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She Was WATCHING ME SLEEP | I Saw a GHOST! | My First Paranormal Experience

She Was WATCHING ME SLEEP | I Saw a GHOST! | My First Paranormal Experience

I woke up in the middle of the night
only to look down my hallway and see the ghost of a little girl staring back at
me Hi Cryptkeeper’s thank you for tuning into Amy’s Crypt I’m so excited about
today’s video because this is probably one of the most requested things you
guys have asked me to talk about and that is my first ever paranormal
experience and in talking about this I’m also going to answer a couple of the
questions that I always get asked the most such as have you ever seen a ghost
and how did you get into paranormal so it’s very exciting for me now because I
am looking forward to this video so much and you guys have been so kind to me
lately I’ve really been feeling the love of what I do something that would give
back to you all a little bit so I have a bunch of really cool Amy’s Crypt stickers
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you can enter from anywhere in the world I’m gonna pick ten people at random and
post you out some stickers and I thought that would be really nice cuz I don’t
know I just think they’re so cute now before I get stuck into really talking
about this experience of mine I do just want to reiterate to you guys that I am
a skeptic and you’ve probably heard me say this a lot in my videos I’m still
skeptical of the paranormal I really believe that if the paranormal is real
then experiences like the one I’m about to share with you guys are extremely
rare it’s not something that just happens all the time and this is a huge
part of what I do I go and I look for proof I look for evidence obviously if
you’ve been following me for a while we’ve seen me travel to a lot of the
most haunted places all around the world and what is funny is I am still looking
for experience as of real as the one that I had kind of ironic it’s like when
you go looking for it doesn’t happen but when you’re not looking for it it
comes to you now this story starts a couple of years ago when Jared was
offered a job in San Francisco now we were both currently living in Adelaide
South Australia and on a little bit of a whim we got married so that I could get
a visa and moved over there and I realized how dodgy that sounds about a
wheelage it anyway when we got there we started looking up for a place to live
I’ve actually found the perfect place which is a difficult feat in San
Francisco super super expensive there but we found an apartment that was in
you know the classic Victorian houses of San Francisco this place was built in
the late 1800s it was just beautiful and it was perfect for us so we moved in and
we absolutely loved the place nothing felt off about it nothing felt creepy
weird odd strange nothing we had happened at all and that is not until a
couple of months down the line when my parents came over to visit us and
naturally coming all the way from Australia they wanted to spend a decent
amount of time in San Francisco to see us so we put them up in our apartment
naturally as well we said you guys have the bed we’re gonna go sleep on the
fold-out couch in the family room our fold-out couch was actually pretty
wicked so it wasn’t a problem at all after about a week of my folks being in
that bed and us sleeping on the couch I had this really weird experience and it
was so weird because I woke up in the middle of the night we went to that as
normal nothing odd or peculiar out of the
ordinary I fell straight asleep when I woke up I don’t know what triggered me
to because I wasn’t thirsty hungry I didn’t need to pee I wasn’t Restless
there was no reason for me really to wake up and it must have been about 3:00
a.m. but when I did I looked down the hallway and I could see a little girl
standing there just staring at me I didn’t really have time to react like
you’d think maybe you’d be scared you’d think what the heck who is this child
how did they get in my house in the middle of the night were their parents I
didn’t think any of that when I very first saw her although it did was rub my
eyes kind of maybe in disbelieve Minh I don’t
but the second I opened my eyes back up she was gone and the way that I describe
it to people is almost as if you’re switching off a light switch it was that
instant she was just gone she was out of there and I also felt no fear over her
as if she was visiting me I know it’s kind of weird when you think about it
some kids standing there watching you sleep but I didn’t feel scared I don’t
there was no fear there at all after that I didn’t really know what to
do everyone was asleep so I was like ah whatever I’ll just go back to sleep
myself but then the next morning I kind of got excited about it and I told
everyone especially Jared I was like Jared I think our house is haunted I’m
pretty sure I saw a ghost last night and everyone was like wow what the hell like
tell us about it and the conclusions that we kind of drew was maybe I was in
a sleep state where I caught the end just saw this little girl Jared was kind
of excited about it too and he was all like oh tell me what she looks like tell
me everything and then I was like nah I thought that it might be best if I
didn’t tell anyone what she looked like if anybody else ever saw this little
girl we could kind of compare notes and say this is you know what she looks like
and then at least that way it’s a little bit more scientific I guess I don’t know
so this crazy thing happened I started it’ll go in my apartment in the middle
of the night it was weird but I kind of was like ah could have been a dream it
seemed so so real more real than a dream and I’ve definitely had sleep paralysis
before which feels real also very scary might have had but it didn’t feel the
same as that it just felt like there was somebody there and she was so clear was
clear as day seeing this little girl then a couple of other things started to
happen that tie in to seeing this little girl that makes this story even more
compelling so the first one and stick with me here because it gets a little
bit weird and I have an even more compelling story after this one happen
just a couple of days after seeing the girl we took my parents out for dinner
in San Fran go and if you’re from ZM Francisco just
so you can visualize after dinner we were walking back home to the Mission
District from the Castro along Market Street and this odd man came up to my
dad and he seemed a little bit flustered and he seemed a little bit scared he
asked if he could walk with us well I am sure okay and I think that the reason
that he did that was he had some kind of confrontation or altercation with
another group of guys while on the street and he was a little bit scared
that he was going to get attacked or something but we were like whatever you
can walk with us sure thing like hopefully nothing happened you know so
we’re walking along with him and he was a little bit eccentric but I just
decided to strike up so I’m sort of conversation and talk to him and I have
no idea how the conversation led to this and it was quite a short talk as well
but he said to me something weird happened to you recently in your home
and the only thing I could think of because it was still kind of fresh in my
mind was oh yeah the little girl so I said to him oh yeah I said the guy said
little girl in my apartment in the middle of the night you know as you say
to these strange random man that you just met on the street but he just ran
with it and he told me oh you weren’t scared we and you know this isn’t gonna
be the last time that this type of experience happens to you and I didn’t
really know what to make of it I was like oh cool like I would be down to see
her again or see another ghost if that even is what it is and then we got to a
fork in the road and he was going this way we’re going that way so we said
goodbye and never seen that guy again the next thing that happened is where
the story starts to get super super compelling to me so there was one
conversation I had returned home with Jared for Christmas we came back home to
Australia and there’s Christmas at my mom’s house we’re all sitting at the
back Jared’s parents were over so my husband’s parents were there was sitting
we’re talking and this was kind of around the time where I had just started
to develop the concept for Amy’s crypt so I had just started my blog and I was
thinking about starting a YouTube channel but as you guys know I was super
scared and afraid to be on camera so that was a little bit stalled we’re
talking and saying oh yeah Amy’s mom bought us tickets to go on this ghost
investigation at some abandoned and sign us up asylum for the criminally insane
here in Adelaide and Jared’s dad turns to us and says oh I would never go to
something like that I wouldn’t like to do it naturally we’re interested so we
asked why and he says I don’t like things like that because sometimes I see
dead people and so naturally it comes out as well this is something we’ve
never spoken about or never really heard about from him and he’s not someone who
was just pulling our leg I totally believe everything that he says so we go
oh like what do you mean and he his example actually was oh well you know
when we stayed with you in San Francisco because they stayed a couple of months
after my parents stayed I saw a little girl in your apartment and I was just in
shock I was like wait what like you saw a little girl in our apartment I started
to go in our apartment really really excited say obviously asking him a ton
of questions and it turns out that he saw a little girl in the hallway the
exact same place that I saw her or he was sitting on our couch so he was
sitting in the area that I would have been sleeping where my head would have
been and when he described her it was just it sounded like the exact same girl
guys it was nuts and what’s even more compelling about this was we never
spoken really about this little girl to anyone so it’s not like I felt the idea
was planted in his head or anything and we never really spoken about ghosts or
anything supernatural or weird like that it just kind of came up because we were
talking about starting any script and the concepts behind it and then it just
led into this it was crazy now you guys probably are wondering okay did you ever
see this little girl again did anything else happen in your haunted house I was
there for three years and I did not see her again I saw her at one time and that
was it that being said we did have a couple of
other weird things happen while we were in the apartment where things would kind
of move around on their own and things even moved on the bedside table while we
were in bed together nothing ever scary nothing ever felt off
or bad or wrong about the apartment I think if there was a spirit there it was
nice ice to come home and talk to her all the time
no one Jai was around because Jarrod already thinks I’m weird enough he used
to travel a lot so I’d come home and say things like hi I’m home how was your day
you know it’s just probably just going about ghosts things or whatever but yeah
I did try to look in to the history of the home it’s pretty old as I said it
dates back to the 1800s and I couldn’t really find anything substantial that
kind of made sense I do know that the back part of our apartment was built on
sometime in their 80s so where we had to send the little girl standing was kind
of the edge of the original part of the house from the late 1800s so I always
felt like she was kind of standing at the edge of the house looking out at a
different time at us sitting in this newer renovated area of the house if
that even makes sense another thing is that I’m a little bit
honestly disappointed in myself because I never investigated that house and the
reason I didn’t was because I didn’t really start investigating or get heavy
into Amy’s crypt until towards the end of our time in San Francisco so as I
said when we came home for that Christmas was when we were developing
the concept and the idea of it and then by the
time we went back we had just quit our jobs we were selling literally every
single thing that we owned we were breaking lease in the apartment getting
that filled and then leaving to travel out of a backpack for 12 months of
straight so there was a lot of stress and planning and honestly investigating
whether I had a ghost in my apartment that I was about to leave was like the
last thing on my mind but something that is cool
is a mate of ours in San Francisco is actually living in the apartment right
now so if I ever go back to the states which I kind of plan to hopefully soon
but we’ll see I’m hoping that he would let us crash there a night or two and
maybe conduct some kind of investigation or film or video that would be really
really cool and I’m spoken to him in a while so I don’t actually know if
they’ve had any paranormal experiences living there but that would be
interesting to know as well I was never a believer or even really thought about
ghosts that much before I had that experience and I saw that little girl
and ever since I have been obsessed if you couldn’t already tell so there you
guys have it my first paranormal experience
I am so keen to know what you guys think about all of this do you think that I
saw the ghost of a little girl in my apartment do you think that maybe it was
something else that caused me to see it do you think I’ve lost my mind or maybe
you’ve had something similar happen to you maybe you can relate to me and in
that case I would really really love to hear about it so please drop me a
comment below if you guys did enjoy this video though please remember to Like
comment share and subscribe that it really helps me out and keeps me moving
on producing more content for you guys you want to do a bit more reading on any
other haunted places that I have visited head to you guys can
also follow me @amyscrypt on Facebook Twitter and Instagram remember if you
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that comment and maybe you can get one thanks for watching Cryptkeeper’s
until next time

Reader Comments

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  2. I grew up with the belief that spirits exist. It also didn't help that I grew up next to a 3 football field sized funeral home in Taipei. Everyday I'd navigate through coffin shops on my way to school and back.

  3. YES!..AMY.. I definitely believe you experienced the ghostly presence of the little girl
    with out any doubt.. funny thing is.. KOLCHAK:THE NIGHT STALKER.. was a sceptic as well
    it was only when he came across said Paranormal/Supernatural dire situations
    is when he would believe of course it almost cost him his life in the process..
    I sounds to me you were meant to be a ..PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR, PARANORMAL JOURNALIST
    PARANORMAL RESEARCHER and PARANORMAL HISTORIAN as well.. this is your calling not a coincidence
    at all.. AMY..Good or Evil the little girl likely didn't see you and your family as being any threat that's possible..
    but since attack the other folks staying very likely she is a good Spirit/Entity..

    My first Paranormal Experience ..AMY.. not very pleasant at all.. Like said before it all boils
    down to what you are actually dealing with..I try to keep it brief..
    I was a little kid at the time in Chicago..back in the 80's I was out playing came back home
    it was kind of late at night..entered the back door of the apartment building through the alley way
    so I did and just as I was crossing the lawn where the garage was I stopped for a minute and
    started looking around something was there I could feel it because I was being watched..
    and looking around I saw no one was out there.. then I heard a voice call out to me in a whisper
    and said my name..AMY..I yelled out and ran fast as my scrawny little legs would carry me
    right up the stairs in the house..

    whatever it was AMY it without a doubt was very evil I could tell especially in its voice..
    the thing about its voice was very distinct in that I couldn't tell if it was of an adult or a child
    and that may have be on purpose…to deceive me as a way of appealing to me..
    It seemed as though it took some interest in me and was trying to connect

    In my Adult life I've had spiritual advisors mention my childhood around this time period
    and tell me of a very dark and negative force that was looming around me following me around in my
    Could this evil Entity be what they were referring to…AMY.. or maybe this sounds nuts
    and THE CRYPT QUEEN'S.. CRYPTKEEPER has gone nuts.. and belongs in a straight jacket..


  4. I figure our minds love to play games with I guess in your mind you did see what ever you saw. I really hope you catch some real ( on camera) paranormal stuff one of these days. Very interesting video . Loved to hear about your ghost encounters. Maybe," TALES FROM AMY'S CRYPT " LOVE YA ..stay safe… SPOOKY DREAMS.🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  5. Hi sister… Am watching your videos after long time and your videos are very much interesting as it was before.. hope you remember me Sister… And I think that little girl would be a real ghost as your father in law to saw it…

  6. Yes I believe you seen the little girl. I've had many thing happen throughout my life. We moved into a house when I was 5 years old that the neighbours told us the people who lived there they did seances in. So many things happened there. Even my Dad who didn't believe in ghosts seen a dark gray figure upstairs where they did the seances. He never went upstairs again. Now in the house my family live in we have things happen but it doesn't feel bad or scary like in my childhood home. Things like the washer or dryer turning on or off randomly happens. Or the printer will randomly turn on and has even printed the words "I hurt myself today" like from the Johnny Cash song "Hurt". It was off and my daughter and I were sitting there when it turned on printed that then turned off. We were a bit freaked out that time, lol. Then there is a brown blob figure we've all seen over the years. I have quite a few stories of things that has happened from when I was a child until now. Love these stories and your channel. Have a fabulous week! 😊

  7. Mostly the ghosts i've seen – are out of the corner of my eyes… however i've heard and felt their presence a bit more – i've heard the clink of Her collar tags and felt like i was going to trip over my late cat… i've heard a client (i'm a caregiver) that had passed tell me they were alright (and wake Her roommate up!) and another gave a feeling of peace – but no words… i believe in ghosts/spirits but like You, i think they come when you least expect it. i've only had a small handful of experiences and i don't go actively looking for them.

  8. Hey..! Amy your videos are so awesome hope u come in India someday to find out some supernatural activities here… And I would love to be a part of it.. ghosts and paranormal activities really interests me a lot..

  9. I love your Vids!!! I do but I don't believe in this, but I have an open mind, am very excited on this little girl you saw, and probably would have done the same thing lol, love ya gal! More vids please!! 😉

  10. Loved your story! I can relate. When I was young I lived in an old house built in 1865. I actually always felt a presence of a little girl in my room, and most nights I would feel her crawl into my bed and just lay next to me, like she just wanted comforting. I would also hear her walk around my room. My mom actually researched the house because she had a lot of experiences too. Turns out there was a fire that engulfed my room and a little girl died in there. We knew there was a fire at one point in the house because the attic still had some of the original charred boards, just didn't know the extent of it. That house was nuts! I'd love to go back and properly investigate it now that I'm much older.

  11. Thank you kindly for sharing! I am very sorry that you have suffered from sleep paralysis. :-((( Does that still happen? I totally believe in ghosts and other paranormal phenomena. I have seen and heard things that were not of this world. And I have relatives who I would trust with my life who told me about their paranormal experiences. I was also a field investigator in a local UFO group back home where I was born.

  12. I believe in the spirit world, as I have seen so many different things but the one that most stands out, was when I seen my 2 year old Grand daughter sitting on the couch patting my little dog the she looked at me and took off and hid behind the couch. I am hoping to buy the mug one day to put in my craft room

  13. Amy, I waited all day to get off work to watch this, it was worth it! When I was in my early 20’s I rented a house in Chillicothe Oh and had a very similar experience. I woke up to a soldier standing over my bed, he was dressed civil war type clothes. The next morning I called the landlord and asked her about the house and it turned out the house was an original barracks from Camp Sherman, which is huge historically around here. I’m still amazed by that experience. Thank you for sharing yours as well!

  14. Yes i believe you saw a ghost. well you already know about my weird experience it's something i normally dont talk about. If you experience something like this in your own house just banish it with an LBRP.

  15. I have a little dark hair girl that follows me around. She never really stays in one spot for more than a few seconds.

  16. I've had the same thing happen to me except I woke up and saw an older female, not a child, and the first thing I noticed was how dirty looking her hair was. That room was pitch black too, it was at the back of the building so didn't even have street lamp light coming through the window. I also only saw her once. I never had someone mention her either.

  17. Hi Amy, I find your videos fascinating, they are very good indeed! When I was 14 in 1986 I was walking through very old woodland in Somerset England, a few miles from where I lived. I was by myself and heard a very strange noise, a breathing noice but strange. I turned around and there was a surreal figure of an old lady in a big over coat and large hat. All in grey with no face, and the image shimmered, like you see hear coming off tarmac/black top. I stared for a second then ran. I didn’t tell anyone for a long time. I mentioned it to a friend a few years back as he used to live in that area. When I said a ghost in those woods, he immediately said, oh that old woman! That blew my mind. Apparently she committed suicide in the 18-19th century jumping off a cliff in the woods. The cliff was from a quarry way back. Thank you for what you do and please keep going!!

  18. Dearest Amy, another great video to keep me tuned in 🙂

    Well I had a similar experience also with a little girl, I moved into this lovely old house in Adelaide and the room I moved into was often very cold, even in summer, one night I woke and saw a little girl about 12 at the end of my bed just looking at me, I reached out to her and she vanished, so I investigated the house and found out that a 12 year old girl was indeed murdered there by her father, her name was Sally Watkins. now I am a Witch and a Shaman, so that night I came home and tried to open a portal to her, the room became cold again and I asked her was her name Sally Watkins and a massive chill wave went through me, this was a confirmation that it was her, over the next few months, I had got to know her and actually found her to be comforting, like you I would just talk to her as I went about my business, my room was her old room which is why she was there.

    I eventually had to move and felt bad about leaving her, so I got a medium in and she taught me how to move the ghost on, which I did. Also how she got my attention at first is that she managed to get a photo of herself on my camera so that when I uploaded photos I would see her. As you know I collect haunted dolls and that obsession started after my experience with Sally

  19. Hey Amy just watched your video. Very interesting. I noticed the skulls and what not on the bed side table. Do you consider your self goth ? That or have any interest in any of that ? In the future if you ever get to return to that house. That would make a wicked video. Much love ☠️

  20. Knowing my luck, I’ll turn over and she’ll be there. Haggered, piercing look, wiry hair… she really exists! Yeah you know Amy!! You know 😂😂😂

  21. Amy my personal technique is this. Whenever I see ghosts, I don’t usually talk to them because im not sure if they’re ghost or demons or whatever type of elemental. I usually go to an alpha state (state when youre half awake and half sleep) then I will touch the wall of the place so I that I can sed what happened in the past and identify who that ghost is.

  22. Hey Amy I too have experienced something strange I was going through a bad time in my marriage I woke one night and at the bottom on my bed was a young woman age I'd say was 26-29 years old dressed in Victorian maids clothes I couldn't move from shock she turned to look at me and I closed my eyes thinking if I did this she would go I opened them 5 secs later and she was lent over me she touched my chest gently and said shhh why are you crying which at that point I shouted go away go away and she vanished 3 days later my violent husband left and till this day I haven't seen her again this was 15 years ago
    Now the house I live in I have experienced strange activities like the toilet seat flying off, foot steps, my 3 year old says there's a man in my room who speaks to her but nothing evil has ever happened.

  23. Neat, I’ve actually seen a ghost before, but I was around 4 years old so I don’t know if it was my mind playing tricks or genuine. I still can’t get over the fact that your channel doesn’t have millions of subscribers, just the fact that you’ve actually been to all these creepy and historically significant places(without clickbait) should probably result in your channel having a minimum of 1 million subscribers.

  24. Finally…… your story bout your sleep paralysis .. don’t know if You remember our first conversation when I asked if your were a sceptic, or had an experience that’s creeped you out and create your channel and if you were a believer of the paranormal cuz like you if I don’t see it for myself…… then I call bs on it but I had at the time one really messed up sleep paralysis where I woke up to deep scratches on my head but a few weeks ago it happened during the shity-est two years iv ever had and…….it was the exact thing word for word, detail to detail but this time the scratches went up and over starting at my chin and up over my head and I knew right then it was connected 100% cuz I took a pic of the scratches the first time that started at the back of my head to the front…. and the new ones were EXACTLY! in line with the first one ……. like I mean exactly……them woke up to my ex screaming at me and pulling my arm to wake me up cuz I was screaming at the top of my lungs…. I guess cuz I was trying so hard in the “dream “. I’m reading a book on lucid dreaming so that next time I might be able to control the dream and see what the fu&$ is going on In my brain….. or lack of lol

  25. I have no doubt what you saw was real. Crazy stuff like that does happen. My dad told me a story about an experience he had as a kid. He was walking through his neighborhood, turned a corner and came face to face with an apparition of a man standing in front of an old car. A woman was sitting in the back seat and it was like a scene from the early 1900's. He ran away scared crapless to his grandmother's house and when he told her what he saw his grandmother explained that he saw the ghost of his great grandparents and the Ford Model T they owned. I know it sounds too elaborate to be true but he swears it is true! Love the channel by the way and greetings from Canada!

  26. I love your stories and your interest in ghosts!
    When my mother was in hospice I told her she could haunt me but not scare me. She and I used to watch paranormal tv shows together. She died in September of 2012 and in November I had come home from work and had a message on my home phone from Helen Johnson, that was my mother’s name and that was the name that appeared on the caller ID. I listened to the message that was left and in a very mechanical voice it said, I Love You. I still get chills to this day and it brings tears to my eyes. I truly believe she was haunting me but not scaring me. I cherish the thought that it could be her! Keep on doing what you do Amy!💜🖤💜

  27. My first paranormal experience was when I was just about 8 years old. I was sitting in my living room with my older brother and oldest sister. We were watching TV. It was about 9 at night. It was cold. Well in front of the tv a black orb shot to the left, then right, then left and then it shot off to the right to the back of the house. We lived on the second story and the back door opened and the light shone across the wall for a second. The door shut we heard footsteps across the kitchen. The back porch/attic door opened and slammed shut super loud. And we heard someone run up the stairs. Shortly later the dresser we had stored up in the attic was dragged across the floor above us.. my second was the same house same porch door was opened. My older brother made me go to close it and a cup was thrown at me…. the worst one was when I was about 12. We had family friends come to stay with us. They had a rottweiler dog. He climbed on my chest and started to growl while I was trying to sleep. I pushed him off my chest and he climbed back on growling louder. So I opened my eyes and standing over my head board was a man in a black leather jacket white tshirt and his throat was slit and he was bleeding. I closed my eyes hard. The dog stopped growling and walked away. I opened my eyes and nothing was there.

  28. Thank you amy, now i cant sleep😳!!!!! But please dont stop dont stop now ive developed insomnia😳!!!!!dont forget about your live cast one day !!!!! Take care!!! Keep them comming!!!!

  29. I one time when i waked up from my sleep there was a men in my room and he was talking to me! And a second later i screamd verry luid (Like…..Aaaaahhhhhh!) and was in panic. And moment later the men just diseppeart. Just like that.

    I was so in shock and could not sleep the rest of the night.

  30. just few minutes into the video and the photo of the house you used to stay in SF, Can i just say it reminded of the Halliwell sisters' home from the show Charmed.

    also, did you ask the agent/owner for any history of the house? with a house looking like it came from the Victorian era, it prolly has something that the agent/owner is not really telling people interested on the house. Manifestation of little girl is often link to demons.

  31. I had an experience when 15 at a daycare I worked at. There was a story of a little girl haunting the day care which I didn't believe. One day I was in the hallway of the daycare and seen a ball in the hallway and slightly kicked it into the gym room in the back of the hallway once it was in the room it rolled to the left side of the room then something kicked it across the door frame to the other side of the room. I said hello is anyone there but no one answered and I seen no one in the room. Freaked me out so bad I ran back to the room I worked in.

  32. What a cool story. Years ago I saw a ghost of a older women walking in front of my bed. 😮 It's like she was stuck in past times. Just passing back and forth. So weird. I definitely think you saw a ghost. Love your videos Amy. 👻🎃😈👺👽💀

  33. I'll never forget the day i saw my nan sit next to me on the sofa while i was sleeping, and she said to me, "it's alright, i will look after you"…

  34. I don't think you're crazy at all. I think it makes you more genuine because despite multiple people, including other members of your family seeing the little girl, you didn't immediately dive into believing in the paranormal.

  35. I am not a sceptic. I absolutely believe. I saw a man in our house and funny enough i also wasnt scared. Amazed and in unbelieve yes. Like..did i realy see what i ve seen??

  36. My little boy kept saying his scared last night out of the blue early morning. He kept looking at the same spot looking over the blanket and hiding with me. I saw nothing but he was very afraid. His only 4

  37. I was out Ghost hunting with my Nephew we were going down this dark Road known to us as Gotham Road and as we were standing listening to these noises we seen a man and a woman appear just walking towards us it appeared that the woman was White and the man was Chinese we thought what anyway we started to run and they had just vanished though I swear to this day they were doppelgangers of my Niece Maggie and her Friend Foxis that was by far our most haunted Ghost hunt we ever did

  38. I never had an experience of paranormal activity. I'm quite blessed. If I get a confrontation with a ghost. I will die of heart attack before the ghost do Something to me.

  39. Hello Amy, I'm a clinical psychologist, therefore I am a skeptic…but I had an experience I can't convince myself was "scientific". This is kind of a long story, so bear with me please 😁
    I've had 5 surgeries in my life where I've been under anaesthesia, you know, completely out. And I say this, because what happened to me, had never once occured before in any of the other surgeries.
    I had lost my youngest brother in 2013, who was like a son to me, and still in 2017, was having a really hard time overcoming his passing.
    So, I was having a hysterectomy and was under anaesthesia, when suddenly I see myself in this…place. It was a sort of border. From my side, as I glanced behind me, I could see what seemed like a dark hallway, in front of me was an open space, with many silhouettes. I could clearly make out if those belonged to toddlers, babies, teens, adults, elderly, etc., but could NOT distinguish any facial features. In the background, just like a sunset, there was a round white light. It didn't harm your sight and actually gave out a feeling of overwhelming peace and tranquility.
    I suddenly realized there was this bearded man standing in front of me. He had the kindest look on his face and had me grabbed by my forearm. He did not voice the words, but we "spoke" telepathically. He said, "Welcome, I will be your guide in this place". To which I responded in the same way, " Thank you, finally resting, finally at rest". I was about to step into that place, when out of nowhere I felt a strong suction from behind me. As if I was being pulled very strongly by an unseen force. I opened my eyes and cursed being brought back. I also heard the surgical nurse say, "She opened her eyes! We have her, doctor!" The surgeon, whom I've known all my life, answered in a high pitched, worried voice, "Send her straight to ICU!"
    I spent the next 2 dats there, without knowing why, until my doctor told me, "Don't you ever pull something lime that on me again! You scared the sh…t out of me! Your blood pressure dropped so low, we couldn't bring you back and stabilize you!"
    Aaaaah, so that's what happened, I thought to myself.
    That experience, call it as you may, gave me the peace I needed to know, that both my brother and my mother, who have passed, are in a much, much better place. So much so, that I didn't want to come back!

  40. Is it too late to try to get one of your stickers!? Haha Love stickers.. been collecting them since I was a kid & would love to represent you! Of course I believe!! Bahaha omg that Legit part!!! Hahaha you're too funny!!! Love your funny moments!

  41. Hey Amy & Jarred, awesome Story! I personally think we can enter “states of mind” where we become more susceptible to spirits or maybe even time lapses. I think I’ve done it myself once or twice but not totally sure!

  42. I'm 19 now but when I was 7, one night I woke up in the middle of the night and went to kitchen to get some ice-cream and I heard some weird noises coming from the garden. I went to check but didn't see anything at first but little after that I saw 2 glowing eyes staring back at me. As you can understand at the age of 7 I really got scared and woke my dad up and asked him to check it. He went outside and came little bit later, he was laughing. I was a bit angry but then he said "It was our neighbour's cat which was sitting on our wall".

  43. House was empty due to our family picnic outside on the big lawn. My sister and I were sent to fetch my mother’s purse. We rushed through the kitchen but paused at the dining room. Across from us the staircase hidden by a wall came down to a framed landing. We heard stairs creaking. We watched and saw an old woman come down. She wore a floral dress, had grey hair, and wore glasses. She stepped onto the landing, turned, and saw us. She smiled, and faded away. My sister and I felt no fear and didn’t even mention it to my parents. We compared notes later. We’d both seen it. / That your ghost was seen by two people in separate instances also adds legitimacy. I think you saw a ghost, yes.

  44. Soo cool do believe that Spirits from the past to walk around and where you lived at like you said it was a old building built in 1800s and the little girl is still living in the past and wanted to see what was going on this was a great one deer keep on going

  45. That was such a great story Amy!😄 You know I have stories. Not that many; but I'm 43 and I grew up I think in a slightly different time than you. Can you tell us how old you are? Don't if it makes u uncomfortable. Some might not agree, but others would, that before computers and the world was overpopulated for the planet's resources, it felt a lot more organic; I think there was something about how the world was not so developed that paranormal activity could happen more easily. Though you know I don't like this to be about me, so I will tell you one you might find interesting for you. When I was almost 14 we moved to Richmond BC, from Hope BC. I didn't know anyone here, and was bored so Mom enrolled me in a camp. I've mentioned before you Doppelgänger someone I know; that girl was another girl in this camp. I could show you a pic of her, u might not see the similarities as much, maybe a little, it's more when u smile the 2 of you look alike. She's not smiling in the pic. While we were at camp 1 of the leaders told us a story about a ghost in Richmond. She'd been seen a few times, and it just so happens that a magician who was there to perform for the kids in the camp, knew who she was. It came up as he was doing tarot card readings for staff members at a staff party they invited him to. It was the story of a girl who ran from her father after he shot her fiancé. It was when the North and the South were at war in the US. Idk how she died, but I think she must have died in Richmond. So we thought it would be fun to try to contact her in a seance. The girl who you Doppelgänger ended up being the medium. She was 12. It appeared that she wasn't faking it by the obvious changes when she was being a medium. She was a typical light hearted, bubbly, and fun adolescent, not unlike yourself; but when she was talking to the ghost she changed. She was serious and quiet, and the truly abnormal part was how her eyes stayed level set at half open, almost as if they were glued there. It was so long ago I cant remember all that was discussed w the ghost, but we talked with her quite a lot. I can remember some but this is getting long enough. 😜 The ghost's name…………. was Amy. I hope u are ok I told that story here. Take care. 👋🖤🖤🖤

  46. That is very interesting story you told. I can't wait to see your next video . You actually saw that little girl, wow. That would have scared me.

  47. Hi Amy, yes I can relate to what you told us in your video. We live in a old house ( 1875 ) and my wife has seen a little girl in the corridor dressed in here Sunday best. Occasionally when I enter the bed room I can smell an old marshy smell that only lasts a fee minutes.

  48. I’ve had a few things happen over the years that I can’t explain away.
    The most recent was when my son was a baby so July 2017.
    My daughter was only 2 1/2 and had always gone to bed alone when settled but since having a new baby in the house and him not sleeping she was unsettled, so I decided to go up with her to bed and read a book and give her a cuddle to sleep. I told my sons father what I was doing and to come up and just tap me on the leg to wake me up if I fell asleep so I could come down and feed my son.

    I was obviously exhausted so I fell asleep very easily, all of a sudden I woke up having felt the doona cover come off my leg and someone grab my leg, it was dark and only the moonlight coming in from the lounge window ( the door was open and it had a baby gate)
    I looked up and saw what I thought was my boyfriend leaning in over the gate, I said hey! Is mason awake. No response still just staring in on me. I repeated his name several times then realised it wasn’t him.
    So I put my head down and laid there, I heard the gate click, my heart was RACING. I sat up and nothing was there. I walked into my bedroom expecting him to be in there but no one was there, I walked downstairs and he was sitting on the couch. He was holding the baby and had no idea what I was talking about.

    I know it’s long, sorry!!

  49. I had a similar kind of experience when I was 16 years old. My family move into a governmental building which was vacant ever since it was build. One night at around 2:30 A:M I woke up went to the wash room and was returning to my bed when a ghostly figure, the size of a little girl about 3 feet tall walk pass through me. I saw the figure when it was just two feet away from me and I stood there frozen for a moment. I turn around to see what it was but the figure disappeared. I had a lot of bad dreams after that incident and I use to wake up in the middle of the night finding difficulty in my breathing. Ever since we move out of that house all those nightmares stopped. Although there is no record of that house been haunted, my family was the first and the last tenant of that house and it's been vacant ever since for the past 16 years.

  50. I do believe you saw the little girl and recently I saw when I was outside by my house saw hat man shadow with a long coat and a hat and was for but 2nd so I was like 3 seconds it I had turned around and caught it walking fast pass my deck I don't think it's good what I saw 🖤

  51. VERY VERY GREAT VIDEO😁love the part about jared's dad😂we love you amy and jared😊😁stay spooky😊👻

  52. You know you said that you won't tell no one what the girl had on & that you wanted to do it in a scientific way? Well when he said he saw a little girl you should have said right "write down what she looked like & what she had on" & then you could then wrote the same thing & then you could have go someone to read them both to compare them & that would have been a good way to do it & if you filmed the results to. oh well maybe next time 🙂
    Or she was buried under the bit that was built in the 80's….
    if you do stay at that house again set up a camera on the bit where u saw her & leave it as long as you can & keep changing the sd cards & then one day you can go through them all to see if you caught her..
    i keep adding more to this msg lol & no your not mad you saw her, people are to quick to say "oh you was dreaming" but you saw her thats for sure. ive seen all sorts of stuff over the years to much to mention here but one day i might sit here n write you a novel telling you everything. & i've not got insta or any of that stuff so i wont be getting my stickerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

  53. no other words, except, i played this for my husband;
    blown away together. fine work.
    you inspired me to shape up my bedtable situation. i wish i could send you a photo 😀

  54. I'm so glad jarreds dad saw the little girl as well and confirmed you weren't dreaming…by the way I've experienced sleep paralysis and yeah you're right,it's scary as. best wishes mate and look forward to more adventures with Amy's crypt 😊

  55. You are not out of your mind… they're real… i even accidentally flashed my torchlight at a child ghost one time at our school's library during a city black out… it was looking at me so i looked back… we looked at each other for long until i felt my eyes sore… i blinked and the kid was gone.. i see ghosts ever since i was a kid but what i saw in the library was my closest encounter and the most unforgettable one because I collapsed after that…

  56. I thought off a idea Amy why not have red Amy's crypt logo on black backing as well as white Amy I think black and red colours go together Amy just a idea

  57. Can't you do some research and find out more on history off the apparment Amy and find out more about the little girl

  58. I did dig up some animal bones along time ago when first started in my bone sciences I cleaned them up and I was working this was when my dad was fit and well and this small dog appeared at top off stairs it looked at me wagged his tail looked at me then it went throught the wall and disappeared Amy and my tutor said it's bones from a small dog so the physical evidence backs it up a little Amy

  59. a child ghost is a lot scarier than adult ghosts as it could also be a demon in disguise……..🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️👻☠️💀..we used to have a ghost child in our former house, i could hear the boy running all over the house at night, plus he whispers sometimes… (i have sensitive ears)….

  60. I work at the police dept, where our break room is they store vehicles that’s evidence for murders. I always see white like mist, or shadows? On my peripheral vision! I turn to look, nothing! I also see it in my work areas too! I tell the ladies (they’re Filipino) and they either scared or say nothing! Maybe they see them too? I believe you 100% Cause I see shit too! Most times I don’t experience any ( knock on wood) thing bad. We have a lot of pictures dedicated to fallen officers! Now that gives me the goosebumps! I need not worry, I also have a great great uncle up there too 👍 💖💖💖💖 your story

  61. Hey Amy, enjoyed your video like always 🙂 I had a similar experience. A few years ago, I woke up at night because I had to go to the bath…So I opened my eyes slowly and saw then a figure sitting on one of my column speaker (I had a flat with a combined sleeping-/living roo) . A figure in a bright white dress with ear rings and a change made of amber smiled at me. I was scared…so I closed my eyes for a few seconds hoping that the figure disappears…But the figure was still there….Then I closed my eyes again – for around five secons – then the figure has gone !!! Another experience happend when I watched television at around 2 am. I lived on the ground floor. Suddenly I saw something in thge angle of my left eye…. I looked closer and saw a monk like figure with a big cowl. It seemed as if the figure would hover… I ran to the window to check it out…but the monk was gone….. Where I live is a big history. My hometown Duisburg was attacked by vikings in 883…. Near me is a church with a wood foundation from the 8th century and a Roman fort to protect the Limes line (as a ground monument) from the 1st century….In the 12th century the built a church of stone on it…This church is still in use….. Next to me is a grave field of Franks from the 4th century….. During world war II, Duisburg was one of the most bombed cities in Germany because of the steel industry and the river Rhine where a lot of defensive positions were installed is near me…… So I can imgagine that around me must be a lot of restless souls and a investigation could be interesting !!!!! Hope my English is somehow understandable 😉

  62. What you saw is not a ghost it’s a hallucination maybe you saw a video about a girl and then think about it and start slowly getting paranoid and you start to see her

  63. I kinda believe in ghosts
    I saw a little girl standing next to my bed.
    Sometimes my dogs walk over to the door and start to bark and then I walk over and they stop, sometimes I see like ghosts or something. My parents never believe me… They say, “oh it’s cause you don’t have your glasses!” NO! THERE WAS SOMEONE IN MY ROOM! My parents just say “okay, if you see it again, tell us”
    I see it again, I tell them, THEY SAY THE SAME THING! And by the way when I say my parents I am only 8 so I live with me parents 😋

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