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SECRET MILITARY VEHICLE DUMP found whilst exploring places Lincolnshire UK

SECRET MILITARY VEHICLE DUMP found whilst exploring places Lincolnshire UK

all these weird boxes of the airlifting are things swing instructions I don't know how old the earth York Nakia Nakia facilities hmm got fresh balls women in these place in yeah yeah yeah door handles danger explosive test area she ate what explosive test area and it says knock here in there so it's not going to be like it was like a mixture of military stuff and sort of farming equipment yeah yeah he's older knows old green inside one of them cameras wells military that though is that extendable yeah telescope yeah priest ermine no proper ways in Aurelio's all grass growing filming some mixture of things even here it's got a lot very old building and farm equipment diggers military stuff that's military that trail up in there flare there's a weird random things ilk wine-throwing device no way of these can we try one of these explosives I don't know if they've already been yeah we'll do it afterwards I've never seen these before by the looks these instructions basically you twist that and it fires a rope really really far got try one we try afterwards we might make form and we will try afterward for this that still got beer in it Jethro's of it well I cold J – I was but I'm coke May 16 these are a there's a glass but coca-cola bowls over six may 16 the gun 2016 it's only three years out date I drank 19 year old beer day to throw one of them I've got I got clue all I make it spin they to the paradise of it what the hell is that silent night it's daytime and say good silent night in the distance the ice I would neither that was weird nice nice it's another song that I recognize that I don't have a weird is that oh it's open as well what about like – except my sauce imitation treatment sharing everything officer moon and totalize weird tactical display cub in touch all this white boy in our music cause what money yeah we've got the air they're not English adaptors then Khan's out there to pin our public all this yeah I definitely fallen that's upset I see them all up do you know where to go to Yorkshire the must do like a psycho and they've always painted blue and blue and yellow but what's it doing volunteer yeah I don't know what Brutus on but I'm sure the lackeys that's what they are they're like that on the side of the streets to guide people like a cycle route it does look like newcomers on that box tumor hmm well what's this the Willard company carbon fibre not carbon per my class five last year blowtorch blowtorch lab blow torches oh my god has petrol there woodchip it's a petrol at his boat ah yeah looks like he's following back I'm at my bunk I saw that water boundless whoa easy move it it just moved yes it did it just move look I got because it moved he was probably over there before he's nearly out there with you pointing littlez now it did all the sweat Scott because I was like we was over there over there go and it's like pointing patently at that now what was it just my imagination we've seen a sign thing yeah is it moving I thought it was eyes Bigfoot looks like a but nothing about two toes done that yes he's pointing to the left now on it yes that all the person I was pointing this way before now it's pointing to the what really we had wanna get in the back of this now it looks like am too not like an airfield let's tuck the top of it yeah like a control tower on the back of it on the back of a vehicle oh yeah the locks do were as well yeah bet they've got like a power bank in there yeah the love of my are more vehicles I don't know some sort of pumping it back to know our betters loads hidden in these bushes it's all thorny bushes though like a cabinet yeah Oliver belief rusted shut though all laughing after the roof is no roof of it see why I'm filming this doors open I think yep a lot of two seats and a lot of mold and mold moss army driver to be the best you are be warned be professional be courteous you're driving standards are being observed just like the box outside to me hmm our plate looks here-ish my daa yeah maker old is it after this look all that through there it's full of equipment through them bushes that's big gotten these potions or military stuff all hidden in there then the spikes this is where we might get seen because there's some sort of Terminator Skynet place next door which is a bit confusing sky it's gonna know it's off top terminate when it I don't know what it was some things I'm Minnie torpedo things a fall out of it says caution on it and everything no there's a bomb [Laughter] nice big big count about one something about what it was about the air scaffold boards that supposed to time Aki fasting today usually burping what I'll by God try it make sure it's Nightingale you've got to try it you can't try it it's got a flat tire book just curiosity it's you do know we're gonna get a lot of comments on this because people like Range Rovers and they're good to be saying where where where were these where were these and there's more there will get someone's in the Manute yeah been in a long while ties a flaw was that K just on the – mm-hmm whoever it was there was a lumber and Butler smoker temper temper oh look at me he's got a massive spoiler on this one oh my god I'm sorry Papa boy basica look at Papa old school boy racing car back even the lights are painted silver he's got a wooden spoiler swear to garbage wood an actual wooden spoiler car believer that's for me gas it gas in there hey it's left up drive as well yeah that's gonna feel weird sitting in this no the only reason that I looked at that and it says gas we are things that don't usually say gas does it on the earth we pour petrol and say will it yeah master Donnell slightly yeah but weird lid off the key thing is on in the same place it's on the inside Honda Civic yeah send it Pacific so yeah it's also the spray paint on the inside as well it looks like a track thing let's took everything out I'll do you have a spray paint on the outside back the alphabet the music to drag around a little race occur there's the key look P lock those Honda Civic something take take back some of their crisps and sweets as well there's blame there's a claim he's gone straight into the back of him rocket farting today disgustin destroy disgusting creature yeah look at the lights but I did like a little spot why something plastic window smash front window empty back yeah just a knock advanced age is this yeah my ex got Mercedes boom rims on hey solid steel metal thing off supposed to lock it locks most go up inside them now it's got a lock on there anyway some sort of military he's got windows on it that's the part that's active over there you could zoom in on yours care yeah because we looked on Google Maps and there's a bloody missile massive missile just there I could I could just start super white back of it desert no seating area yeah hold on to other side Doria so they will hoping this thing works can out vehicle though I don't work okay right and we are going to get caught now by the way because we just did a vehicle all right off we go 100 well what is this place anyway and then nothing ah looks a lot of military is it military bandy chance what is it he's been very secretive he won't tell us what it is I told you it was some secret dinner I told a father see right so some bloke who's being very very secretive we asked what that place was we said it's abut some military thing he said no it's just old it was to be very secretive for me so I think the name for this place is gonna have to be the top secret military vehicle graveyard because there's a few different vehicles there as well so yeah hope you enjoyed and don't forget subscribe bye it does what up military but what is that couldn't give us a lift call Meg

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  1. Enjoy your vids Steve, but ….. Thats NOT a Secret military vehicle dump. it's sooo obvious. it's an old RAF base ( a lot in Lincs) turned into a reclamation (scrap) yard with sh1t loads of old tat which one day will be worth a few ££££. Anyway. keep em coming. 👍

  2. Nice find Ste…glad I wasn't standing down wind of you on this one though…too many creaky doors 😉 (Sam)

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