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S. Korea to make pre-announcement of legislative revision to remove Japan from trade ‘white list’

S. Korea to make pre-announcement of legislative revision to remove Japan from trade ‘white list’

the South Korean government is due to
make a pre announcement of the revision to the public notice on trade of
strategic items in a move to remove Japan from its own whitelist of trusted
trade partners Seoul’s trade ministry says the pre announcements will be
posted online on Wednesday and it will receive public opinions on the revision
for 20 days the revision aims to downgrade Japan’s fast track status one
knotch and establish a new classification in
Seoul’s exports system with the revision the process for South Korean companies
importing strategic materials and products from Japan will require more
documents and may take as much as over two weeks rather than the current five

Reader Comments

  1. Korea will now be against WTO good job, because Japan has clear evidence that they have followed proper international rules. Korean government stated that there were evidences which showed Japanese product being sent to North Korea. It was written as if Japanese government allowed it. HOWEVER, all of the illegal trade was done by Koreans in Japan. In fact Japanese police successfully stopped a Korean (living in Japan) from shipping Japanese products to North Korea last year. Also, there were cases where used Japanese products were sent from Korea to north Korea.

  2. After Fukushima tragedy, Japan set a new strict standard of radioactivity in food. They adjusted it to be 100bq (of radiation), when America and Europe both have standard set at 1200Bq.
    So all of brainwashed KOreans who truly believe that the food in Japan is radioactive, should speak using proper evidence.

  3. The first step toward solving the problem
    Korea should honor Basic Japan-South Korea Treaty and strengthen the export control regimes.

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