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S. Korean Pres. Moon welcomes N. Korea’s dismantlement of missile engine, launch sites

S. Korean Pres. Moon welcomes N. Korea’s dismantlement of missile engine, launch sites

President Moon Jae-in welcomed what’s believed
to be signs of North Korea’s dismantlement of missile engine and launch test sites. The comments were made during a meeting with
the new U.S. ambassador to the nation. Our chief Cheongwadae correspondent Moon Connyoung
starts us off. South Korean President Moon Jae-in described
satellite images of dismantlement at a North Korea missile site as a “good omen” for South
Korea and U.S.’ joint efforts for denuclearization. His remarks were made to the new U.S. Ambassador
to South Korea, Harry B. Harris Jr., as President Donald Trump’s chief envoy presented his credentials
to the South Korean head of state on Wednesday morning… along with four other new ambassadors
to the nation. After receiving his Harris’ credentials, President
Moon told the U.S. chief of mission that their respective intelligence agencies have the
North has also abolished a missile engine test site and missile launch site and that
this is a good development for the denulcearization of North Korea. He stressed the strong solidarity of the South
Korea, U.S. alliance is now more important than ever as dialogue continues between the
two Koreas and between North Korea and the United States, at a crucial time. If U.S. remains are returned as promised,
President Moon added, it would have a positive impact on Pyongyang, Washington dialogue. Ambassador Harris reportedly agreed with the
South Korean president and said his country also looks forward to the shutdown of the
North’s missile engine test site, and the return of U.S. soldiers’ remains. This was the first meeting between the new
U.S. chief of mission and the South Korean President since the retired Navy Admiral came
to fill the post that had been vacant since his predecessor Mark Lippert’s term ended
in January 2017. Moon Connyoung, Arirang News, the Blue House.

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  1. I think if the Koreans deal in between …its better. No need to involve USA on it ! When USA get involve nothing is done !

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