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SABATON – 82nd All The Way (Official Lyric Video)

SABATON – 82nd All The Way (Official Lyric Video)

[Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] into the fire [Music] when this later people through the test the call to our they told her he went made a sergeant for his needs [Music] [Music] [Music] watch sog enjoy she thought they would go to the USA it’s and although wait [Music] day [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] my team

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  2. So in this album sabaton mention "lead" and "fray" in few songs. I can't remember hearing this words in older songs. They learned new words and put them in some of new songs 😂😂

    Just kidding. Great album and songs as always 😀

  3. 82nd from 2005-2011. I don't know anything about the band, but this is sort of freaking me out. I dunno dude. On one hand it's cool to have our military heritage given the epic historical power metal reverence treatment. But knowing we don't do that with the same kind of cultural buy in, rather buying " support the troops " stickers and not bothering to really learn anything about them or keep them in our daily perspective, that's making me uncomfortable while listening to this song.

  4. @Sabaton / @all listeners/viewers Sorry for maybe ruining this otherwise awesome song, *but*: according to official information (, Alvin York wasn't "assigned to 338th" as sung, but instead to 328th!
    Since you're always true to historical facts and there's melodically no real difference, if changed to "assigned to 328th", I'd like to suggest that you re-issue this awesome piece of music.

  5. I wonder is Sabaton will write a song about Korea, we already have Japan “shiroyama”, and china “Sun zu says”. Or even Vietnam, India, or Mongolia.


    Who among us would never have heard of this exemplar of bravery had Sabaton not poured out their hearts and souls into this great music, and had the lyricist not written this poetry? THIS is what our musicians should be doing, in part at least: Burning into our memories the stories of our ancestors who can point us all toward goodness and greatness.

  7. I know Europe is ( mostly) at peace. But just imagine the powers of its forces combined….

  8. Saboton in russian РЫЦАРСКИЕ САПОГИ!!!!!!
    ;} SABOTON THIS IS FORCES!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Little known fact: York's mustache had a dozen confirmed kills and was responsible for at least 30 of the prisoners he captured that day on its own! 🙂

  10. nice to see this in a day when people kneel like peasants against the flag or hate their own country ( same ones who hate their mom) cuz of a perceived injustice if ya gonna be whiney pussies and beta cuck safe space cry babies that hate yo president n country metal isn’t for ya if you served you know that . I’m black n vet n proud to put boot to ass for my country 🖕🏿✌🏿👍🏿

  11. Mowing the lawn this summer with this tune was epic. Felt like I was driving a Mark V for a while. Jokes aside, much respect Alvin York and his comrades.

  12. 🎶82nd, patch on my shoulder, pick up your chutes and follow me, airborne infantry🎶

    lol… When it was day after day, singing… it got old, but now that I'm out, with four trips behind me, that was the better times, and the Airborne I know would probably go crazy, drinking themselves into comas rocking to this, and other stuff by Sabaton, keep up the good work guys

  13. YORK
    My lord, most humbly on my knee I beg
    The leading of the vaward.

    Take it, brave York. Now, soldiers, march away:
    And how thou pleasest, God, dispose the day!

    – Henry V, William Shakespeare

  14. My best friend showed me the glory that is Sabaton and holy fucking shit this song is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Anyone Else that could imagine this song being played on giant fucking speakers in a battle When your rushing the enemies? Best moral boost/ scare tactic ever

  16. (I saw this comment on another video)
    They should make a song about Desmond Doss, the soldier who fought as a medic in the Great War and refuses to take a Rifle. Hacksaw Ridge.

  17. You know it's good when Joakim does that L E A N and bangs on his knee. His poor right knee is going to explode when he gets older.

  18. Recruiter: what do ya' want to do in the Army son?
    Me: jump out of airplanes.
    Recruiter: sign right here son. (Sabaton, could you do a song tankers?)

  19. Sabaton needs to make a song about a roy benevitez a vietnam veteran who saved 8 lives get shot 2 times in leg 1 time in arm and one time in stomach bayonet to arm and surived

  20. I came across your music by chance and loved it! I have already ordered one cd and will be ordering more. Btw,this music isn't just for young folk, because I am 65 years old!

  21. Ive listened to this so many times i can recite it all from memory and often absent mindedly sing it quietly at work now

  22. Sabaton, i beg you, make a music about the brazilian prince, Antônio Gastão de Orléans e Bragança ,WW1 hero but here our schools don't talk about him, i'm from Brazil

  23. Having served in this amazing unit, as well as with the 101st Airborne, I must whole-heartedly thank you for combining two of my deeply intense loves.

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