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Selling the MILITARY COLLECTION Up the food chain big market feeding frenzy epic sales

Selling the MILITARY COLLECTION  Up the food chain big market feeding frenzy epic sales

all right just making it the Lambertville right now don't know what's gonna be here on the how many people my buddy Dave we'll just set up next to him that might be the thing to do couldn't set up in the back but I think I'm gonna go set up right next to Dave but there are some people here hopefully got all that military stuff and a couple couple antiques hopefully we make some money we'll find out stay away it's a Saturday it's not a not of Wayne steak so I skipped yard sailing today to go I tried set up at the market so we'll see how we do all right so we're gonna set up I have a big Aunt Jemima but that's got to get this gentleman a chaise to look at tell me around it's gonna take a couple minutes for me to get to where I had the how much treatment place to pull it man hey went down looked at that bronze it's not right that's not right it was missing the what's it called but it's like a remake from the 70s I was how much I see yeah I do 25 nice bomb man [Applause] bunch of barrels I don't thank you I think I took them off I did have some yeah it's it says this has the mark here one which I think it's I think it could be a post way this is mostly a like ammo belts stuff like that and some Star Wars crap our wires are you doing I bet I know I got globes for super chandeliers or whatever yeah wait wait are they any electronic stuff yeah I'm trying um I don't think so this is I have one more interesting box of military crappy yeah what are you asking on your big bomb 200 no not right this second alright so after that all cleared I did I sold the bomb for 200 and I sold sold three or four of the daggers for another 300 now three daggers for 300 and I have another guy who has another pile for a hundred so it's it's moving I'm not upset I still have the huge box of daggers and needed to do about a thousand dollars off of the stuff that was on the table and a thousand dollars off of that what I feel like I feel like everything was a good deal so I'm not not upset with how it's going so far yeah all right we'll get back to you there's a much less than that box alright there's no place to hold it so grab that side and put it on and then you guys can take a look let's see this is the one I liked this trunk it is interesting I know the guy I got this from was that the out of storage place I was trying to keep him happy so I well he gets stuff like this probably once or twice I think that was probably fair way to do everybody got the pick but these were the three guys that bought I know but you guys were the three that bought so you deserve to be the three that got the pick for the yep you see that ammo belt that I had no the ammo the Indian Wars yellow belt that was really nice yeah never had that before yeah he did move this trunk out we're back on the bus yeah sorry I I did next time I get some cameras off I'll show it first but I know I have a lens I have a lens somewhere I think that's German isn't I'll do 45 what's that to move this here's the one other box this stuff is nothing special just are you doing anything with the tools I mean I would sell them but 260 I show you saw Mike's all he wanted them he just I'm not a military dealer so sometimes I say no but a lot of times I say yes you guys seem to be pretty good since you were a big help my question I help you in thank you I will do 20 bucks on the thermometer and I feel like there's a nest but nobody's gotten waxed so they must just be over looking for something if there was a nest everybody'd be getting stung well this is more to me I I like I like the arts and antiques I'm not the biggest military buff I like watching John Wayne on military my there it is but the German one was the one I thought was decent out of that tassel bit though nice skirt what happens see this one hasn't been rounded so this one's already been shaped see see how you shape them they match or maybe that's does that work 56 but that's what so these 60 and then this I'd have to say I want 200 rest on that just because I don't know anything about them I know but somebody who doesn't collect German so would be for a dress perfect so maybe a hundred on that then I don't know but this is still to me 80 bucks I know I'm just saying that's that that's my guess of what they're worth destructively eighty bucks I guess hundred with the yeah I had 40 on that I have to get a hundred on that I'm sorry I have some Martin antiques – it's just get them out of the truck I don't know – you can try that's my antrum i'ma all right so I packed it all up I I did pretty good I would say I only have to make a couple hundred dollars tomorrow off of all the knives I had left and I'm in profit from the that military trip but we also have forgot these sickles I was thinking these would sell coming up because Halloween's coming up so if I brought them but I gotta go load up for Columbus tomorrow and hopefully uh I know I won a couple storage rooms yesterday so I'm gonna do another video show you guys that thank you very very very much for support and watching so you guys if you can subscribe if not I understand it's alright peace

Reader Comments

  1. Like kids in a candy store!!!—Any guesses what the guy who bought that $200 bomb is gonna do with it?!

  2. Cant get into an argument with all those military knives around would never be aloud to sell like that here in the U.K

  3. hi dave & naz enjoy the channel. at the 20:53 mark of this video there is a red and yellow coin box that you removed from the trunk. any chance it is still floating around for sale almost 9 months later?

  4. Looked like the long haired guy in the denim shirt put some thing in his pocket. Maybe not cause hes still hanging out there.

  5. After war Fairbairn Sykes British fighting knife …Not a bad price on the German Fireman's dress bayonet. .Saw a repro SS Dagger .Italian canteen. and a,Japanese 98 Bayonet

  6. After war Fairbairn Sykes British fighting knife …Not a bad price on the German Fireman's dress bayonet. .Saw a repro SS Dagger .Italian canteen. and a,Japanese 98 Bayonet

  7. Thats the worst thing about flea markets. Everyone tries to get in your truck like they are going to find something you have no idea what it is. Thats why Knowledge is crucial in this game

  8. Your very interesting. Indeed! Im learning a lot .. My first video of yours was when you and the boys were beating the crap out of that safe ! That was it i was hooked lol ! Peace😃 Philly ! I've always wondered about Philly.. Not sure why maybe because of the Civil war and and what I've heard about South Philadelphia. So i don't know much lol 😃

  9. Did the one guy get all the stuff bayonets out of the trunk for $45 dollars? i WISH PEOPLE AROUND HERE WOULD LEAVE SOMETHING ON THE BONE

  10. Dave,if you ever get a load of ephemera, let me know. We are always looking for more. We arent too far away.

  11. I hate early morning's at what we call a car boot sale, you get all the dealers in rummaging and stealing before you can get your stuff out. I ended up threatening violence to get rid of the thieving  gits as they want to pay pennies for good gear anyway, so nothing lost. That all said I haven't been to one in a while kind of stopped antique work like that mainly use the Ebay for selling now.

  12. Looks like your not getting much interest in that gas powered Cox P-40 airplane. They use to be hot a couple of years ago.

  13. Just come across your channel and watch it very interesting what you do and will be a sub just watch were you put the camera couldn't see alot sometimes but love your channel will be watching …

  14. Congratulations you made it 1000 subscribers. Well done. You totally deserve it😋 NAZ is a great buddy helping you out.

  15. Camera work kinda sucked throwds the end bad placement but understand u were really busy but still camera placement was kina bad still gave u a thumbs up tho lol

  16. Hey Blue Bus Dave, @ the 13: 50 the guy in blue denim shirt reached into your bus in a box…looked like he stuck something in his shirt pocket ? Do you ever have problems like that ?

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