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Salv Army Finds

Salv Army Finds

hey guys Kleenex uh I know it's been a while I've been a bit slap on making the videos lately spring is coming I'm so excited about that and with Spring com spring cleaning organizing and in order to be rolled and new as always I'm a great second hand store shopper and last week I managed to make it over to the other side of town yeah I got some stuff and I just wanted to make a video including the items that i purchased for very very cheap because it's kind of an icebreaker getting back into making the videos moon calendar vanessa has requested that her subscribers kind of garden along with her and share some information etc so I decided to take her up on there so I'm going to be making a few gardening videos and also starting the taro and I myself have been trying to learn mattero for years now and maybe if we can do it together we will be able to master it and kind of have you know a little support system going you know to help each other out but so yeah vanessa is always on she's always asking good stuff and for subscribers and it gets me on the ball rolling for the rest of us to be inspired to make more videos and you know discuss certain topics that we may not have thought of doing ourselves so so yeah that's about it this is my new princess we haven't named her yet you've been here for a month now we can't decide on a name but don't like my little pretty little baby and I welcome very much makes you so cute I'm I put her down now because I'm going to take you guys over to the table to show you my new salvation army thrift store finds okay come on guys okay so as you can see i got quite a bit of stuff i love fabrics any kind of cloths that have a nice color pattern to them um so let's start off over here this is a curtain it's like um i don't know if you can see this it's uh like microfiber dura suede it's really nice um it's pretty large so I'm not I could use it in my kitchen because my kitchen obviously I mean it's blue and green so I mean I could but um i'm thinking i'm gonna make part of my halloween costume from it on this year I want to go as nixa about the Enochian elemental king of water and I think that would be a perfect color for his cloak cape the next items i got with these dream catchers I make my own dream catchers but I like to buy some just to get inspiration and this one's pretty nice you can tell it's old you can tell it's been around for a while you can tell it's been fighting those bad dreams for somebody um what else I have a thing for rattan and wicker I like it this I got is a little sort of rattan basket I like it's dark I like dark baskets it's got a handle as you can see I've put some of my craft supplies in there um and I also got another right hand basket this one has a cover I did I figured out that the covers are actually interchangeable but also again just some more craft supplies so I like little baskets yeah i got this plate I think it's really nice again this would go on my kitchen very lovely look how pretty that is gold and sort of this um minty seafoam green color I think it's gorgeous incense this was a steal this incense I got for like shoe box I got a whole container of it it's from monastic monastery incense from monastery in son what the heck is the name of the company Manas monastery icons it's a Catholic monastery but this has got to be some of the best incense I have ever smelled in my life and I am perpetually burning it forever and ever and ever because I love it and it smells so good it's got to be the best okay um a perk on that was that they sell their sampler which is what i have for 4695 and i got it for two bucks and it was like the best so unfortunately when it's all gone i am gonna have to order the fifty-dollar sampler because it's that amazing and i am willing to spend the money on something that good pottery as you guys know I love my pottery I got this bad boy it's blue again for the kitchen he's got this cool sort of texture and this little floral pattern not usually too big on the florals but it's very um you can barely tell that it's there so look at the panties okay this coffee mug look how amazing this is I mean dump this stuff out look at that look how beautiful it is this was a fine i got it for a buck the salvation army does this really cool um fifty percent off tags like a fifty percent off one color and I happened to go on Wednesday so is fifty percent off every every tag but pink and um yeah so I managed to get this stuff for like half price ok and then again with this I have this green and blue motif going and this sort of saturated blue green pottery I just I love it it's beautiful it's gorgeous and the blue and green um obviously go with my kitchen but yeah and then to complement that I found this the vase is probably about Oh almost two feet tall but again with the blue and the green awesome awesome the candle holder I had this little guy right here this little picture for my living room my living room is golds and reds and blacks and browns and but I thought this was pretty cool I liked it I'll picked it up and now it's mine this sort of Romanesque base spring is coming I'm gonna be picking a lot of cut flowers so I need vases but yeah that was another one okay the moon um I was I like moons um it seems to be a bit masculine but whatever i'll put it outside when the spring comes it'll go with my other Suns and moons 299 got it for dollar fifty not bad yeah it's got a little hanger in the back so you can hang it up I also got a candle snuffer candle stouffer's can be kind of expensive like nine ten dollars i got this one for a dollar twenty-five i got this really cool recorder i think i'm gonna put it on my altar in eastern direction to represent air i got this beautiful candle holder with this pretty nice fretwork cast a nice design onto the table once it's lit I think that's pretty cool I got these gold arm grapevine my stars which I'm going to bless and put one on each door for protection yeah those were two bucks for the pair Panisse is this song it's a placement but I really loved the colors and these are all the colors that I have in my living room so I think I'm gonna put out my ancestral altar and then this orange behind it is a pillowcase really soft and luxurious fifty cents and then the red behind that is another pillowcase got that one for fifty cents to that one's just as nice beautiful the orange and red are the colors that I have in my bedroom um this candle holder great fine there was a set of him but the other one was cracked and I didn't really feel like mending it so that's it on the table guys and my time is almost up so i'm gonna bid you farewell and blessed be and i'll see you guys next time thanks for watching and have a great day

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  1. Plenty of thrift stores other than the Salvation Army to frequent and support do your research. They are an extremist right wing conservative Christian organization. Google it. They do not accept any religions or faiths that are not Christian. Their views on the LGBT community is so severely cruel that gays do NOT support them in any way..

    Blessed Be,

  2. Any friends of MoonCalendar is a friend of mine! Love your findings. My question is why can't I find cool stuff like you and others do? I always seem to walk into a junk store. Maybe I should dig further and only Goddess knows what I will find…lol
    Love your kitty, she's beautiful!
    Blessed Be )O(

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