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Schmidt-Rubin k11: Southern Ohio Gun Swiss military surplus rifle

Schmidt-Rubin k11: Southern Ohio Gun Swiss military surplus rifle

here we're looking at a 1911 model Schmidt Ruben carving now you may oftentimes see these called the K 11 that's because the casing the fast pardon now this particular example I purchased it from southern Ohio gun company I chose the hand select option I paid about 350 bucks for it I'll be honest with you I'm extremely pleased with the way this was shipped it came to me absolutely gorgeous had do nothing to it there was no cosmoline on it the model 1911 carbine was released concurrently with the 1911 which both of them entered service in 1913 they have a total production of one hundred and eighty four thousand two hundred rifles this is more or less the predecessor to the k31 thank you very much for watching y'all take care

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  1. I got one a few days ago for quite a bit more. The stock is all dinged up but the bore was big surprise. The third patch was clean and the bore was very shiny with no pitting. And true to Schmidt-Rubin lore, there was a tag underneath the butt plate with a issuee’s name, unit number (I presume) and a date.

  2. I am seriously considering buying this rifle from SOG! is the hand select worth it? You just never really know what you will get with a surplus rifle!

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