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Shameless 9×01 Promo “Are You There Shim? It’s Me, Ian” (HD)

Shameless 9×01 Promo “Are You There Shim? It’s Me, Ian” (HD)

– Gallaghers have always
attracted crazy, sir. I love you! WOMAN: (SINGING) Hey hey, you. I come bearing gifts. Debs won’t need any. My boss said I pee too much. So tomorrow, I’m not
going to pee at all. A sexual epidemic has
been traced to this PTA. I did you all a favor. My penis might have
actually helped you to heal. I’m gonna kill you. I’m close to getting
the bail money. My work here is not done. [MUSIC PLAYING] WOMAN: (SINGING) Hey, hey, you. Hey, hey, you.

Reader Comments

  1. Honestly with Emmy leaving, I hope they leave Fiona to finally do something for herself like travel the world instead having to take care of everyone else. She deserves it. Because I don’t want anyone else to portray her.

  2. People keep saying send Fiona off in a Grand way let her live her life. The Fiona we know would never leave liam behind. If she goes she has to take him with her

  3. I hope that the "Gay Jesus" thing will be over because it's seriously so boring and nonsense. I love Ian, he was my favourite character. It was fun at the begining, fighting for LGBT+ rights at church and all, but now it has to end.

  4. They better end the series here.
    Too much political shit is forced
    There's no story and no connection between characters anymore.

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