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Shooting the Lee Enfield No.1 MKIII: Military Surplus Month 2017

Shooting the Lee Enfield No.1 MKIII: Military Surplus Month 2017

to you laddies this here is Queen Elizabeth as you can see the British lien field number one mark three oh how they went from number one to number four but they did know is number one mark 4 and then I had the number 4 mark 1 after that so this is a 1918 a bit of a chunky receiver action we've got some we noticed this receiver side is a little bit bowed try and fix it but we're gonna put some rounds downrange at a hundred for us with some Greek surplus that he got with the gun and you see it's rubbing their 303 British number three see if beard can get us some patents probably not couldn't last time well it doesn't help that it's brighter than frig today hi this is low right no wasn't it's not dirt clod mate knocked it right over alright 150 or 25 oh he's angry that's like so much paint nice for a while dude I did it when I was testing my hand loads it was satisfying his Frigg buck fitting ready k bar yep all right I'm gonna reset the target ask a little crinkly bit on the side there one of the few tangent sites is actually calibrated properly kind of helps when you have nine iterations of the same gun though it doesn't get a girl he's fingering Elizabeth how do you feel wherefore art their target this sounds a little bright to me that lens flare hand right gotta warm up cuz this is a heavy bitch I don't think she's that heavy as a little low I think there's too much smoke on that one I left again if you feel better you can get ahead twenty five and then go back over it over it again over it again okay where I'm lower does a lot lower like six feet will be really fun to bench risk yep how's the trigger little spongy yeah alright I'm gonna shoot five and let beard finish off the rest he wants to shoot again right there this the wrist of this stalk is like half the size of think of areas that I know so it's just like shaking hands with the baby douche ball you hit it I totally thought there was a spider on the camera don't know where what you miss don't hit the chain asshole you hit the chain just giving right over top of her just to the right that triggers not spongy I don't know what you're talking about my chain those gone the rocks it's pretty good yeah it's a little actually back heavy Oh Jimmy that's kind of what you want but the trigger yeah like you want it in the pocket your shoulder you don't want it ran and now I can't lift it but there's a lot of meat to this thing but that trigger I mean look at its double staged so you got a stage back okay maybe the stage little spongy but every stage it's like a break action didn't suck this would be my favorite mill sir just because of how well it

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  1. Is that a big DP on the bolt head? This rifle may have been drill purposed out due to the receiver being damaged.

  2. Wow seeing you guys work the action on that Lee I can see the issue haha. Might wanna have a smith look at that thing. Great video guys. Also hope you kept the brass to that Greek surplus. If its HXP its great brass for reloading

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