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Salvation Army Orlando Moment: Stuff the Bus

Salvation Army Orlando Moment: Stuff the Bus

hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Orlando moment I'm Jalen Kristy public relations coordinator for the Salvation Army Orlando Area Command and I'm here today with Becca Daniels Hey Krispy Kreme is helping The Salvation Army was a back-to-school event there Colin gets stuck the bus and it's running from August 4 to August 17 individuals will be coming in to Krispy Kreme to drop off school supplies and in return they'll be getting donuts so I have three questions for Becca that goes one of the students that benefits from the Salvation Army's program so she's actually in truth works which is a three week long summer campus ain't going on right now Becca my first question for you is why is it good for kids to have school supplies all right response and why do you like the Salvation Army so much and are you looking forward to school starting so if you get friends to go to Krispy Kreme and drop off school supplies do you think your friends will share doughnuts with you probably not oh okay all right well there you have it folks thank you so much for tuning in to Orlando moment this is in jail I'm Kirsty with Rebecca Daniels be blessed you

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