito we're walking next to him and I saw the taxi rank and I was like and he walked away from us yeah that's because I had to go and be burly none of you know I can't even be that's why I can't even focus it well he's got some color you can't tell cuz it's dark but I'll show you outside if you use nice though innit okay where are we going now mr. silhouette we're going there again for dinner yes the other time we went for cute stuff but now we're going for dinner yeah it's a Ferrari little tubs trying to say again I think we've been prompting you guys every step you've taken I think we might come here for know we're coming here tomorrow at some church friends yeah it's really windy today but it's cute have some goodies moisturize moisturize I'm like crunchy and crispy but I wanted to be thirsty his ice cream bit of Grand Cafe that's it's a to Grand Cafe there's the sign like well he wants you to see her and you can see how quiet is cuz when I've been here before in apparently other years all these have been filled it's because it's not October unlike schools aren't on vacation right at the muffins watching Modern Family and having what yes I'm also gonna try these because I guess I have to try every kind of to be everywhere so chip I'm going to keep eating them YUM let me know what you think is the trace of the cheese here by the way tastes like um what the hell is it called like what it's from the UK it is perfect also guys just letting you know room service here the same price bar same price as it would be don't like all our clothes who cares okay we're on vacation not like it's any different Tom but whatever we're leaving today and I have my hair up cuz it just can't be bothered anymore I didn't have my hair straightener this whole time so it was just trying to blow-dry and also there's Ali packing all of our stuff we're not packing but putting up her stuff and I'm really sad it's technically 7:00 in the morning in the UK right now and it's only an hour time difference but that hour makes a difference it's about a three-hour flight where you get picked up by our shuttle in about 20-30 minutes I can't wait to see Elvis but I also don't want to leave me Erica so are you excited to go home and see a little boy yeah so weak other than the pictures way into the kitchen no passwords yeah did I good no more beautiful view back to tops of trees and darkness at 4:00 p.m. you don't want to leave we're just waiting for a shuttle now and yeah I'm actually sad I've never been sad to leave on a holiday before and lose me no I was happy to go home I mean I was sad to leave I guess but it wasn't the same as this we weren't like we didn't have to do everything you over there for nine days whereas here I don't feel like we've had long enough morning well the day we arrived two counts I think yeah still I'm really sad but it's okay it was worth it yeah I just want to record as you can probably tell from my hooded sweatshirt thing it we're back in Glasgow basically what I'm trying to say I'm freezing but it's ok it's welcoming but I really do miss Majorca and Alba's misses though I really miss New York and I wish we didn't have to go so soon what do you think yeah I miss it like it's cold here but it's nice it's nice yet because the gas out kept yeah that is awesome yeah so if you're backing off the main set mmm tired yeah you know just been like sitting all day traveling is tiring you just think the whole time I was tripping like babies in the plane oh my gosh I was just running around happy um and we're just gonna hang out for the rest of the night well you being me

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  1. Hey Gloria, how do you manage traveling when there is a bunch of walking and sight seeing involved? I know not all plus size people have issues with this, but if you do let me know how you overcome it. Thank you! P.s. your peach dress looks so adorable

  2. I dropped off an Uber passenger who just came back from London. Her cat was waiting for her outside. They were having a whole conversation while going into the house, lol.

  3. Gloria, why do you have all these scars on your face? Have you tried anything to get rid of them? What caused them? I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just genuinely curious about the cause as I think you can minimize them.

  4. Gloria- So happy to see you and Ali living your best lives. It’s about time you two get out there and have fun.

  5. Im going to have to catch up on your video's i been in the hospital here in town and their internet sucks! Its so pretty there i would hate to leave too..

  6. do you have to purchase 2 seats due to your size?? i'm paranoid to fly to see folks due to issue having to buy 3 seats (self and hubby)

  7. I love your bikini's Gloria! It's great seeing you enjoy Mallorca 🙂 If you are still there check out Santa Catalina, my old barrio. There is a good Indian and Mexican fusion restaurant there!

  8. I love your vlogs and I appreciate you making them for us to watch! I live in London so yes the dark cold winter nights have set in! Spain looked beautiful

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