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SHE NEEDS HIS MILITARY UNIT BACK! #ReStorageTheLove I bought an abandoned storage unit

SHE NEEDS HIS MILITARY UNIT BACK! #ReStorageTheLove I bought an abandoned storage unit

that is a gun cleaning kit right there
what if they found a big old dynamite that we are 23 we have to call to please
look at that teamwork makes the dream work ladies we
got the wedding dress we call the personal paperwork we got the military
clothes we will go down sweet make them good yes all right ladies and gentlemen
boys and girls children of all ages we are here with a very special episode of
what do we find this unit right off the bat let you know they told me this unit
belonged to a military personnel and that is very that hits my heart right
away you know the whole resource or love hashtag restores you love moving we got
going on the community all our friends and family on YouTube it’s very
important to me stuff like this they said make sure you get back all the
paper and take it to another level we’re gonna do something even a little more
special than just giving back paperwork so right now before we get started don’t
hit the like button don’t forget the share button and say something special
like I appreciate our servicemen in our military for giving us the freedoms like
being able to sit here walk around watching YouTube videos and
use our freedom of speech brown paper and look down there you’ll see where it
says military service I think it says Marines pan up a little bit there you
see that with us yes he’s right there military servicemen so high off the bat
without to say we paid 350 dollars for this UNITA J that’s a Jane
that’s not a bad little Queen one for you one for you
boom I have to bet this is already this dude has already paid for it sup guys parental advisory explicit lyrics Batman now where this yeah my mom you won’t you
have to it doesn’t and milf why cuz we’re number one
alright this box is yeah can I keep that alright yeah we ran from the kimchi
check washcloths knee brace here we have military digital ham I believe makes the
digital don’t be chicken give blood one of my favorites re re re Ariana Grande Richard where that always take us to the alcohol ban on
your on so like popcorn there’s that like workouts when I like the boardwalk we gotten uncle Michael something I need
absence off that make look at that brand-new mac makeup ha ha look at that
brand-new mac makeup you guys know anything my makeup yeah oh yeah my make
them one of the most expensive brands we got oh I bet you those are 20 apiece in
the store right then I like that that right there is already a good sign
because it means they use quality stuff first aid kit very essential what do we
got here tooth and mouth paste will save those can always keep all of us dude in
the face they love one sugar and baby all right kind of Guinness in their box of balls
mr8 BGF so they played some serious balls that’s we need to get a pawn
segment so gonna show the personal stuff to stop it here guess you have person up
here Oh what is this ah that’s still my syllable right yeah
please maybe you think it’s it’s for uh maybe it’s cousin case again the man had
it Alice in Wonderland well these are very important unity they’re both legs
we want to give those back to them what is that let me see here
don’t put it on done with it on oh we got all personal paperwork coming
out of here look all the joy at the end for some
type of gold and silver we’ll get it look we got a special military award
that’ll go in the interpersonal box or put another personal stuff hand look at
this we almost overlooked look at this we got some military till there’s more
militate conceal those things those are things that you buy at the military stuff like this looks like a piece to a
gun gimbals look at these military military some form I’m not sure which
planes to put all the military stuff dibs ballistic helmet ooh more military
awards what do you did he’s all militates that is all military clothing
of war law a vial of water bag we can put all the military stuff and say this
is a wall of eggs viola man it’s like clothes now weird
away just a gun cleaning kit good thing what we gonna do go crazy go crazy
that’s just that’s actually have $10 glove with the flea market believe it or
not pick up off of the rap what is that you don’t want to put it on I’m gonna
guess where all their problems started aching marriage yep sorry good you have
attack in a moving company when you guys move a store you know they ain’t gonna
figure it look this team or I’ve never got to do this because my child doesn’t
wear dresses there’s gonna be like if you were to go to prom grow and I’d be
able to get you back yeah good $20 right there I’m good off
another little child that’s a good 10 bucks right there no Mikey that is the gun cleaning kit right
there what if they found a big old dynamite they are 23 we have to call the
police I say huh this is well I saved it with my foot United States Marine Corps Lance
Corporal nice alright alright oh he played the NFL one second stop sadly I
didn’t see her name I looked it up real quick but this was very important me and
I want everybody to know that you are worth more than you know capable of more
than you think and loved more than you can imagine that is everything like this
I love positive affirmations and like this fear that was compatible that’s
right mr. roof bitumen mr. shirt and jacket US Marines
once again we’re giving all of this military stuff back frozen bed what it’s frozen I love that
movie yeah you singing – yeah something like something we would share that video
military personnel personal holy bible well what I do is I give
these away I set them at the flea market and whoever wants one they ask for them
I give them for free and then we have our one guy who does the programs for
people and he comes and picks them up a lot – green eggs and ham we hate him I
wouldn’t eat them sam-i-am I will not eat them to vote I will not eat them what’s your favorite dr. Seuss book baby
I’m out there comment below what’s your favorite dr. Seuss book put this in a
person this Batman’s worthy one military digital jacket military
measures of digital jackets another military district jacket and a pair
pants that’s right wagon radio Flyers been decked out in pink they try to make
it like a princess Jared I’m guessing I almost thought that was cool that I was
a unicorn for a second thing usually I’d like our the soda stuff that’s 20 bucks
right there why would you sell this that’s 20 bucks
right there maybe 15 like a $30 stick if I was I wouldn’t they will be a better
word either sexy we always like finding leather pants you might actually get
this military clothing hand all right a black Christmas tree thing
something that yeah love me love me what is what is this like the world’s largest
iPhone case interesting set that aside you go with it will lease share these on
camera baby go I’ll find a stuffy well that’s their
name okay taste it we probably make our money back for sure with all this
military stuff like that’s a $20 backpack right there you ask Marine
Corps once again this will be going back from gentlemen to where we have military
ring ma’am there’s not a raincoat you guys don’t see me anymore do you
where you go I like the way you guys are on playing with that where’d you go I
can see you rocking that it’s kind of like no smell to tell me that any kind
of cute you’re sitting there thinking oh sure you like it a little bit my head we
might have to keep that one ladies and gentlemen cuz Jasmine might like that
one see hi no dial you know I’m very good at
fashion extreme either thick-billed ease compared to the other ones I don’t know
why there’s like this is all $15 a piece of ours is
grown sell the power here is 88 bucks oh yeah I’m not gonna I’m not gonna do
that what they do all right let’s put another bag okay we use this
box to military shirt military shirt military uniforms I think this is more
of a dress now I could be wrong marching maybe it looks more somebody comment
below because I nobody’s gonna yell at me I only know what I know I’m not a
professional it’s better to know a little bit about everything that
everything about one thing this one comes at the bell haters gonna hate but
lovers gonna love look you guys can have matching ones tell me that would be cute all right with even those one guy military witches right a modern-day
white witch’s guy I was plastic buckets when they pack
everything like look see how the tape was sealing everything not just the way
this way but in a military move job every seal must be taped this must be
put in a brown paper pad and every fold that’s loose paper like a diaper ever
must be sealed off for a military lube job when you have I stand corrected guys
never a minute ago and I said that was a dress uniform I’m standing and I’m
corrected always be willing to accept responsibility for your mistakes but
this is the dress uniform this is when you’re doing what are those medals there
please tell us below if you know what any of these medals mean the belt buckle
is not gonna be a special it’s gonna be standard I think camping doesn’t have it
cold I say you guys keep this yeah she’s missing regular clothes Oh
once again when you’re wrong about with the modem disease yeah where’s the rest
of glasses that sucks it’s just uh all right hi we’re gonna take five real
quick before we finish going through the rest of that spot there and we’re gonna
separate military stuff that we’re giving back and then we’re gonna load up
our stuff the flea market over here what does M stand for man
reception taquito look at this gonna be bubbly stoked to get all of his clothes
back to be still in the service pants pants this is a lot of money we we would
probably get our 350 back on this unit if we sold all this clothes lately
there’s 10 bucks everything I’m pointing out right now $10 hat is 5 jacket is 10
to 15 hat is 5 pants are about 15 they’re in good shape another jacket another piece of clothing we should go
this is like pretty much all military clothes hats enhancers actually they’re
shorts with knickerbocker my bucks for those other pair of pants that was a
military veteran okay which famous cartoon character says
carrot a answer that below coincidentally he wears squeaky boots
you got one comment blow on that two three four five six seven ok the shirts
those 5 10 bucks apiece we got one two three pairs of pants this is a portable
closed military trench coat look at that that’s 40 50 bucks right there maybe
least 30 somewhere between 30 and 50 dollars not military Club guess some st.
John’s Bay oh and then we go marine when you get a close-up on this one girl
another dress jacket you don’t see the awards comment below if you know what
these are we like to know things like this what what you had to do to achieve
these things a rifle expert who is dope means you don’t want to come in his
house at night doing some fight he’s gonna shoot you military pants military shirts lasted
but not least this one more military we didn’t we don’t know if they’re a dress
cup coats or not please let us know what these dark greens are for we will be
giving all this back to this person tend our bills just keep flying it’s a Walmart fancy Marines homer back
mothers of little girls are blessed to 18 best friends
that’s like me and you could hear my best man hey Bobby do you see this box rigueur
yes what this was was they were overseas do it here
they were overseas fighting for us in the military and then all their stuff
came back in that box one big crate and then they opened it up in here and
wrestlers say lovely all right we are done going through this unit now real
quick we have not very much stuff actually we got a couple dollars and
things table tops no glass clothes I got a mi LF that stands for man just
so you know we got a big empty cardboard box we got a black chair we got a little
bit of stuff to sell but it doesn’t make sense we got crib parts and no
mattresses we got a mattress there we’ll be lucky if we even really truly get our
money back on this unit as I stated what you’re gonna see us do right now that’s
the good stuff that we had there a little bit making a loaf for Monday
right there we are gonna gather up all this military clothes in the personal
paperwork or don’t let down the office right now we’re gonna give that back to
them and tell them to make sure that they give it to the owner provided let’s
say hypothetically get this stuff I’ll tell them to call me and come get it so
I can you know sell this and make my money back but most important I want to
get all this stuff that this person served for and used you do that back to
them look at that teamwork makes the dream work ladies we got the wedding
dress we got the personal paperwork we got the military clothes we will go down
to the office yeah if he doesn’t come get it you know
yeah I’ll come back and get it but I like to see that you get that stuff back
here there’s my squad they’re looking tired already huh looking Denzil what do
you guys think about the how we just give people stuff back like that huh
three stores in love that’s what it’s all about that’s the dream part I love
lovers I love lovers transformed into restore love that’s what we do give back all right we’re all done before I finish
want to say this unit is brought to you by the letter V for victory
shout out to my homegirls my daughter saw princess don’t forget to subscribe
to her channel she’s got videos coming out this is her lady Jasmine you all
know her and we’re out I’ve lost on 34 units in my career of doing this I would
call this 35 to not make money I think it is a victory for Team restores your
love or that were you guys saying there’s no we can do it would do a team
Fitts boom

Reader Comments

  1. I see you salt princess and Jasmine catching head lice forsureπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ just like when you got the rash from the stripper mask lol never learn mike"

  2. I appreciate all of the our past, present and future servicemen. They are what makes this country great. They keep us free. Home of the brave land of the free. God Bless America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ€™πŸ»βœŒπŸ»πŸ¦‹β€οΈ

  3. 6:53 timestamp that's a Tokyo ghoul mask Japanese anime series mike may have value very popular series there even making the American version movie soon can't wait love Japanese anime series monster is my favorite though tokyo ghoul #2

  4. I appreciate the service and sacrifices of our military personnel past and present which insures the freedoms we enjoy, including watching YouTube videos of Pirates in β€œSmile More” t-shirts. Shout out to the Salt Princess, Jasmine, and you, Pirate for loving enough to #ReStorageTheLove πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• to a military family. Tyfs.

  5. Not considered an lost if the deed involves a helping hand my mother teaches me a motto if you help someone do a good deed eventually it gos around in a circle and someone will help you or the person you helped may help the next person kind of like pay it forward"

  6. 10:15 – the white gloves are probably the gloves that were worn when the Marine was in their dress blues.

  7. To see what the different ribbons and medals mean there are several websites that you can go to. One of the sites is amervets/awards/usmc

  8. First of all, storage units are sad. They unravel a persons life in the hands of someone else. Okay, as a former Marine I will help you out with identifying the uniforms, ribbons, accessories and paperwork items. The items that are in the red folders, 15:25, are letters that award a medal or recognition. One of the folders contain discharge documents. In the other paperwork there may be DD-214 documents that are VERY IMPORTANT to a service member as they are the original and no copies will be available, well none that will look like these. All these documents, without question, should be returned to the Marine. If you cannot find the Marine directly these items should be taken to a Marine Corps Base, Reserve Unit, Marine Corps Recruiting station or Marine Corps League Detachment. Uniform items are appreciated if returned but are not as high a priority as the documents or dog tags. Uniforms can be taken to the afore mentioned locations if the Marine is not able to be contacted directly. There are uniform resale shops on base where enlisted Marines can purchase used items to supplement there uniform requirements. Marines are fitted and uniforms are tailored in boot camp. Well, after 13 weeks of basic training the uniforms fit well but bodies change afterwards so a resale shop helps. 23:47 is a Class A Uniform Blouse, used like a business suit would be. 31:25 & 27:00 is a Dress Blues Blouse used for more formal attire. The Blouse at 27:00 has medals on it and is one level up from just ribbons. Not all ribbons have medals associated with them so there can be fewer awards worn when medals are displayed. The medals are, from right to left as worn, Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Medal. The belt buckle with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor is worn by Non Commissioned Officers, which this Marine is at the rank of Corporal, two chevrons and crossed rifles. The accessories at 8:30 are Eagle, Globe and Anchors, which are the emblem of the US Marine Corps, are affixed to the collars of the Class A Blouse and cover(hat) and the buckles are for the Blues Blouse. Hope this helps.

  9. It would have been best if u returned everything to that family, I know what it is to lose a storage and I would have gave what u paid to get my stuff

  10. Hiya Mike & Girls, I'm here in Glasgow Scotland and have become a big fan of you (along with Jebus and Hales) I just love your #ReStoragetheLove what your doing is amazing. I bow to you & your compassion and empathy for ppl you dont even know.
    Love & light xxxxx

  11. i bought a unit from former military and put together 5 boxes of personal items (wedding photos, baby photos, mail and legal docs) and the lady in the office told me she couldn't store all that stuff.

  12. You and your daughters are amazing. Very respectful of the person's items. This world would be so much better if everyone shared the love you share. God bless you.

  13. I hope you fund a pair of pants for your daughter to wear, hers are really ratty looking, they are full of holes & torn up to shreds.

  14. I never pass by a person without thanking them, if I know they have served in our military. Knowing the agony of losing someone who was in combat, makes one appreciate the sacrifices and chances the military takes for us daily. Good video! Good heart!

  15. The white gloves are most likely part of his military dress uniform (for formal occasions). Not sure but the ribbon were for good conduct.

  16. Awesome what you do! The white glove in the box may have went to the military dress blues. They used to wear white glove not sure about now though. Love your positive attitude and how you are teaching your princess respect for people.

  17. Thank you from this Navy veteran you did a great thing giving this stuff back this way people who like to use it to do stolen valor it makes it so much easier you're a great guy

  18. I appreciate our military to anywhere else you would be able to give the s*** back government would have took it

  19. Cards against humanity is a fun game 7:48. Definitely don’t want to play with kids around. You guys you play it with treasure with Jebus

  20. As an ex military wife of 20yrs to someone in the military for 30yrs, he got lots of thank you's.. Now it's thank you to you for your acts of kindness!!
    Loveeeeeeee this vidβ€πŸ™ŒπŸ€—. I truly believe in paying it forward and acts of kindness!!

  21. Salt princess… Only JEBUS…DESERVES THOSE REMARKS…

  22. I am a retired USAF Captain (nurse) I served two tours in Vietnam. If you found my bars or stars in a storage unit. Or any of my military memorabilia I would appreciate it being given back to my family. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that you show the service of the
    vets. These are special memories of my time served. Thank you for the love and respect you show these items. Thank you for giving them back to the families. Much love in sharing the love.

  23. NCO belt Buckles, Service campaign ribbons, black EGA..all uniform pieces, the one ribbon yellow and red is the National Defense ribbon, also showed a Global War on Terrorism , ribbon. White service gloves for formal dress

  24. I don't know if your going to see this or not, but I don't know if this man is still alive. I did see a U.S flag folded up that you thru into a pile with the clothes. My Father died and got a flag just like that one. I don't know for sure, but I am suspecting he past away.

  25. That ribbon you asked about when holding that small bag of USMC emblems was the National Defense Service Medal.

  26. There is a lot of dress uniforms. Just in uniforms alone there is probably at least $2000+. I was in the marine corps and some of those ribbons and medals are a good conduct, overseas service, if there are stars on them it means they have multiple awards of that ribbon/medal. I could tell you quite a bit about that but it be to long for here. Thanks for returning those things and showing the love.

  27. God bless you all and thank you to all of the military service ppl past and present. So sweet πŸ™πŸ˜Š

  28. SACRIFICE!!!!!! is the word… some lost their loved ones some lost their friends and some lost their minds what a great sacrifice they paid for our safety.

  29. I would like to add if the sizes are different in the uniforms more than likely he was a recruiter or somebody in a top position who had extra uniforms and things like that so selling them may not be too bad. But if they're all the same size then more than likely it was for one person who was serving time.

  30. Love how you are always positive… you put positive karma over making a profit.. the good karma you send out will be repaid 10 fold.

  31. I hope you are contacting the peeps, offering the personal papers and asking if there is anything (you list everything for them) that they would like back and not just dropping everything on them.
    I can see lots of situations where they won't want, or need all of that stuff. For instance a Widow might rather have the (happy memory) Wedding Dress rather than the (bad memory) Militaria.
    I'd have thought tracing original owners would be a first step after buying a unit. Someone might happily give you twice what you'd get on a flea market to get back items with sentimental value when they couldn't have afforded to recover paying the late fees.

  32. Thank you so very much for returning their military items you are truly a great person for doing so God Bless You

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