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  1. Loved this vlog… just love your commentary as you are looking at the shoes, or through the racks of clothes. You are so witty and amazing to listen to ツ

  2. I heard you say in your last video you're still doing eBay. Have you heard of Poshmark? Its social media meets eBay. And it's only for women's fashion.

  3. I totally enjoy your videos. I to am in the A but I do not thrift Goodwill for clothes. Their price is way to high they need to cut it… LOL..

  4. Try Park Avenue Thrift Outlet while you are here in Atlanta. I love it for clothes . I shop Goodwill for shoes and purses😍

  5. Once you shop thrift in Dallas, it's hard to shop any place else. lol. I think I'm going to the outlet Monday morning. I don't want to get jumped by Saturday shoppers. lol.

  6. Thrifting is such fun. Love your videos, it's like being there thrifting with you lol… Keep em coming girl!

  7. I love thrifting hauls,will there be a look book?My daughter and I went to VV today.9 beauties for $27.00.scored a Givenchy broach for a 1.99.the back had all the markings.Needed to come home with me for my vintage bow tie blouses I scored for a dollar at the GW.I was over the daughter likes to thrift now👍!

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