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Sad find in a German Helmet – Big German WW2 Dump Hole Relics Cleaning – PART 2

Sad find in a German Helmet – Big German WW2 Dump Hole Relics Cleaning – PART 2

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  1. Do you have a shop? Bro other people would love those helmets. Don’t you think you’re being a little greedy keeping all of them?

  2. your going threw my shit , have some respect , should have asked before you dug me up , you grave robber

  3. You are right about remembering the deaths on both sides. It’s so important. Generally we only see one side of the story and we forget that the other side were people too. Every country has a history of atrocities. No one is innocent.

  4. Try 1 part Molasses to 9 parts water. For heavy rust like you have, it might take a couple-few times. Also. its non toxic,environmentally safe. You can dump it onto the ground.

  5. German soldiers honorably fought for their country, whether they wanted to or not. Remember, history is written by the victors, that's why some people might think badly of German soldiers. Otherwise we would all be speaking German & talking sh*t about Americans, English, Russians, etc. and how they were the bad guys back in World War 2.

  6. I do not have any respect for the Nazis who died. But then not enough of them died. Germany should have been nuked. Fucking cunts.

  7. I'm Sorry but I don't really see anything Sad..Bullet holes in Nazi's Helmets. Nope As far as I'm concerned they all should have Bullet holes. For the Horrendous Actions they committed. Should be renamed. My Nazi Scum Treasures.

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