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SF city worker killed in accident was single mother with 'great heart'

SF city worker killed in accident was single mother with 'great heart'

this area is now patched up but this is where Liliana Preciado was working at the time of the accident she was a single mom and by all accounts great at her job she knew her job amazing plumber those who worked alongside Liliana Preciado are devastated to lose a friend colleague and mentor she and the rest of her crew were repairing a leak on 28th Street in Noe Valley when she was struck and killed by a car that rolled off the bed of a tow truck Preciado was one of only a few female plumbers for the city she started as an apprentice in 2012 and was promoted to utility plumber you know she took care of her business and she was the one doing most of the work you know the guys are on top feeding her tools and she's in there you know making the connections San Francisco Police are investigating the accident it's unclear how the car broke loose tow truck operator Casey Martinez was called in after the crash he says so-called J hooks are used to secure the vehicles if you had to J hooks in place and they fell off he had to get somewhere where the J hook slid right off I've seen the trucks roll backwards down hills loading but I've never seen a car fall off the back of one Preciado leaves behind a two-year-old daughter she was a single mom who was in the process of renovating a home I always wanted you know share with everybody this is what's gonna happen I'm gonna have this my daughter playroom and stuff like that so you know just a great heart really great person as for the tow truck driver who was involved in the crash it's unclear if he will face any charges

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