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Selling Surplus: An Arma 3 OPTRE Comedy Machinima

Selling Surplus: An Arma 3 OPTRE Comedy Machinima

it may not be a typical people carrier but there's no denying that it is the same job just as well spaces for for passengers five is a couple of them small speedy good handling and to the wall for almost any terrain I'm not saying you're wrong but it's a jeep well you've got a perfectly good car right there in for a bez besides this will who can do anything that can do and more yeah about that why is it called a warthog looks more like a big weight limited edition why didn't you say that to start with I'll take it you will yep Stacy Beckford won't know what hero when I roll up the road with this can't wait to see her face okay great a one down nice job Mick we think of sales pitches for the rest who put you up to this ad no prank Nick this is 100% serious you honestly expect me to believe that you were ordered to bring a load of surplus military vehicles to a civilian car dealership in the outer colonies well I was told to get rid of the vehicles as safely and quickly as possible and I thought where do I know a quiet place where pirates won't get their hands on them and where I know someone who can help me get rid of them yeah because the thing we've been missing here all this time is military hardware how exactly do you expect me to shift these you're the car salesman Nick do what you're good at I still remember you buying hot dogs from the cafeteria in school and managing to sell them again in the playground just because you added sauce to them and saved us all the trouble but that's not the same thing and you know it we're in your arms now Mick I trust your ability to get rid of them and I'd get rid of them fast just in case someone actually comes looking for him what's that supposed to mean you're a prick you know that right hey just be thankful I'm not leaving you with the aircraft now that would have been mean aircraft so how's Gavin coming along we've learned to fly that long sort not too bad considering the bastards didn't even leave a manual behind nothing that it'll take a few more days and then you can take your pack for a test Alfie get over here we got work to do I've got a date coming up I just need something that stands out you know something to make an impression got just the thing for you my friend opens up an all terrain perfect for an exciting drive through beautiful mountain scenery all for gently cruising down the coast road scour a rocket launcher who has ever pulled up to a date with a huge ass rocket launcher it's not conventional I admit but it will make an impression I don't mean a psycho impression let me demonstrate you see a rocket launcher I see the ultimate in free fireworks okay but it's now really free is it I use that once and after bad doesn't Rockets to refill it you'd think so but no it reload automatically and requires no extra ammo this can go as long as you need it how does their work the internal feed mechanism is shaped like an infinity symbol honestly does it matter something like this will impress any date guaranteed did I mention the bouncy suspension as well could make all the difference depending on how the date goes I'll take it space for carrying anything you want anything these bad boys are sawed-off you could Ram a tank and it won't even leave a scratch perfect for under construction and deconstruction needs all right that's the last of the mobile homes what do we got left we must be close we've got a couple of standard war hogs left and actually that's it you know what Alfie you take one of them you've earned it for everything you've done over the last few weeks just like that I can't afford it at this point we've made enough on the rest of these that it won't make much difference and I want those things gone don't worry I'll sort it with management I do appreciate it boss but I wouldn't even know what I do with it none of the pictures we've come up with really apply to me if nothing else you'll have a good set of wheels and you can get around a bit more come on man don't make me beg all right fine thanks Mick no worries Alfie besides they just opened the new vehicle practice range in town thanks to the sudden increase of weaponized vehicles we've good taken for a quick spin you ready let's do it fire

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